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This is one of the most powerful medical antiperspirants on the market. It is designed to combat severe hyperhidrosis.

When using an antiperspirant in the armpits, it acts flawlessly, almost completely blocks sweating for several days. If you strictly follow the instructions and apply to dry intact skin, burning is minimal and short-lived.

It is worth noting that with hyperhidrosis, there are no guarantees that the Dry Dry Classic will help. And when sweating palms it almost does not help anyone.

If you have hyperhidrosis and because of this, permanent stains on clothing, the Dry Dry deodorant will help you solve this problem. You will not need more T-shirts and shirts.

Even after playing sports your armpits will be almost dry. At any time of the year and day you will look at all 100!

Many people are concerned about the problem of sweating feet, not only in summer, but especially in winter. Warm shoes, socks, tights – all this increases sweating.

If it is embarrassing for you to change your shoes indoors, and you avoid going to visit, feel free to purchase this product. He will help you overcome this problem.

A handshake is an essential attribute of the life of a modern person. This gesture is used in greeting, farewell, concluding a certain agreement and

Wet palms cause a person to constrain, and it can be said complicates communication. Deodorant will change your life for the better.

Dryness and comfort without compromise

Deodorant Dry Dry is produced by a Swedish company. It is specialized for those people who are looking for methods to combat hyperhidrosis – increased sweating in different parts of the body. First of all, it is axillary hollows, feet and palms.

It has been produced for more than 20 years and is considered one of the most effective anti-sweat cosmetic products.

It has the appearance of a clear liquid. Available in 35 ml vials. There is a special applicator that helps to apply the product very conveniently and economically.

Antiperspirant is suitable for both men and women. It does not stain clothes, does not leave stains, and also has no smell. It also does not contain fragrances, so it will not interrupt the fragrance of your favorite perfume.

If you wish, in the morning you can additionally use your favorite perfumed deodorant. But there is no special need for this.

Active components and mechanism of action

The composition of the deodorant includes the following elements:

  • denatured alcohol (solvent);
  • hydrate of aluminum chloride (active ingredient).

The active ingredient, aluminum hydrochloride, is an astringent. It narrows the channels of the sweat glands. In contact with skin, it forms an albuminate film, which reduces the amount of perspiration.

As a result of application, the long-awaited dryness appears and the unpleasant smell disappears.

It is very important that there is no compensatory excess sweating in other places.

Deodorant Dry Dry can be bought in online stores and pharmacies (the price in this case will be slightly higher).

As a buyer, you have the right to demand a certificate of state registration, a certificate of conformity and a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion!

The undeniable benefits of antiperspirant

Currently on the market there are many cosmetic products, the action of which is aimed at reducing perspiration. All of them are effective, but of varying degrees of severity.

This deodorant from sweat among analogues takes a special position due to its obvious advantages:

  • the duration of the antiperspirant is much longer than other means of sweat on the Russian market;
  • areas of application are not limited to armpits, it can also be applied on the feet and palms;
  • the mechanism of action is to eliminate the cause of sweating, and not just to eliminate the unpleasant smell;
  • it is very economical – one bottle with an average use lasts for 6-10 months.

Deodorant is one of the most effective prolonged drugs aimed at combating manifestations of local hyperhidrosis.

The line of all antiperspirants – the choice is impressive

The concentration of the active substance in the pharmacy deodorant plays an important role, because the degree of effectiveness depends on it.

In the Dry Dry there are three options:

  • 15% (light) – for underarms;
  • 24% (sensitive) – for underarms;
  • 30.5% (classic) – for the armpits, legs and palms.

We draw your attention to the fact that the classical form of an antiperspirant is the only one that is produced in a bottle with a dabomatic-type applicator, the rest are familiar to the ball (roller) deodorant.

  • Classic (35 ml) is a highly effective long-term agent for hyperhidrosis. It is also used in normal perspiration, particularly in stressful situations;
  • Light (50 ml) is made on a water-alcohol basis. It is shown both to people with hyperfunction of the sweat glands, and those who have normal sweating, but under the influence of various factors need to be enhanced protection. It is ideal for daily use. The drug combines the properties of a classic and gentleness sensitive to the skin;
  • Sensitive (50 ml) does not contain alcohol,

Price depends on the type of deodorant. It should be noted that the classic version in terms of volume is the least – 35 ml, but it costs more (about 650 rubles on average).

The cost of Sensitiv is about 600 rubles, and Light – 550 rubles.

Despite the fact that Drye is universal in its field of application, a separate foot deodorant is produced. It is designed as a special spray with menthol.

Caffeine makes me sleep

  • solves the problem of sweating for a long time;
  • actively fights unpleasant odor;
  • has a cooling effect;
  • has an effective antimicrobial effect;
  • equally suitable for both men and women.

It is very important to follow the instructions.

The use of deodorant has some special features. So if ordinary antiperspirants are applied every day, and not even once, the Dry Dry lasts at least 48 hours.

After you take a shower, dry the problem area well and treat it carefully. Wait a few minutes until completely dry. It is advisable to do this one hour before bedtime.

Until the morning, the treated area can not be wetted! It is also extremely undesirable to apply antiperspirant on the armpits within 48 hours after shaving!

At night, the intensity of sweating is much less pronounced than in the daytime. Therefore, the drug penetrates well into the pores, reaching its destination, and begins its active action.

The most interesting thing is that you can swim in the pool or pond, wash in the bathroom and

If the perspiration is sufficiently intense, you can do the procedure two days in a row to get the best effect.

After applying the deodorant, you can forget about the wet problem for 3-7 days. Do not use it more often. But this restriction applies more to the underarm area.

On the legs and palms the skin is much thicker and rougher, so the procedure can be performed more often.

Immediately after a hot bath, workout, visiting a bath or sauna, you cannot use the tool. Within an hour, the extended ducts of the sweat glands will return to their original state, and you can safely perform the procedure!

Precautions to follow

Deodorant practically does not initiate allergic reactions. Some of the discomfort that you may feel when applying a product is a slight tingling sensation or other such sensation.

This is quite acceptable, but you should pay attention to the following points:

  • the skin must be clean and dry (

If after treatment you feel a strong burning sensation and itching, immediately wash it off. Try again only after 24 hours!

Remember some rules:

  • antiperspirant should not be applied on irritated skin, or if it has any damage;
  • with a slight reddening of the skin, you can use the special Dry Dry gel or another soothing cream, with a more intensive one – hydrocortisone ointment;
  • do not allow the drug to get into the eyes and mucous membranes (if this suddenly happened, wash them with plenty of water);
  • do not dress until the product is completely dry, otherwise traces may remain on the clothing;
  • Do not carry out the procedure at close range to open flame sources;
  • Keep the vial out of the reach of children.

Is deodorant safe for the body?

It is believed that the use of antiperspirant increases the risk of developing breast cancer. This is due to the high content of aluminum salts.

However, studies conducted by American oncologists have refuted this hypothesis. They conducted a large-scale analysis of diseases, their development and possible causes. It was concluded that there is no relationship between the use of any deodorants and breast cancer.

The aluminum-protein structures that form the drug are insoluble. This explains the fact that they are not absorbed in large quantities by the human body.

Any restrictions regarding the duration and frequency of use of the product, the manufacturer does not indicate!

What can be contraindications and side effects?

Numerous laboratory studies provide an opportunity to recommend it as an effective prolonged drug against excessive sweating.

When properly applied according to the instructions, it does not adversely affect the body.

However, deodorant should not be used in the following situations:

  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • age up to 16 years.

Another contraindication to use is increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug. It manifests itself as peeling in response to skin contact.

For many people, short-term itching and burning are noted when applying the product. This is considered normal, as described in the instructions.

If you notice that the deodorant has ceased to act, take a break for a month, and then resume the procedure. Efficiency must be restored!

Auxiliary products of this company

If you need a reliable remedy for sweat and unpleasant odor that you can carry around with you all the time or take on trips – pay attention to Dry Dry wipes in individual packaging.

They can be quickly and conveniently used in any situation. Wipes are odorless. They are compact and will always be at your fingertips.

A fundamentally new product in the lineup is a gel containing aloe and green tea extract. It has a moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing effect. Quickly cope with itching and irritation.

The gel is recommended to be used as an emollient after using deodorant. It is also great for daily hygiene.

Doctors reviews about Dry Dry deodorant

Before you buy DrayDray, consult your doctor

Drugstore, which help to cope with increased sweating, a lot. This is mainly antiperspirant with high aluminum content. In cases of hyperhidrosis, only they can help, and not ordinary sticks, sprays or balls from the supermarket.

I am categorically opposed to using such drugs on their own without consulting a doctor, especially when suddenly sweating armpits, arms, legs and

If the primary disease was identified, against which hyperhidrosis arose, it is a secondary form. It is necessary to actively engage in treatment.

Dry Drive helps control sweating – that’s a fact. Many patients ask the question “Is it safe to use Dry Dry, because there is a lot of aluminum in it?” On this occasion, I want to say that a number of scientific studies have disproved the relationship between aluminum-containing attiperspirant and tumor processes.

It is very important to find the optimal mode of application, which is individual for each. For one, it can be 1-2 times a week, for the other – 1 time in two weeks. Do not try to achieve complete dryness. If sweating decreases by 70-80%, this is quite enough for a comfortable life.

The best option when more expensive treatment is not available

As a dermatologist, I often have to deal with hyperhidrosis. This problem is addressed by people of different ages. For many, it prevents them from realizing themselves professionally, forms psychological complexes.

Tools such as Dry Dry are medical and cosmetic products. I recommend this antiperspirant as one of the options for correcting perspiration. I always explain to patients that he does not cure, but only blocks the sweat glands.

Dry Dry copes with its task, but not all people tolerate it well. Often there is irritation, redness of the skin, severe burning. For this reason, some refuse to use it further.

Aluminum chloride antiperspirant is currently the only solution for those patients who would like to quickly cope with sweating. The remaining methods require either time or serious material costs, or both of them together.

But despite this, I would advise all the same to try a Botox injection or iontophoresis.

A good antiperspirant, performing its function to the maximum extent possible.

A person suffering from excessive sweating, above all, is vulnerable from a psychological point of view.

My task as a doctor is to correctly diagnose the problem and help the patient as soon as possible. The possibilities of modern pharmacology allow you to do this with success.

I recommend “Dry Dry” to my patients for the past several years. I want to note that it really works and helps even with very severe hyperhidrosis.

The mechanism of action “Dry Dry” is not unique. There are many analogues, and the patient himself must choose which one suits him best.

Of the entire range, I prefer the “Dry Dry Classic.” It contains a high concentration of aluminum, and, accordingly, the most effective.

It is very important to use an antiperspirant correctly and not apply to damaged skin. I strongly recommend it to pregnant and lactating women, as, indeed, other antiperspirants containing aluminum salts.

I recommend Classic DryDry for underarms

The choice of so-called medical antiperspirants is currently large, both domestic and imported. Given that such drugs are the first item in the correction of hyperhidrosis, interest in them is growing every day.

What can I say about DryDry? This is a proven drug that I recommend as a treatment option. There are other analogues that are almost equally effective. Therefore, I cannot single out this remedy among others.

I would also like to express some nuances that I learned from my patients:

  • Classic DryDry is effective, if not in all, then in almost all cases of axillary hyperhidrosis, which absolutely cannot be said about Light or Sensitive;
  • in cases of sweating of hands or feet, the situation is worse – sweating decreases, but not to the extent we would like, and the effect itself does not last long;
  • some patients tolerate well the procedure, do not notice any significant side effects, others talk about the terrible burning and redness that causes them to refuse DryDry. Apparently, in this situation, some individual features play a determining role.

I have the following conclusion: Dry Dry can be recommended as a variant of the correction of hyperhidrosis, in particular, axillary. The occurrence of persistent adverse reactions, subject to careful compliance with the instructions, is an indication for discontinuation of the drug.

Tested on yourself, the main thing is to use correctly

I would like to talk about Dry Dry by both the doctor and the patient. It so happened that I also have hyperhidrosis. For this reason, I have tried on myself a lot of tools, including Dry Dry.

Moreover, I have been using it for several years. My patients, whom I advised this antiperspirant, were satisfied.

The remedy is really good and effective. Personally, my skin is not very sensitive, so it does not respond with strong irritation and itching to the drug.

If someone has similar side effects, I suggest the following:

  • very well dry the skin before applying;
  • make sure that there are no wounds, scratches, inflammatory processes and

And one more tip. Do not try to achieve complete dryness, daily applying the tool. Small residual perspiration is quite acceptable. Define your own mode in such a way that the interval between application is as long as possible.

Dry Dry deodorant reviews from real buyers

A little background. I learned what hyperhidrosis is still a schoolboy, studying in 3rd grade. It was manifested that the legs were sweating heavily, especially in winter. He came back home and when he was taking off his shoes all the socks were wet through.

The parents then thought that the shoes were poor-quality and drenched, but alas, it was completely in her.

Then, closer to the age of 14-15, palms began to sweat. And every year it became more and more pronounced in my life. Then, by the 27th anniversary, my armpits began to sweat, and it was enough for me to put on a T-shirt, go outside and after 10–15 minutes there were large wet circles in the armpits.

Therefore, in order to use normal public transport, one always had to go to the final stop)) When standing, it was impossible to go under any pretext.

Greeting the hand is also a problem and this tradition has always been a nuisance. The most interesting. When drinking alcohol, all the symptoms of hyperhidrosis went away. But it was enough to remember about him and the palms gradually became wet. Apparently we have the main cause of the disease lies in the head.

After buying Dry Dry I initially bought a regular Dry Dry,

Began with the armpits,

The fact that this may not even be believed at all. It seemed that it was about to begin in 5-10 minutes. But it did not start.

At the expense of the feet and hands Here is a complete failure. I tried to smear the palms and feet, but how much I did not do it, the result was negative. But even this fact did not bother me too much, because the standard of living, even with dry armpits, is completely different. It is possible that I have completed few procedures.

I admit it,

If someone is disappointed, do not despair. I understand that with Dry Dry, everyone has their own experience and that there is every chance that everything can go much better with you than mine. Try,

For myself, I decided to try iontophoresis,

5 useful tips from meI will share my thoughts, which may well be useful to you. If so, I will be very happy.

one). The first time to apply it on the body is best for

2). It is advisable to try on Friday. Why Very often, the desired effect is not achieved due to improper dosage, so the next day you will be able to make a correction and achieve the desired result.

3). Do not overdo it ! An increased dose will give an undesirable effect – it will be very hard to prick, very! If you endure this, then the next day will be the effect of “burning armpits”, stiffness in this area and complete discomfort.

four). As soon as small specks begin to appear on the clothes again, this is a signal that today or tomorrow it is necessary to repeat the procedure. In my case, enough for 4-7 days.

Caffeine makes me sleep

five). Never shave your armpits before use – only afterwards!

If you have any questions – ask. I will try to answer.

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