What should I do if I twist my leg and it hurts

People often hurry, do not notice obstacles, stumble, fall, hitting the leg. You can hurt the knee, ankle, part of the leg. Further development is the same: the leg swells, it hurts, edemas begin, other pathologies … It happens that the patient sprains her leg, the leg is not swollen, but it hurts a lot. What to do?

Do not panic. If the leg is not swollen, does not mean that it does not swell later. Rather, deal with the problem – more confidence that the disease does not develop. Sign up for a traumatologist, tell us about the concerns.

What kind of injury?

After a fall, the leg hurts due to damage. Find a damage site to figure out how to get rid of pain.

What should I do if I twist my leg and it hurts

The injury is followed by:

  • Sprain – heel as if turned up inside. A man walks in pain. The treatment of pathology takes place in two weeks, including the measures described below;
  • Ligament tearing is a serious form of injury. The treatment lasts a month, following the rules and recommendations. The ligaments are not fully torn, the leg is sore in the joints;
  • Ligament rupture – manifested sharply, with a strong pain factor. Stand on the foot is impossible. Ends with the imposition of gypsum, sometimes, surgery is required. The treatment takes several months;

This happens if not treated. Recommendation – if such manifestations immediately go to the doctor. If the leg is tucked in, but the leg is not swollen – the limb can be saved from complications.

What’s next? Actions after dislocation

Suppose we were diagnosed with pain, we decided that it was the result of a twisted leg. What to do next?

Check foot for a fracture: move your toes. If it turned out, no sharp pain arose, then the terrible was over. Go to the traumatologist until the leg is swollen.

To keep the foot in relative intact, take action. The healthier you will come to the doctor, the easier it is to do clinical, laboratory studies, allowing you to talk about the diagnosis, the cause of pain. What is being done:

    Skin defects, due to dislocation or injury, treat disinfectant. Iodine, green, hydrogen peroxide, so that no infection gets inside;

Recommendations what to do in the first minutes of injury, not a lot, easy to implement. Do not forget to consult a doctor later: the sooner you make an appointment, the better. You can not always walk with an ice compress on the ankle.

Diagnosis and treatment

Even a harsh diagnosis to hear is already a relief. There is no need to do anything blindly, treatment recommendations are prescribed by a professional, based on individual characteristics. A trip to the doctor will not replace a scientific article on the subject of the disease.

There are rules and recommendations. After diagnosis, a consultation with a doctor (and a number of laboratory tests) requires an x-ray. If at the consultation the doctor suspects a fracture, an x-ray will be done right there until something happened to the position of the leg. They will fix it in the right place, prescribe medications, and let them go home, asking them to come for consultations and physiotherapy – massage, exercise in walking.

With fractures rarely put in hospital. The treatment takes place at home, in a state of rest. The less you move, the better. Use the means of traditional medicine, after consulting with your doctor:

  • Take baths with sea salt (or put your feet in them). Hold for 10 minutes. Pull out, wiping with a towel, fastening with fur so that it is warmer. The course lasts at least 10 days;
  • Compresses of plant leaves – cabbage, burdock, aloe. Reduce the risk of swelling of the limb, spread of the lesion to other parts of the leg.

Protecting the leg from further complications is not difficult. If turned up, sprained, there is no swelling, do not worry: perhaps this is for the better. One complication escaped, the case for others. The main thing is to go to the doctor.

After treatment, take care of your foot, be careful when moving. Damaged muscle, bone, or joint may become inflamed. Not all lesions are restored equally well. No need to despair – on the contrary! Do not hang your nose, go for treatment if your leg hurts without swelling.

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