Why does the temperature rise in the evening?

Body temperature – an indicator to determine whether everything is normal with health. When the temperature (t) rises, including in the evening, the question arises why she behaves in this way. The reasons for this phenomenon can be a huge amount. Some of them may be associated with normal physiological processes occurring in the body, and are not dangerous.

Sometimes they are not so harmless and say that it is time to pay special attention to the state of their health.

To determine if raising t is normal for you, check out the possible causes of this phenomenon.

The norm of the temperature state of the body

Medical reference books say that the normal body temperature is 36.6 degrees. However, the human body is a delicate matter, it is individual, therefore this indicator may vary depending on the physiological characteristics. In this regard, this figure may be 0.3 – 0.4 degrees more or less. In addition, it is constantly changing throughout the day.

Why does the temperature rise in the evening?

This is facilitated by the following factors:

  • Times of Day. In the morning, t is usually lower, but in the evening it rises;
  • Lifestyle. People who have an active, active lifestyle, on average, have a slightly higher body temperature;
  • Other reasons, which will be discussed below.

Before menstruation

Many women are faced with the fact that they have a fever before menstruation, and this is why it happens. Hormones have a strong influence on the body’s activity. After the onset of ovulation, progesterone is actively produced, affecting thermoregulation. At the beginning of menstruation, the level of this hormone in the female body decreases, due to which t is normalized.

This phenomenon is observed before menstruation by no means all women, but you should not be afraid of it – it is the norm. In combination with other physiological and psychological features, this condition is called premenstrual syndrome. In this case, t can reach 37.4-37.5 degrees. But there are other situations.

If t becomes more than the indicated indicator, it can become a “bell” about the disease. Perhaps this is an inflammation of the appendages or the uterus, especially if we are talking about the presence of additional symptoms – menstruation delay in the absence of pregnancy, pain.

Pregnancy temperature

In conjunction with the absence of menstruation and many other signs, an increased t can be a signal of the beautiful state of a woman — pregnancy. There are a number of reasons for this.

The main one is the same progesterone. When carrying a fetus, it is produced even more actively than before menstruation. The body is rebuilt, getting used to the new state, hormones are changing, which affects the reduction of the body’s heat transfer. Normal t during pregnancy can be considered an indicator of up to 37-37.2 degrees.

A higher t may be a sign of an infection in the body. In this case, the problem requires attention and resolution. Its consequence may be a miscarriage, the development of pathologies of the fetus, in the late stages of carrying a child – exfoliation of the placenta.

In a woman during pregnancy, the body temperature can rise, causing confusion – why and what to do? Do not panic, if the mercury thermometer does not creep above 37.5, and your health does not cause anxiety. If there is cause for concern, do not pull with an appeal to a doctor. To lower t, do not use medicines without consulting a doctor. It is better to use folk remedies – rubbing, warm drinking with raspberries, compress, citrus fruits.

If it is low (up to 37.5 degrees) you do not need to shoot it down.

Increased thermometer after eating

Increased body temperature after eating is normal, if it reaches no more than 37.5 degrees. Many do not even notice it. Some people feel that after eating they have a fever, but they do not understand why. To digest food, the body spends energy, respectively, releasing heat.

In people with good metabolism, a noticeable increase in t can be observed due to intense metabolism and the simultaneous release of more heat. But there may be other reasons. For example, if after a meal you notice a rash, redness, difficulty breathing, you may be allergic to any of the products.

Analyze your diet, identify the provocateur and do not eat it. Not superfluous in this situation will be visiting the doctor. It will help to find out why you are experiencing this problem.

If an increased t is accompanied by pain in the region of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to consult a doctor and be examined. The same applies to its excessive increase (more than 37.5 degrees). Only after the diagnosis can draw conclusions about the presence or absence of the disease.

Increasing the temperature values ​​for colds

The common cold is not a normal human condition, but an increased t is its natural companion. Moreover, it is a natural reaction of the immune system to the disease – with its help, it fights with the causative agent of the disease. If during a cold due to the protective reaction of the body the temperature rises, it is not necessary to be frightened, but why then do they often try to bring it down with medicines?

Why does the temperature rise in the evening?

It can be caused by the vital activity of the bacilli that provoked the disease, and in this case is not useful in combating it. A sign of danger t is its excessive increase (up to 38 degrees or more). At the same time, the body suffers a lack of oxygen, therefore, the heart and organs of respiration fall first under the “blow” during a cold. In the future, this is fraught with complications in the work of these organs.

Sudden changes in temperature are also harmful to the body. Therefore, if the thermometer shows the number of 37.5 degrees and below, allow the body to resist the illness on its own – do not take antipyretic drugs.

Night temperature increase

Normally, at night, t should decrease, despite the fact that after a busy day it may rise in the evening. At this time of day, the body rests, gains strength, is not active, so it releases very little energy. If body temperature rises at night, you need to consult a doctor and find out why this happens. The reasons can be many – from overwork to serious lung diseases, up to tuberculosis, inflammation.

Why does the temperature rise in the evening?

“Woe from Wit” or Note to Parents

Many of us remember how some of the “rodents of science”, not wanting to go to school, resorted to using pencil leads from ordinary pencil. Argued that eating a piece of this substance causes an increase in t. It is very controversial – many of those who practiced this method on themselves claim that its effectiveness in this area tends to zero. However, the school with his help, you can really walk away – because of diarrhea.

Perhaps in some cases it was her or other negative effects of the substance that were accompanied by an increase in t. But for parents of children studying at school, it is important to find out not why the temperature may rise from the slate, but to figure out how to protect your child from such “meals”. There are cases when eating this substance turned into serious poisoning, damage to the digestive organs and other dangerous consequences.

Can temperature change for no reason

It does not happen. There are many reasons why the temperature rises. For example, by evening she may rise due to overwork. So, you need to relax more, saturate the body with vitamins and minerals.

Many of the reasons are described above, but some may be individual, and are determined only by a comprehensive examination. There are a number of diseases, including dangerous ones, which are asymptomatic, and only an increased t will be a signal for their detection. If there are no other symptoms besides her, you don’t need to think about why the body temperature rose for no apparent reason, you should contact a specialist as soon as possible.

Having studied the possible causes of increased t, you can protect yourself from various diseases and not worry if in your case this phenomenon is the norm.

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