Why legs are reduced

Leg cramps worry a large number of people. If the calves of the legs or fingers are rarely reduced, then very few people pay attention to this trouble. But repeated cramps in the legs are hard not to notice – they are accompanied by sharp pain and do not allow to sleep at night normally. Before taking any measures to combat the insidious cramp, you need to understand why legs are tied up.

Why do leg cramps occur?

Leg cramps are involuntary rapid muscle contractions. Without going into the complex mechanisms of cellular metabolism, it can be explained that the normal mode of cell contraction depends on three microelements. This is magnesium, calcium and potassium.

The lack of any of these substances is a violation of the biochemical composition of the blood and a direct cause for the occurrence of seizures. In addition, you need to maintain proper levels of vitamin D, without which calcium will not be absorbed.

At night, blood circulation is slower than during the day. The intake of microelements decreases and therefore, convulsions are particularly frequent at night.

Convulsions during pregnancy

Complaints of convulsions occur in pregnant women almost always. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

  • High demand for minerals, in

    Cardiovascular diseases

Legs cramp in those who suffer from vascular pathology. Most of them are frequent – varicose veins. His symptoms are bluish skin color, pain and heavy feeling in the legs. At later stages, visible nodules appear.

There are convulsions during the obliterating diseases of the arteries of the legs. With such pathologies, the lumen in the vessels narrows, the skin becomes pale, the pulsation on the affected leg arteries decreases. There are intense pains when walking, which stop after stopping.

Spinal diseases

The culprit seizures easily becomes osteochondrosis. Reduces the legs because of diseases of the spine deteriorates the blood supply throughout the body. Osteochondrosis begins with pains in the neck, waist, chest. During this disease, intervertebral disc deformity occurs.

If there are no serious diseases

What to do if you do not have chronic diseases, and convulsions still appear? The probable cause is muscle fatigue. At night, cramps may appear after a sports workout, long walk, other physical work.

Causes of cramps also lie in excess weight, in which the legs are under heavy strain, in a sedentary lifestyle, when blood circulation is affected. Reduces legs from frequent stress, overwork.

If convulsions are not only occasionally disturbed, but rather often, then it is necessary to undergo a thorough examination by an endocrinologist. Convulsive phenomena can talk about violations in the endocrine or nervous system. Fortunately, most often they pass after the correction of nutrition and taking vitamins. But donate blood to electrolytes (calcium, potassium, magnesium), as well as to the level of glucose is necessary in any case.

Simple exercises for cramps

When toes, thinking about the causes of this phenomenon is no time – action is required quickly. The simplest gymnastics will help. Need to do it without shoes.

  1. Snag on your toes to lift your heels high off the floor. Tap your heels hard on the floor. Repeats five times.
  2. Stand on your heels. Raised toes bend, trying to maintain balance at least a few seconds. The exercise is repeated five times.
  3. Standing or sitting, put your feet one on another crosswise. You need to rely on their outer edges. In this position, you need to stay for 5 seconds. Exercise is performed 4 – 5 times.
  4. It helps very slow flexion and extension of the toes.
  5. Sitting, you need to stretch your legs in front of you and perform slow rotating movements with your feet. Exercise duration – 3 min.

Why legs are reduced

What to do if the foot is cramped in water?

If a cramp occurs in the pool, then you need to quickly stop swimming. If the spasm occurred during the sea swim, then the main thing – to leave panic. The steps are as follows.

  • Roll over from the abdomen to the back for comfort and greater stability.
  • When the calf muscle spasm is necessary, if possible, bend and clasp the injured foot with your hands, then the foot stretches toward you;
  • If the leg muscles of the thigh are reduced, it is necessary to clasp the leg from the outside, slightly below the calf, almost at the ankle. After this, the leg should be bent at the knee and strongly pulled with the hand to the back.
  • A shot with a pin helps, which many in advance pin on swimming trunks, a swimsuit.

The cramp most often happens in cold water. Because you should not swim at sea temperatures below 18º C.

How to completely get rid of cramps?

Try to eat less foods and drugs that remove calcium and potassium from the body:

  • coffee, caffeinated beverages;
  • sugar, sweet sparkling water;
  • hormonal (steroid) and diuretic agents.

Of course, it is impossible to cancel treatment with hormones, if there is a need for it. But you can adjust your menu by adding more dairy products, leafy greens, green vegetables, almonds. Women during menopause should take medications containing a complex of magnesium and potassium. An example of such a tool is Asparks. Also, a good source of vitamin D has always been fish oil.

Folk remedy for seizures – coriander infusion, which is narrated on the video.

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