No self esteem

In the old days, people were afraid of losing their honor, defended it and died for it in duels. Now this, of course, is not, but this does not mean that modern man is not endowed with this quality. Everyone should know the definition of what honor is. Why do people need dignity and how not to lose it?

No self esteem

Definition: what is honor

Concept "honour" means a set of human qualities, due to which he gains self-esteem. It includes such personality traits as nobility, justice, valor, courage, honesty, high morality, and strict moral principles.

No self esteem

In the past, honor was associated not so much with the internal qualities of a person, as with his ability to behave in society, to comply with established norms and rules of conduct. This was required to maintain reputation and respect for his person.

Definition of the word "honour" closely related to the concept of honesty. First of all, a person should not deceive himself. Honor sets the framework for what people can afford to do without feeling guilty and remorseful.

What is human dignity

The dignity of a person is his respect for his person, a sense of the importance of himself as a person, the ability to get out of any situation, without overstepping his principles. From birth it is inherent in each of the people.

The dignity of man allows him to realize the importance of not only himself, but also those around him. People who have this quality are respectful of others. Dignity gives a person a sense of confidence in themselves and in their abilities. The higher we evaluate ourselves, the more potential opportunities open up before us.

The definition of what honor is and what dignity is is somewhat similar to each other. They establish the criteria for self-esteem of a person, as well as the attitude to his person on the part of society and reflect the moral value of the individual.

Does every person have honor and dignity

Probably everyone in his life found himself in such situations when one experiences a feeling of lack of self-esteem and his own worthlessness. From a legal point of view, the definition of what honor and dignity imply implies that every person at birth is endowed with these qualities. They cannot disappear and disappear during life. The dignity of a person is protected by law, in the event of his humiliation, the culprit faces punishment.

In fact, it happens that people do not feel worthy, they believe that they have nothing to respect. Most often this happens when a person commits a particular act, for which he later experiences remorse. In such cases, it is said that honor and dignity are lost.

As a rule, after some time a person smooths his guilt, improves his reputation, again deserves the respect of society. He ceases to consider himself a loser and nothingness, removes this definition from himself. Honor and dignity at the same time again returned to the person.

How to feel like a worthy person

If for some reason you do not feel like a worthy person, you can make an effort to correct this situation. First of all, you need to stop all attempts at humiliating treatment to yourself from others. Only by learning how to put yourself in a society, you can feel worthy of respect.

It is necessary to constantly replenish your baggage with knowledge and skills, to improve in the profession and other areas of life. The more you value as a specialist, the higher your self-esteem will be, and therefore your dignity will be.

To feel their honor and dignity, it is necessary to responsibly approach the fulfillment of duty. This concerns not only the debt to the state, but also the specific obligations and assignments undertaken. This includes the fulfillment of family obligations, a responsible attitude to work tasks, the ability to keep promises and to understand the significance of their words and deeds.

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