Why hurts the right side of the abdomen

Sometimes pains occur in our body. It also brings suffering because we do not know their causes, which in fact are not always serious.

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If this condition lasts for several days in a row or the pain is very severe, then you should seek medical help.

Causes of pain in the right side

Regardless of which part of the stomach hurts, right or left, or both, it can be a kidney problem. Although, in most cases, pain in the kidneys is accompanied by other symptoms, for example, frequent urination, fever, chills, and blood in the urine.

Why hurts the right side of the abdomen

Such a condition in which the woman’s right side or left lower abdomen hurts in a woman can be the cause of diseases and other organs located in this area, or because of muscle spasm in liver diseases, spinal infection, arthritis.

Sometimes it is important in what part, left or right, the stomach hurts. If the pain spreads to the left, then these may be signs of pancreatitis., pancreas, diverticulosis or decerticulitis, stones in the left kidney.

But if pains prevail in the right part of the abdomen, then this can be a manifestation of such diseases as:

This is the most common cause of pain on the right side of the abdomen. There is swelling or inflammation of the colon appendix in the form of a small sac. Sometimes the cause of its inflammation becomes a foreign body that has fallen into it.

Appendicitis – swelling or inflammation of the colon appendix

The first symptom when it occurs is sensations of pain around the navel. At first it is a weak pain, but then it becomes more acute. Nausea can also occur and the temperature may rise slightly.

  • flatulence and gas formation

Various intestinal disorders cause pain, especially in the lower abdomen on the right side. This is often due to the fact that gases are accumulating. Their reasons are very diverse: the use of products that form increased gas formation, too fast food, a stressful situation, poor digestion.

The most common symptom is a tingling sensation in the abdomen, accompanied by bloating.

  • liver disease

The liver is a large organ located in the right upper part of our abdomen, but if there are problems with the liver, as a rule, the right side of the lower abdomen hurts. A woman, like a man, liver obesity is considered the most common cause of discomfort and pain in the liver (accumulation of fat in this organ) and inflammation of its tissues.

  • peptic ulcer

Pathologies such as ulcers occur on the mucous membrane of the stomach or duodenum (the first part of the small intestine). Symptoms indicative of the disease are burning in the stomach and discomfort, mainly in the lower abdomen.

Among the causes of ulcers can be noted a long medication (such as ibuprofen or aspirin) and Helicobacter pylori.

  • bladder inflammation and kidney problems

This disease has a medical name – cystitis. The inflammatory process is caused by infection. But hypothermia also plays an important role in this disease.

Also, cystitis can cause microtrauma or radiation.

At the same time, the pain can spread to such places that it is difficult to contact them with the inflammation of this particular organ. Often hurts the right side of the abdomen.

But a woman may, for example, have pain in the spine, in the anus, or a headache.

If the right side of the woman’s lower abdomen hurts this may indicate the presence of stones or an inflammatory process in the right kidney.. In this case, the pain can be given to the right side of the back.

  • genital diseases

In diseases of the uterus and appendages, the main symptom is abdominal pain. The same manifestation in the presence of malformations of the female genital organs.

The difference between a normal ovary and an ovary with a cyst

Usually hurts the right side of the abdomen. In addition, the woman gradually appears pain in the rectum, lower back, sacrum.

The most noticeable pain in such diseases:

  • torsion cyst legs;
  • ovarian apoplexy;
  • benign ovarian tumors;
  • acute inflammatory processes in the uterus;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • menstrual pain with malformations of the uterus;
  • endometriosis.

At the beginning of the inflammatory process in the uterus and appendages, pain is localized above the pubic part, and when the appendages are ill, it covers the lower lateral parts or on one side. After a few hours, the condition worsens dramatically.

Body temperature can rise to 39 degrees.

The pain may appear in the postpartum period, after an abortion, after using an intrauterine device or after an x-ray examination of the fallopian tubes, in which the uterine cavity is filled with a special substance.

  • cycle violation

The most frequent reason for which the right side of the lower abdomen hurts a woman is a violation of the menstrual cycle.

More than half of women experience this problem throughout their lives.

This is a deviation from the norm. may occur after heavy menstruation, after stress, catarrhal disease, taking certain medications, etc.

Normal cycle in a woman

If the cycle is violated, symptoms such as lower abdominal soreness, heavy bleeding and irregular menstruation appear. Violation of this process is influenced by hormonal background. pituitary and ovarian. Pathology is considered when the interval between cycles is from 1.5 before 2 months or less than 21 day.

Nature has arranged that in one month the egg matures in the left ovary, and the next month in the right. Between menstruation, ovulation occurs in women. In this moment ripe egg passes out of ovary. At this time, hurts the right side of the abdomen. Sometimes a woman has a slight bloody discharge.

Such pains, as a rule, are not dangerous and do not require treatment. But sometimes painful enough tangible. From the side of the right ovary there is an appendix, it is noted that more often, women experience pain when ovulating, when an egg cell matures in the right ovary. With this manifestation of ovulation should contact the health facility.

Sometimes the follicle is large enough and when it ruptures, the walls of the ovary are damaged, causing bleeding into the abdominal cavity.

This is a very serious situation and requires the mandatory hospitalization of a woman.

A pregnant woman may experience pain in the lower abdomen. It is necessary to pay special attention if painful sensations are constant or have increased intensity.

In addition to problems with the digestive system, when the right side of the abdomen hurts, the woman may have an ectopic pregnancy. In this case, the fertilized egg, falling into one of the fallopian tubes, begins to develop and increase in volume.

During gestation, natural pain may occur.

The fallopian tube is stretched and thinned, and then its rupture occurs. At the same time, internal bleeding begins, the pain increases, the body temperature rises significantly, dizziness may begin and fainting may occur.

In this case, immediate medical assistance is required. Usually, an ectopic pregnancy ends with a tube rupture. 3 or 6-one week after fertilization. Sometimes this causes a spontaneous abortion, when the fallopian tube, contracting, pushes the egg cell.

Why hurts the right side of the abdomen

Besides, during gestation, natural pain may occur, not requiring medical intervention. For example, during fetal movement or when the uterus is stretched due to fetal growth.

  • diseases of blood vessels and lymph

The lymphatic system removes pathogenic lymphocytes from the body, thus protecting the body. But if the lymphocyte attack is too extensive, the lymph nodes do not cope with the task and inflamed.

When the lymph node in the groin is inflamed, lymphadenitis occurs. The pain often spreads down the abdomen on the right side.

When layering intoxication may increase body temperature.

The dilated veins in the pelvis disrupt the normal outflow of blood in the organs in this place. Such pathology may develop in girls and women during puberty or during pregnancy.

This is caused by hormonal changes in the body. Periodic pains subsequently become permanent. Localized in most cases on the right side.

How to distinguish appendicitis

Many adults have a specific abdominal scar, indicating an appendix removal operation. Although this the operation is not dangerous, but you should be aware of the symptoms, for its timely diagnosis and prevention of danger to life.

Test for appendicitis: When you press the lower abdominal pain appears, and with a sharp release of the hand, it passes

After some time, unpleasant sensations in the umbilical region can shift downwards and to the right side of the abdomen. If the pain increases with movement, it is recommended to visit a doctor.

Appendicitis will deteriorate rapidly.

This should be a signal for immediate appeal to the ambulance. Very often with appendicitis chills and fever appear. If this condition is combined with pain in the abdomen, this fact should not be ignored.

Patient’s appetite decreases, nausea and, in some cases, diarrhea. If this condition lasts for 12 hours, you should immediately go to the doctor.

Doctors have a little test that never fails. When you press the lower abdominal pain appears, and with a sharp release of the hand, it passes. However, it is not necessary to repeat such a test often, so as not to risk it.

If you or your loved ones have these symptoms, go to the hospital immediately.

Dangerous symptoms

Often, abdominal pain is not given due attention, but this attitude to health is unreasonable. This can be a serious illness., in need of emergency surgery.

If assistance was not provided on time, can lead to peritonitis and blood poisoning. Such a human condition in which there is a danger to life, doctors call Sharp belly.

According to doctors, the danger of presenting these symptoms:

Why hurts the right side of the abdomen

  • abdominal trauma;
  • vomiting bloody mass;
  • feces black;
  • the presence of blood in the feces;
  • acute pain that arose suddenly;
  • abdominal pain, in which muscle tension occurs;
  • abdominal pain, with stool retention and without gas discharge;
  • cold sweat and pallor accompanied by abdominal pain;
  • heart palpitations combined with abdominal pain.

Even if the pain is periodic in nature and sometimes weakens, then increases again, you should call an ambulance. Every hour of delay can make you feel worse.. This not only affects the increase in the cost of treatment, but can also cost the patient a life.

What if there is pain?

If any abdominal pain occurs categorically contraindicated its warming, taking antibiotics, washing the stomach or intestines, as well as taking laxative drugs.

Allowed to take any antispasmodic, such as no-silo

Do not recommend taking drugs, the action of which is aimed at pain relief, as this may affect the further diagnosis of the disease.

Doctors advise to put such a patient in bed.

Do not give him food and water until the doctor arrives. You can put a cool heating pad on your stomach for a while. It is allowed to take some antispasmodic, for example no-shpu.

Do not risk your health and the health of your loved ones – do not postpone the moment of treatment in a medical institution with acute abdominal pain.

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In this video, you can find out about the causes of lower abdominal pain in women:

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