Weakness after menstruation

The lack of physical strength and energy experienced by many women during and on the eve of critical days. Weakness during menstruation is so pronounced that it leads to disability and disruption of normal life. Sometimes the condition is combined with dizziness, nausea, and even vomiting. The reasons for the appearance of weakness are different, sometimes without the help of specialists and a certain set of examinations it is difficult to understand what is happening. How to understand your own health? And are there options for self-help in these states?

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Causes of

Minor weakness and malaise can be normal in a healthy woman on the eve and during menstruation. But not always the state is associated with increased loads and psycho-emotional overstrain. This is especially true of the female body. Changes in hormonal levels can be so pronounced that it puzzles women. But this should not be attributed to their state. Often, weakness during menstruation can indicate serious illness.

Premenstrual syndrome

Its severity ranges from mild ailment to complete asthenia over several days. Weakness in this condition is part of the complex of symptoms. Along with it, lethargy, headache, nausea or even vomiting, pain in the mammary glands and lower abdomen, irritability, tearfulness, nervous irritability, and others appear. Rarely one woman shows everything at once.

Weakness after menstruation

Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, including weakness, largely depend on lifestyle. Lack of physical exercise, irrational or excessive nutrition, deficiency of vitamins and trace elements in food (especially magnesium, C, A, E), abuse of nicotine and alcohol lead to a brighter clinical picture.

Depressed state

Changes in hormone levels throughout the cycle often lead to the onset of a depressive state on the eve of menstruation and throughout them. At the same time, a woman sometimes perceives this as a weakness: she does not want to do anything, lacks emotional and physical strength. Gradually, the state passes, and by the middle of the cycle it feels good.

Hemoglobin decrease

Changes in blood counts are one of the serious reasons why a woman may feel tired and weak. Many people do not even suspect that gynecological pathology sometimes leads to a decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood. But there can be no other way, because during menstruation a woman loses normally up to 150 ml of blood, and in pathology, the indicators vary greatly. A large monthly blood loss exhausts all the resources and reserves of the body, it does not have time to recover. As a result, anemia occurs, sometimes severe, and this requires a blood transfusion.

The reasons for the monthly large blood loss can be the following states:

Malignant ovarian tumors do not lead to bleeding, but a sharp decrease in hemoglobin occurs. And from here and the general bad health.

In such situations, weakness will be combined with lethargy, increased fatigue, shortness of breath appears even with normal exercise, heart rate increases, pressure drops, skin is pale, there are some other signs.

Often, with a decrease in hemoglobin level, a woman notes the appearance of a metallic taste in the mouth and a change in taste preferences.

Weakness after menstruation


If there is weakness and nausea during menstruation, but at the same time the woman notes that the discharge is much less than usual, and they are even smearing, it is impossible to exclude pregnancy. In this case, menstruation may come on time or with a slight delay. In fact, this is a threat of interruption, not critical days. Therefore, if a girl notes any other signs of pregnancy on the background of increased fatigue, you should do a test or determine the level of hCG in the blood, which is more informative.

Vegetative dystonia

Pressure drops, often referred to as VSD, are more susceptible to women of slender physique, for whom normally there is low pressure. On the eve of menstruation and especially during them, girls often notice weakness, which is due to several reasons:

  • loss of blood – the volume of fluid
  • fluctuations in hormonal levels with a predominance of the gestagen component, which in itself reduces the pressure.

Gradually, the woman recovers, and weakness passes. It is possible to establish that such states are connected with pressure drops by monitoring it during the whole cycle.

Other pathology

Often, weakness may be present throughout the time of the woman, but is aggravated during menstruation. Or the girl just timed it exactly on critical days. Weakness and fatigue appear in many chronic diseases. As a rule, it occurs as a result of intoxication of the body with the metabolic products of pathogenic microorganisms or its own cells. The most pronounced weakness is caused by tuberculosis, HIV, cancer of the blood and other organs.

Self-help or how to deal with a condition

Before you start to deal with such conditions, you should understand why during menstruation weakness constantly appears or increases, and then passes. If it interferes with the normal life of a woman, and even more so if she feels so bad these days that she cannot go to work, then you should definitely consult a doctor. Also, medical care should be used if, along with general malaise, there are other symptoms, such as pallor, shortness of breath, bleeding and

In the case when a woman is disturbed by insignificant weakness and drowsiness during menstruation, you should slightly change your lifestyle, diet, some habits, and soon there will be a significant improvement. Useful recommendations:

  • Sometimes the appointment of contraceptive hormones reduces the degree of manifestation of premenstrual syndrome, respectively, and the breakdown of forces on the eve and during menstruation will not manifest itself.
  • Regular exercise, the use of relaxing techniques will help control the function of the cardiovascular system. If weakness is associated with pressure drops, then yoga, meditation, pilates, even dancing can help you feel better.
  • You should also spend enough time in the fresh air, because hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) can cause weakness, lethargy and increased fatigue.
  • Performance depends largely on nutrition. The diet should contain a sufficient amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. If necessary, you can add courses of vitamins and microelements. Revealed a pattern between magnesium deficiency and fatigue, weakness, irritability. Therefore, often the recommendations of even doctors include a course of taking drugs of this trace element, for example, the drug Magvit and others. Also, on the eve of menstruation and during critical days, a woman has an increased need for vitamins B, C, A and E, iron.
  • It is noticed that coffee, nicotine and alcohol can aggravate well-being, if weakness is a manifestation of premenstrual syndrome. Therefore, you should limit the use of these days. And even when the pressure of coffee is reduced, it is better to replace green tea, which, in addition to caffeine, contains a large amount of antioxidants.
  • If the malaise is caused by a decrease in hemoglobin, then compulsory treatment will include long-term iron intake. But the scheme is determined only by the attending physician.

We recommend reading an article on the treatment of PMS. From it you will learn about the causes of the condition, ways to alleviate it, the importance of adhering to the day regimen and a good sleep, the use of medications and the effectiveness of folk remedies.

Hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle can sometimes cause a decrease in the efficiency and deterioration of the woman’s well-being. But if there is a strong weakness during menstruation, first of all it is necessary to exclude various pathological conditions, and for this you need the advice of a specialist. Only a doctor after a comprehensive examination will be able to establish the cause and prescribe the most effective treatment. If the cause of the disease is premenstrual syndrome or other minor functional impairments, then lifestyle changes, good nutrition, and sufficient exercise can help improve the condition.

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