Where is hemoglobin

Hemoglobin is a special protein for which red blood cells are responsible for the presence in our body. In other words – red blood cells. In general, in the human body there is a constant struggle between the red and white blood cells, and the red ones must certainly be defeated, otherwise there is a risk of developing anemia, turning into leukemia. It is very important to have hemoglobin-boosting foods in the diet to prevent imbalance.

Where is hemoglobin

The first cause of anemia is a lack of iron in the body. Only 1.5 mg are needed by a person, but how important they are! Iron can be obtained from food, and then it is absorbed and enriches the blood. Iron ions are found in foods of both animal and vegetable origin. In this case, the body is not able to fully absorb all the iron that is contained in a particular product. Accordingly, it is necessary to eat 15 mg, so that only one tenth of it is absorbed. If the diet is made correctly and varied, then it is not difficult to maintain the balance of hemoglobin, as well as to raise the reduced hemoglobin to the proper level.

The leading product that increases hemoglobin (by iron content) is beef meat. It is beef, not even veal. Pork and rabbit meat are inferior. The fifth part of the required amount enters the body with a piece of beef meat. In second place is the liver, and, any – animal or chicken. The liver is a blood-forming organ; accordingly, of course, it is rich in iron.

Our body is so constituted that it cannot fully absorb certain elements without vitamins. And their synthesis increases and accelerates metabolic processes. So, to assimilate a maximum of iron from food will help vitamin C. But calcium, on the contrary – interferes, although it itself is absorbed. Accordingly, after a meal rich in iron, you can eat strawberries or orange for dessert, but refrain from dairy products. A lot of vitamin C in greens and vegetables – not for nothing that meat and vegetables are considered the most compatible products.

The hemoglobin enhancement product is all legumes. However, they have their own peculiarity – you don’t eat much of them, and their iron content is relatively low. Iron is also found in cereals, but in relatively small amounts. On a par with them goes buckwheat – it is rich in iron, and is absorbed much easier and faster. Also, the product boosts hemoglobin are white mushrooms. These are vegetable proteins, but they have enough iron, which is well absorbed.

Where is hemoglobin

Perfectly increase hemoglobin pomegranate juice, egg yolks, quince, dates, chocolate, walnuts. A better absorption in this case will contribute to fructose. In particular, natural honey. Not for nothing, there is an excellent recipe for raising strength and restoring health – ground nuts with honey in equal parts. Tasty and healthy!

As for coffee and tea, these drinks contain phytates. They do not allow the protein to break down normally, which means that meat, a hemoglobin-raising product, cannot give the proper amount of iron to the body. You should not drink tea or coffee while eating, it is better to wait half an hour, or drink natural juices.

With low hemoglobin, apathy, lethargy, and drowsiness are observed. People need to adjust their diet, as well as succumb to all these desires. Good sleep, lack of physical exertion, if possible, trips to fresh air will surely help you recover faster and gain strength. And another important point. Do not abuse everything that increases hemoglobin. The fact is that an excess of iron in the body can lead to more sad consequences than some deficiency.

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