Which side hurts with appendicitis

Where does a person have appendicitis? What are signs of inflammation? Are there any traditional methods for its treatment?

Which side hurts with appendicitis

In almost all people, the appendix is ​​located between the navel and the right iliac bone, approximately at the midway point. It is in this place in case of inflammation of the appendix that the strongest pain will be felt. In some people, this appendix is ​​located closer to the right hypochondrium (closer to the liver), so the pain can also manifest there. If the appendix is ​​more lowered down, then women appendicitis can easily be confused with inflammation of the appendages, and men – with inflammation of the bladder. It happens that the appendix is ​​located behind the cecum, wrapped in the kidney and ureter – then you can feel back pain, giving in the groin, in the pelvis. If the appendix is ​​directed inside the abdomen, with its inflammation it will hurt closer to the navel, in the middle of the abdomen and in the stomach.

When appendicitis pain occurs suddenly, for no apparent reason. Usually, the pain level is tolerable first. But sometimes the pain occurs immediately sharp – a sign of acute appendicitis, with the attacks, similar to colic.

Which side hurts with appendicitis

The pain will not pass until the nerves end. After the death of the nerve endings, the pain subsides. But do not relax – appendicitis itself does not pass. Quite the contrary! If the pain is gone – you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible. In acute appendicitis, other symptoms are not excluded: first, the disease felt weak, unwell, lack of appetite. Later nausea appears, sometimes – single vomiting. The temperature at the same time will be in the range of 37.2 – 37.7 ° C. And a white or yellowish bloom is formed on the tongue.

To determine appendicitis, it is necessary to carry out some diagnostic procedures.

  1. Bend your index finger and tap it with the pad on the right ilium. If you have appendicitis, pain will appear. To clarify, knock on the left iliac bone – when appendicitis in the left side of the pain should not be felt. Attention! Independently carry out palpation (feeling the abdomen with your hands) is prohibited! Since there is a possibility of damage to the appendix, which will lead to peritonitis.
  2. Cough loudly. With appendicitis, pain in the right iliac region will increase.
  3. Press the palm on the stomach a little – where the maximum pain is – and hold your hand for 5-10 seconds. The pain at the same time should ease. But if the pain increases after removing the hand, it means that you have an acute appendicitis.
  4. Lie in a fetal position on the right side (legs will be pulled to the body). With inflammation of the appendix, the pain will subside. But if you turn on your left side, there will be an increase in pain.

All – this self-test is enough. Further only the help of the expert in the conditions of a hospital is acceptable. Since both appendicitis itself and all the diseases it can resemble (exacerbation of pancreatitis, cholecystitis, renal colic, gastric and duodenal ulcers, acute inflammation of the bladder, kidneys, female organs), will require treatment in a hospital.

With the diagnosis of acute appendicitis treatment should be unambiguous – urgent surgery. Recently applied relatively soft method – laparoscopy, when the vermiform process can be removed without significant incision in the abdomen. Alas, but in the CIS countries, this method is not yet very common due to the weak technical base of medical institutions.

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