Vomiting first aid

When the baby is bad, every mother wants to help the child as soon as possible.

Vomiting – this is quite a frequent occurrence for children, causes of vomiting maybe a lot. Often, only a doctor can determine them and prescribe appropriate treatment.

But until this same doctor arrives at the child, the mother needs to somehow help the crumbs. That is why today we will talk about first aid to children with vomiting and other nuances of this unpleasant state.

Vomiting and its causes

Vomiting – This is a spontaneous emptying of the stomach through the mouth, which occurs suddenly. The gag reflex is controlled by the so-called vomiting centers, which are located in the medulla. Vomiting reflex may provoke impulses of the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, uterus, vestibular apparatus, irritation of the nerve centers.

Often, nausea, excessive salivation, rapid breathing, pain or cramps in the abdomen, dizziness, cold sweat may occur before vomiting, cold sweat may occur, the child may fade.

Among the main causes of vomiting they call such: infectious diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, diseases of the nervous system, psychogenic factors – fear, anger, forced feeding, and others.

Irina Kolpakova, pediatrician, homeopath – Homeopathic Center named. Demyana Popova: Vomiting is of different origin: a symptom of overeating, due to congestion in the intestines (with constipation), vomiting in case of poisoning, intestinal infection, often alternating with diarrhea (

How to help a child with vomiting?

Vomiting first aid

If a child has vomiting, first of all call a doctor, so that he understood the reasons for this condition and prescribed treatment.

Mom-forumwoman Zoya says: “My daughter had vomiting about once every 3–4 months, the temperature was rising, literally every day everything went by itself, they didn’t go to the doctor. But one day a very strong vomiting began that did not stop. I called the doctor. After tests, it turned out that acetone is elevated. Treated acetonemic syndrome. They said that it was necessary to apply at the first vomiting, otherwise we already managed to trigger the situation. ”

Vomiting first aid

In addition, parents are recommended:

  • do not leave the baby alone with vomiting;
  • so that the child does not choke on vomit, place it in a semi-vertical position and turn the baby’s head to the side;
  • you can wash the baby’s stomach with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or plain boiled water;
  • Do not feed the child until the cause of vomiting is established.

Irina Kolpakova, pediatrician, homeopath – Homeopathic Center named. Demyana Popova: After vomiting, the child must be given some water so that he rinses his mouth, but does not swallow it. Then you need to otpaivat baby in small portions of liquid 1-3 ml from a spoon, pipette or syringe without a needle. A volume greater than this may provoke repeated vomiting. Alkaline mineral water (gas to remove), rehydron solution, Humana electrolyte, sweetened black tea, uzvar are good for otpaivaniya. Remember that it is necessary to restore not only water but also salt. Minimum portions should be otpaivat child 1-2 hours, and then, if vomiting is no longer repeated, you can offer the baby more drink and if you want food.

Vomiting in a child: what should parents know?

There are cases in which the baby must immediately call an ambulance:

  • admixture in vomit blood;
  • frequent, severe recurrent vomiting;
  • vomiting with very high fever, loss of consciousness, strong lethargy of the baby;
  • vomiting that occurs after a head injury, it may indicate a concussion;
  • vomiting accompanied by severe abdominal pain, lack of stool.

These manifestations can speak about very serious diseases and disorders that require the immediate attention of a doctor.

How to feed a baby after vomiting?

Feed the baby after vomiting need no earlier than 5-8 hours after the last attack. Diet should be gentle, it is better to give your baby liquid and porridge-like dishes. Food should be dietary: broth, mashed potatoes, cereals, boiled vegetables and meat.

It is advisable to exclude from the diet fried, sour, salty and spicy. It is better to avoid fresh bread, it is recommended to give dried.

Vomiting in a child is most often a sign of serious body disorders that require treatment. Therefore, in case of vomiting, a consultation with a doctor is necessary to establish the cause, start treatment and prevent the child’s condition from worsening.

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