Why after the injection bruise

A bruise after an injection into a vein appears due to damage to the vessel or surrounding tissue. The volume of hemorrhage is different, it is almost always accompanied by a change in skin color, the appearance of pain and compaction of tissues. Large hematomas require specific treatment.

Causes of

A hematoma after an injection may appear due to:

  • accidental damage to the vessel wall (blood penetrates the soft tissue, forming seals that slowly dissolve);
  • damage to the tissues surrounding the vein with frequent intravenous injection (the vascular walls are scarring, which is why blood is constantly released and accumulates in the tissues, in this case not only bruises, but also dense hematomas are formed);
  • rupture of soft tissues due to the penetration of the drug during the injection (in addition to blue skin, in this case, the formation of a dense bump is observed);
  • low blood clotting (blood gets into the wound from the injection, sometimes bleeding has large volumes);
  • through puncture of a blood vessel (leads to the formation of a large hematoma);
  • clogging of the needle with coagulated blood (leads to difficulties in the formulation of the injection).

How to remove the bruise

The choice of means by which you can remove a bruise depends on the volume of the hematoma and the reason for its appearance.

Folk methods

The following folk remedies are used to eliminate bruises after the injection of a vein:

Why after the injection bruise

  • Iodine net. Iodine strips are applied to the affected area with a cotton swab. At continuous putting solution the burn can arise. The skin located above large vessels, differs in hypersensibility. Iodine accelerates the resolution of hematomas, scars and infiltrates.
  • Compress with soda. 1 tsp. soda dissolved in a glass of warm water. The resulting liquid is impregnated with gauze, which is applied to the injection site. The procedure lasts about an hour. It contributes to the disappearance of seals and bruises.
  • Cold treatment. This method is suitable for the elimination of low density hematomas. Within an hour after the injection impose a bag with ice or a towel moistened with cold water. Cooling slows down the process of blood circulation through the soft tissues and prevents an increase in hematoma.
  • Alcohol compresses. They fight puffiness, dissolve blood clots, accelerate hematoma maturation. Vodka is mixed with water in a 1: 1 ratio. The solution is impregnated with gauze, which is applied to the injection site for 10 minutes. Keep the lotion for a long time can not be, it leads to a burn.
  • Cabbage leaves. They are thoroughly washed, smeared with honey and applied to the site of hemorrhage. Cabbage can be replaced with plantain leaves.
  • Clay compress Clay is mixed with warm water to obtain a thick mass. The mixture is put on the injection site so that the clay covers not only the bruise, but also a part of the surrounding tissue. The limb is wrapped with cling film and bandage. Compress hold for 2-3 hours.


Getting rid of a bruise that occurs after a drug is injected into a vein is helped by the use of:

  • Gel Troxevasin. The tool quickly eliminates puffiness and cyanosis, accelerates the healing of injured tissues. The gel is applied to clean skin 2 times a day.
  • Heparin ointment. The tool reduces blood viscosity, helps dissolve blood clots, relieves signs of inflammation.
  • Masya Badyaga. The drug quickly copes with bruises and hematomas.

How to avoid hematoma formation

To avoid a bruise from the injection of a vein, you need:

Why after the injection bruise

  • maximum relaxation of the arm during the procedure (muscle tension increases the risk of injury multiple times);
  • apply thin and sharp needles (the condition of the tissue after the injection depends on the quality of the instrument);
  • administer the drug slowly and smoothly (this helps to avoid penetration of the solution into the muscle and adipose tissue);
  • cauterize the site of injection with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol (this helps to quickly stop the bleeding);
  • after the injection, sit with the arm bent in the elbow for at least 15 minutes (after this time, it is necessary to massage the muscles, this will ensure an even distribution of the medicine);
  • use syringes with a rubber gasket (they provide a slow injection of the drug, reducing the risk of injury to the vein);
  • undergo procedures with proven professionals who are able to choose the right instrument and inject the drug.

Why after the injection bruise

It is necessary to consult a doctor if after the injection there is observed the formation of large hematomas, the appearance of a pronounced pain syndrome and signs of inflammation.

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