What dreams of pus

Sometimes dreams are so unpleasant that when we wake up, we experience some discomfort. But do not worry, often such dreams are interpreted as changes for the better.

And in order to find out why pus dreams, it is necessary to recall in detail what exactly you dreamed of, look at the interpretation in the dream book and compare the meaning of sleep with your real life.

What does sleep mean?

Pus in a dream is a positive sign that often foreshadows good luck, joy and wealth. But in order to make the meaning of sleep more specific, when interpreting it, you need to take into account all the details of what you saw.

If you dreamed that the liquid comes out of the wound, then soon you will remember the old grievances. But if you are wise and can let them go, then in the near future you will smile good luck.

When in a dream a pimple with a liquid burst itself, then in life you will not need to exert much effort to achieve what you are aiming for.

Purulent acne on different parts of the body is also interpreted differently. For example, a pimple with pus on the leg portends a long road and an interesting adventure. And to see an abscess on a hand, – means, to realize the hidden talents.

  • Purulent boil on the back – you are doing unnecessary things.
  • To see a pimple with a liquid on the stomach – to rush things.
  • Purulent acne on the neck is dreaming – you will be appreciated.
  • Pus from the finger – to a well-paid job.
  • A dream of an abscess on the nose – to a love affair.

What dreams of pus

As the dream book writes, you can see pus on your eyes when they are trying to circle your finger. But your vigilance and a sober outlook on life will not let a potential deceiver leave you in the cold. And if you notice green pus in front of your eyes, then wait for pleasant spectacles and good news.

An abscess on the face from which pus oozes is a sign of your prudence and confidence. And if it is formed in the mouth, then you have the talent to solve problems with the help of conversation. Even the most ardent opponent, having listened to your speech, will not begin to dismiss, and will quietly leave aside.

Your actions

Squeezing acne with pus – by dream book means to deal with current problems. If you squeeze out all the liquid, then you will be able to do it yourself. But if the pus flows and does not end, then such an abscess suggests that you cannot cope without the help of outsiders.

  • Squeeze pus from another person – meet him.
  • Feel the smell – find out the stunning news.
  • Squeeze a pimple in an animal – act, relying on intuition.

And why dream pus, which flows from the tooth? Often dreams about an abscess in the area of ​​the tooth warns of possible diseases. Such dreams are usually a dream for those who pay insufficient attention to their health. Dream Interpretation recommends not to neglect preventive measures and, if necessary, start treatment in time.

Purulent pimple, which was formed on your body, but you can’t squeeze it out, dreams of hard or vain work. And if it was difficult to extract liquid from it, then as a result of your efforts you will get a good result.

  • Squeeze purulent acne on the genitals – look for a new partner.
  • I dream that you accidentally damaged an abscess, – get into a ridiculous situation.
  • Derive purulent pimple with a laser – to strive for something new.

If you dream of huge acne throughout the body, then you expect significant material income. And the more pus you see, the sooner you can expect a profit. And when you had a dream of pus that flows through you, you can safely start a new business. After such a dream it will be very profitable.

When you had a dream of an abscess from which pus is released, try to remember all the details of the dream and correctly interpret it with the help of a dream book. Author: Vera Fractional

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What dreams of pus

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