Make peace with my wife

The most wonderful power in the world, driving the world, making it better, is nothing but love, magic power, filled with goodness, light, uniting the closest people. When you love and love, everything is wonderful, everything is as it should be, and life seems amazing, delightful, beautiful. But what to do if between you and your loved one like a black cat ran across the road, and the relationship does not get along and do not go well, and peace and harmony never come? In such a situation, it makes sense to use a good conspiracy to reconcile with your loved one. After all, sometimes we lose our happiness is not so because of rash words and deeds, as, perhaps, under the bad influence of the energetics of someone else’s envy, an unkind eye, and only conspiracy able to help restore the lost harmony of relationships. Many people in such cases seek help from the sorcerers. But it is much better to try it yourself, because in fact, each of us is endowed with mystical abilities.

Make peace with my wife

Having decided to use the conspiracy to reconcile with your loved one, you must be very careful about the text and the ritual of reading it. After all, the effectiveness of your actions depends on this. In addition, you should not tell anyone about what you used, either before or after its use, otherwise its action will lose its power. We must make sure that you are alone at home. The windows must be shuttered, even if it is quite light outside. And before you read the plot, you need to clear from extraneous thoughts to focus on the upcoming action. It is best to light a candle and for about fifteen minutes to peer into its flame, this will set the mood right. It is necessary to read either in the light of dim lights, or in the light of a candle. It is advisable to know its text by heart, not necessarily fully understanding, but clearly feeling each word, and feeling the reality of what is happening. You must also clearly represent the person with whom you want to reconcile. And the better you know it, the more effective the effect of the ritual will be. In particular, the conspiracy to reconcile with her husband always acts very well, but only in cases where the woman sincerely, with all her heart wants it. In no case should you give anything to anyone on the day you read the spell. The best option would be to read the slander before bedtime and immediately go to bed without talking to anyone, not turning on the TV, not reading books. Mentally send your loved one the energy of love, presenting it with warm, pleasant sunshine, gently and gently stroking his face.

Attention : Be sure to write down these plots on a piece of paper, it is better if it is a blank sheet. Memorize conspiracies from the sheet, not from the monitor.

Strong plot

Do the sun quarrel with the moon because they are different? From What are at different times in the sky? Not. Do trees quarrel with stones because they are different? Because some lie on the ground, while others stand on it? Not. Do earthly and heavenly spirits quarrel because they live in different spheres and control different phenomena? Not. So why is a man with a man quarrel? Why does (name) quarrel with (name)? Better in the world of life and harmony.

The plot of the Siberian healer

Repeat 3 times, spitting over the left shoulder:

Make peace with my wife

God bless my words. Mother of cheese is earth, water, sun and moon, all sorts of God’s creatures, witnesses, holy companions, the righteous and warlock, the church of God, saints, baptists, archangels and angels, the army of all of God rati. I pray you and ask you, God’s army, there is no one against you, strong ones – stronger, powerful – more powerful, you will win the war (between, call the names). Warring pacify those who hate reconciliation, bless the world of the kingdom. At the head is the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, with them the Queen Mother Mother Theotokos. Behind them the Holy Fathers and John the Baptist, John the Conception of Christ, John Chrysostom, John the Postnik. With them all the power of Heaven is invincible and unbreakable. I pray you, holy army. Avoid you, destroy the enmity between (names). That the age of enmity that did not happen. Not born and did not arrive. From now and forever and ever. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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