What to do with severe sore throat

Sore throat is a very topical problem that often accompanies various diseases. The occurrence of such a disease often does not cause a lot of discomfort, especially during a meal. For the treatment of a sore throat to be quick and effective, it is necessary to know exactly the causes of the appearance of pain, as well as how to eliminate it.

Why a sore throat: the most common causes

Features of the development of sore throat

Currently, there are many causes of throat pain, which cover several areas of modern medicine. In fact, an unpleasant symptom develops against the background of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat tissues. The main function of this cover is to protect against the entry into the body, and in particular in the respiratory tract, of various pathogenic bacteria, foreign organisms and other irritants.

Sore throat may have a different nature, which depends on the reason for which it arose. Quite often, pain may be accompanied by a feeling of scratching, scratching, foreign body sensation, burning. In addition, they differ in varying degrees of intensity and duration.

The main causes of sore throat:

  • Angina. The occurrence of pain when swallowing is one of the most common and pronounced symptoms of acute tonsillitis. When this disease occurs, the tonsils are damaged, with the result that they greatly increase in size and become covered with a viscous yellow liquid. This disease is always accompanied by high fever, as well as an increase in cervical lymph nodes.
  • Viral infections. There are many diseases of the upper respiratory tract, caused by the development of various viral microorganisms. In most cases, such an infection extends to the mucous membrane of the throat, thus provoking its irritation and inflammatory processes. Characteristic is a strong redness of the throat walls, as well as a cough.
  • Respiratory Diseases. The symptoms of this group of diseases are quite difficult to distinguish from a viral infection. However, it should be remembered that the ARD is a consequence of the negative impact of bacteria. Infection occurs very quickly, and therefore the symptoms of the disease appear suddenly.
  • Pharyngitis. This disease, which is viral in nature, is accompanied by inflammation of the tissues of the posterior surface of the pharynx. In most cases, the disease is seasonal in nature, and manifests itself in spring and autumn, at the moment when human immunity is somewhat weakened. Sore throat with pharyngitis is accompanied by a feeling of tickling and severe dryness, which can interfere with eating or talking. In this case, the classic symptoms in the form of fever or cough are completely absent.
  • Laryngitis. The occurrence of laryngitis is most often associated with an excessive load on the vocal cords. The disease is accompanied by significant hoarseness of the voice, as well as a feeling of tickling and low-intensity cough. Sore throat, as a rule, is not very severe, and can pass very quickly, in the event that you spend several therapeutic procedures.
  • Allergic reaction. The reason for the sudden appearance of throat pain can be a consequence of a negative reaction of the body to a specific substance-allergen. The illness is necessarily accompanied by other symptoms, such as dry mouth, increased tearing, itching on the skin, and breathing problems. Most often, sore throats occur on the background of an allergy to pollen, fluff, wool of various animals. Less common on food or mold.
  • Smoking. The harm of regular use of tobacco products is currently known to everyone. However, few people know that the cause of pain in the throat can be just cigarette smoke. This substance can irritate the mucous membrane of the larynx, thus causing unpleasant symptoms. Passive smoking can also cause sore throat.
  • Low humidity. In some cases, an unpleasant illness may occur due to excessively dry air in the room. In addition to the fact that such air overdries the mucous membrane, it also often becomes a carrier of dust, which, in turn, entering the body can cause a number of disorders.

In general, there are a large number of factors that can trigger throat pain. These include both various diseases and negative environmental factors. In order to determine what to do with severe pain in the throat, it is imperative to consider the cause of the appearance of such a symptom.

Is it possible to treat a throat at home?

The question of whether there is a need to consult a specialist for sore throat is another pressing issue. In most cases, this disease is treated independently with the help of various medicines or traditional medicine. However, sometimes the disease can provoke serious complications, the treatment of which cannot be avoided without the help of qualified doctors.

If the sore throat is very strong and their intensity does not decrease even for a short period of time, it is necessary to seek medical help. This is especially important if the symptom is so pronounced that the patient does not have time to self-swallow the saliva secreted. In addition, the reason for seeking medical help is mandatory if, against the background of throat pain, a violation of the breathing process occurs.

It is also recommended to ask for help in such cases:

  • The pain runs without any other symptoms for more than two days.
  • There are sharp jumps in body temperature
  • Visually, the patient observes the purulent deposits on the back of the throat.
  • The lymph nodes on the neck are greatly enlarged, which makes it painful to move the lower jaw or turn the head
  • There are changes in the voice for no apparent reason for more than 14 days.

What to do with severe sore throat

Useful video – Traditional methods of treatment of sore throat:

Throat treatment involves not only taking special drugs or carrying out procedures, but also many other important points. First of all, it should be remembered that the affected tissues cannot be loaded in any way. It is recommended to breathe only through the nose, as this will make the inhaled air more moist and clean.

In addition, you must try to eliminate the causes of the disease, and not just pain as its symptom.

Acceptance of painkillers is a quick and effective method that helps a lot with sore throat, but this does not eliminate the factor that provokes it, which will cause the illness to return very quickly. In case of illnesses, it is necessary to stop smoking, and also to reduce the influence of other unfavorable factors, which will significantly speed up recovery.

In most cases, the treatment of sore throat is carried out at home without medical assistance, however, there are cases where this ailment can cause complications, which in turn entails the need to call an ambulance.

Drugs: types and use

Effective drugs to treat sore throat

Thanks to the development of modern pharmaceuticals, many drugs have appeared whose action is aimed at quickly eliminating sore throat. However, it is important to remember that treatment is a complex process, and therefore it should be carried out not only by taking pills, but also using other procedures.

Before taking the drugs should be carefully read the instructions. In particular, it is very important to study the composition of the drug, contraindications to the reception, as well as possible side effects. Also pay attention to the pharmacological interaction with other drugs.

Medication for sore throat:

  • Grammeadine. It is produced in the form of tablets and is characterized by a pronounced antibacterial effect. It is advisable to take this drug for sore throat caused by acute respiratory infections and other bacterial diseases. The drug is allowed to take at the age of 6 years, as well as during pregnancy. During breastfeeding Grammidin is contraindicated.
  • Hexoral. This drug is most effective for colds. Produces in the form of a spray, which is very convenient when calculating the dosage. The drug has anti-inflammatory effect, and therefore helps with virtually all types of pain in the throat. Geksoral allowed to receive children aged 4 years with the exact observance of the indicated dosage.
  • Lugol solution. This antibacterial agent has a wide range of indications, including pain in the throat. The drug is a liquid that needs to be carefully lubricated with inflamed tissue with a cotton pad or stick. The disadvantage of this tool is that it is able to dry out the mucous membrane, because of which the pain in the throat may increase for a short time.
  • Faringosept. The drug is available in the form of sucking tablets. It is characterized by a local anesthetic effect, and in addition, it contains antiseptic substances, which is very important for bacterial and viral diseases. Faringosept is recommended to be taken at the age of 6 years. During pregnancy, as well as during lactation, this drug is contraindicated.
  • Lizobact. The main advantage of the presented medicine is an absolutely natural composition. The drug does not contain antibiotics or other components that are ways to provoke side effects, but it has a quick and tangible effect. The main action of the drug is aimed at eliminating pain, as well as reducing the pathogenic activity of bacteria-pathogens.
  • Strepsils. The drug releases in the form of lozenges for sucking, which have antibacterial and analgesic effects. It is a potent medicine, and therefore quickly enough helps with sore throat. At the same time, it is possible to take this remedy only at the age of 12 years. During pregnancy and during breastfeeding, admission is allowed only with the permission of a physician.

In general, speaking about what to do in case of severe sore throat, one should pay attention to a wide range of pharmaceutical preparations, whose action allows you to quickly get rid of an unpleasant symptom.

Traditional methods of treatment

The best folk recipes for the treatment of sore throat

What to do with severe sore throat

Treatment of the described disease can be carried out not only with the help of drugs, but also with the help of alternative medicine.

However, it should be remembered that therapy should be carried out correctly and responsibly, since only in this case it will be truly effective.

The best folk remedies for sore throat:

  • Milk. This product is one of the most useful remedies for throat pain, as it allows you to warm the affected tissue. Drink milk should be warm in small sips. It can be mixed with honey, which is also effective in inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane of the throat, as well as with the addition of butter.
  • Linden infusion. To prepare a therapeutic drink, it is necessary to brew 1 tablespoon of dried lime flowers in one glass of boiling water. The plant can be harvested on its own or purchased ready-to-use collection in the pharmacy. Take the tool should be 50ml 4-5 times a day.
  • Rosehip This plant is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is very important in the treatment of sore throat. In addition, an important advantage of rosehip tea is that it can be drunk in any quantity, which is why the drink is often used as the main type of drinking for the patient.
  • Lemon. Lemon juice is characterized by an antiseptic effect, and allows you to reduce the activity of pathogenic microorganisms, thus reducing inflammation and eliminating pain. Lemon can be absorbed in the mouth in small fractions or added to tea. Also, lemon juice mixed with a spoonful of honey is an effective remedy. This medicine is best taken at least 3-4 times a day.
  • Onion juice. Due to the large number of phytoncides, onions are an effective bactericidal agent that is widely used in traditional medicine. When treating the throat, it is recommended to use the juice of this plant. It is necessary to take one teaspoon 3 times a day. It is best to take intake after eating food.
  • Steam inhalation. For the treatment of the throat, steam treatments with chamomile, mint, calendula, as well as other medicinal plants are used. It is necessary to prepare a decoction of these herbs, and removing the container from the stove, inhale the vapors for 10-15 minutes. It is important to remember that the temperature of the liquid should be no more than 65 degrees, as otherwise the pain in the throat may increase.

In general, there are many traditional methods of treatment of sore throat, which are quite effective, especially in combination with taking medication. Undoubtedly, the question of what to do with severe pain in the throat is very relevant. For successful treatment, it is necessary to know not only the methods of drug therapy and various folk remedies, but also the main causes of this disease.

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