Benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet

When Julia Tarbav decided that her health needed a push, she went to a banana island. Although, of course, this island did not belong to those archipelagoes that most people draw in their imagination, with hammocks on the beach and drinks with funny umbrellas.

Benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet

In this case, “banana island” is a term commonly used to describe a diet in which only one type of food is used for a certain length of time, and no other.

Also known as the “mono-fruit diet,” this food option is presented by many as a cleansing method to significantly improve their health.

Ms. Tarbav, who with her husband follows a diet high in fruit and a low-fat, raw vegan diet, says that in principle any fruit can be used, but bananas are often chosen because of their ease of use, nutritional value and affordable price.

In addition, according to her, you can add something green, but here it is best to adhere to the principle of mono product, using only one type of greenery, such as celery.

Benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet

By following a banana diet for 12 days, consuming a lot of water, relaxing and exercising, Mrs. Tarbav has made tremendous improvements in her physical and emotional state.

Benefits of a mono – fruit diet: First, Julia felt that her digestion process was better and without any complications. She did not even experience any symptoms of detoxification at all!

Bananas are very rich in fiber (one banana contains about 12% of the daily requirement of 25g recommended by the Food and Drug Administration), which is well known for its ability to help digestion by regulating the amount of electrolytes and freeing the body from toxins.

Secondly, according to Mrs. Tarbav, being on a banana diet, she felt "calm and peaceful" and "much more creative."

I experienced incredible clarity of mind and could easily focus on a specific task, ”Yulia admits.“ It was as if I had “extra time”.

This effect is achieved due to the high content of potassium and tryptophan in bananas, which help to improve intercellular communication and maintain proper oxygen levels in the brain.

It is an improvement in the ability to achieve great results as a result of such an increase in attention and energy level, Mrs Tarbav explains that she managed to beat her best achievements in the field of fitness without much difficulty.

In addition, as if all this was not enough, her skin became healthier and softer.

As we see, the use of raw foods, and the periodic use of a mono-fruit diet allowed a very specific person to live a full life.

After she had to struggle with candidiasis, hypoglycemia, addiction to bad food and serious mood swings, Julia believes that now she has completely got rid of such complications, attributing the result of such a gradual healing to raw food.

And today, she, together with her husband, travels around the world, participating in various festivals and gatherings of fans of raw food.

This allows them to meet with other health-conscious people, share ideas and stories with them that highlight the importance of healthy eating.

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