90 days of separate meals

Here you will find the most effective diets, proven not only in theory but also in practice, the results of which you also learn only from us. Here you can choose the best diet for you. You do not have to reread hundreds of diets, as we have collected only the best diets, not only people tested. But remember that the main goal remains health! So do not forget about proper and healthy nutrition. Before you go on a diet, we recommend that you first consult with your doctor, because diet is a serious test for the body.

List of effective diets for weight loss:

Diets for weight loss – the most popular form of existing diets. In the modern world, the standard of beauty is slimness, which is far from being possible with any diet.

90 days of separate meals

The fashion for harmony dictates the great demand for various diets for weight loss. At various times, low carbohydrate, protein, kefir, onion, Japanese, French, "Kremlin", Chinese and many other diets became popular.

What diet is right for you? Which one can be used constantly, and which one can be used only as emergency, “fast” help in order to lose 3-4 kg in a couple of days? What are the contraindications for each diet? What could be the health effects? To whom diets are contraindicated and how to get out of the diet correctly, so as not to gain dropped pounds again?

90 days of separate meals

Nutritionists consider purification as a modern sorbent Enterosgel as a necessary step in any weight loss program. It actively absorbs only harmful slags and toxins that enter the blood in abundance during the breakdown of fat deposits. It is these toxins that provoke diet-nausea, unpleasant taste in the mouth, abnormal stools, dull skin, acne and blemishes on it. This sorbent well fills the stomach, thereby creating a feeling of satiety, absorbs excess gastric juice and enzymes, neutralizing their irritant effect on the stomach wall. Suppose its reception by long courses, unlike other sorbents.

Lose weight by 10 kg per month is quite possible, but for this you need to choose the right diet. This issue is especially relevant for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity at the beginning of summer, before the next beach season.

Methods of nutrition, allowing you to lose up to 10 kg per week, are designed for those who have about 30% excess weight. If the cherished ideal lacks 2-3 kg, you should not consider this option of reducing body weight, it is better to pay attention to fasting days.

Fasting days are not just a way to lose weight, they can be used to heal the body, to get rid of various diseases, to treat hypertension.

Smoothies – a thick cocktail based on fruits and berries, or a mixture thereof. Smoothies are not only tasty, but also a useful food product for any person. Depending on the composition of the smoothie, this drink can be used as a full snack, breakfast or a light dinner.

Cardiologist Robert Atkins has developed an effective method for weight loss, which is also known as the Hollywood Diet. It involves the rejection of carbohydrate foods, due to which the body begins to draw energy from its own fat deposits.

A low-calorie diet has a medical basis. It is recommended to people who suffer from obesity, or from a serious violation of metabolic processes in the body. This method of weight loss is practiced now not only by doctors, since all its secrets have become known to a wide range of people.

Alexey Kovalkov is a nutritionist who is now one of the most popular and sought-after specialists in his field. Although only 10 years ago it was difficult to recognize him. This man suffered from obesity until he regained his strength and took control of his weight. After that, the doctor decided to create an authoring system.

Lose weight without the use of debilitating diets, in fact, very easy. No matter how strange this statement may seem, it is 100% legitimate. And to remain slim and healthy will be possible throughout life.

Low-Carb Protein Diet by Pierre Ducane is a good opportunity not only to lose weight, but also to maintain it in the future within the normal range. The system does not impose restrictions on the amount of food eaten during the day.

Kremlin diet is the most popular. At the same time, you will never be tormented by hunger! You just need to remove some products, referring to a special table.

In just 13 days, you can lose weight by 7-9 kg. The diet limits the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, so it is difficult to pass, but the result is worth the effort! Not just because the Japanese diet ranks second in popularity.

Kefir diet is the most beneficial of all. After all, kefir improves blood circulation, the work of the intestines, and in general the work of the organism as a whole! Kefir is an essential product for a healthy life.

According to the blood type diet, you just need to eat those foods that our ancestors ate during the period when this blood type appeared.

Buckwheat diet, so called so that you can eat only buckwheat and nothing more. But in unlimited quantities.

Rice diet is very helpful. In addition to weight loss, you simultaneously clean the body of toxins! Rice has long been the main dish of nutritionists.

Green tea is a drink that allows you to invigorate, increase your mood, reduce your appetite, quench your thirst. It is good to drink it during hot weather, after intense physical exertion.

The nationwide commitment to the singer and the amazing result of her weight loss led to the fact that the diet of Dr. Saykova, which the singer lost weight on, began to be called the “diet of Larisa Dolina”.

Olga Kartunkova is a famous Russian actress and TV presenter, who began her career as a captain of the KVN team. Overweight women have always been essential to create humorous images. However, now the actress is very thin.

Margarita Koroleva’s diet is a popular diet for weight loss. Margarita Koroleva is one of the most famous nutritionists in Russia, whose services are used by famous people. Margarita helps to achieve the desired result to each her client.

Barley diet is an effective method for weight loss, which is simple and cheap. Diet allows not only to lose weight, but also to solve health problems. In particular, it can be practiced by people suffering from digestive disorders.

The fundamental principles of all protein diets were developed more than 50 years ago. Such a power supply system allowed astronauts and the military to quickly lose weight, but without harm to their own health.

Diet Ladder, despite its straightforward name, allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of body fat. In just 5 days, the plummet will be 8 kg. The result achieved is characterized by stability, that is, the weight will not come back.

The older a person becomes, the greater the danger for him is overweight. Therefore, the desire to lose weight after 50 is not just a whim of women, but a banal concern for their own health.

The most popular diets for fast weight loss are low-calorie nutrition systems, or, as they are also called, express diets. They are used in the case when there is a need in a short time to get rid of a few pounds of excess weight.

Initially, the Osama Hamdi diet was designed for people with diabetes to help them lose weight. The author of the methodology is deeply convinced that the body, under certain conditions, is able to break down fats on its own by accelerating metabolic processes.

There are many diets that naturally make it difficult to choose the fastest diet for weight loss. Often nutritionists recommend their patients not to dwell on a specific mono diet, but to alternate one, two or three days.

Chicken diet is one of the most effective methods for weight loss. It is an excellent option for those people who can not force themselves to abandon meat dishes. Chicken protein is a complete protein.

The diet BUCH is the alternation of protein days with carbohydrate. This diet is often followed by athletes before upcoming performances. Diets are built on the knowledge of how metabolic processes occur in the human body.

Diet on fresh juices – is a modern method of losing weight, which has a huge number of followers. Besides the fact that the juice diet allows you to lose weight quickly, it is also very tasty. On a juice diet a day, you can lose a kilogram of excess weight.

The “7 petals” diet is a revised version of the “6 petals” diet, which was created by the Swiss nutritionist Anna Johansson. The diet of this weight loss program is based on the alternation of protein and carbohydrate foods.

Presumably, the 6-petal diet was developed in Sweden by nutritionist Anna Johansson. However, this fact has not yet been confirmed. It also remains “secret” if she practiced this diet on herself, and what results she was able to achieve.

Diet 5 tablespoons is a weight loss system that meets all the principles of proper and balanced nutrition. It is based on strict restriction of food during one reception.

Keto diet is a method of nutrition, which is based on the consumption of the minimum amount of carbohydrates. As a result of such changes in the diet, a number of reactions are triggered in the woman’s body, under the influence of which fats begin to split.

Ketone diet got its name from the word ketosis. This condition is characterized by an increase in the level of ketone bodies in the body, which it later uses to maintain its own vital activity. If a person receives an insufficient amount of carbohydrates with food, the liver begins to produce ketone bodies from fatty acids.

The oatmeal diet is one of the most affordable, simple, effective and time-tested methods of getting rid of extra pounds. Not for nothing is the oatmeal diet popular with Englishwomen from the oldest aristocratic families.

The simplicity of the principles of this diet certainly attracts attention. Weight loss occurs due to a decrease in caloric intake and the development of a person who is losing weight, has small amounts of eating habits. Preparing for a diet will take some time.

The 90-day diet was developed in early 2000. Her creators are two friends from Slovenia: Bredoy Hrobat and Moitsey Polianszek. They presented their ideas in a book titled "90 Day Separated Diet." This guide to achieve the ideal figure has become widely known not only in Slovenia, but throughout the world.

Initially, Ekaterina Mirimanova developed this power supply system for herself and achieved incredible success with it. In general, this diet can be called another propaganda of separate nutrition, implying temporary restrictions on food intake. Eating after six in the evening is strictly prohibited.

Models are public women, so they always have to watch their figure, which is their working tool. The diet of the models is severely limited, because the shooting takes place almost around the clock. If an unplanned contract happens and you need to lose weight urgently, the models use a 3-day diet.

It is not known for certain who exactly became the progenitor of the idea of ​​losing weight on baby food. Fashion designer Eddie Sliman insists that he came up with the idea to feed male models of baby food. At one time it helped him in the development of tight-fitting silhouettes for Christian Dior. Another contender for authorship is a celebrity fitness trainer.

The chicken diet is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to lose weight. It is great for those people who do not represent their daily diet without meat products. Protein, which is contained in chicken pulp can be called complete. It contains all the amino acids necessary for the human body.

Initially, this diet was intended for patients suffering from diabetes. Its developer, an American scientist, with the help of his methodology, intended to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in his patients. According to the creator of the technique, with the help of a diet you can get rid of the deep-lying fat layer.

Sometimes there are only a few days to get rid of 3-4 pounds. It is for such emergency cases developed a diet on eggs and oranges for the week. Although this method of losing weight is short-term, but quite effective. Such a mono-diet will definitely give results.

For the first months of feeding you need to drink up to three liters of water per day. In lactating women, some of the water in the body is spent on milk production. Just do not overdo it – too much liquid will reduce the amount of milk. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. They help restore the body after childbirth.

Consider the most effective diet for weight loss. Regardless of which diet you choose, one condition is mandatory: a day you need to drink enough water from

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