Bread Cake Recipe

Today I would like to share with you a recipe for white bread. This recipe is primarily intended for owners of bread Moulinex. All ingredients are easily accessible and not expensive. So let’s get started.

Ingredients for making white bread in the Moulinex bread maker

  • 400 ml of water (warm, 50/50 with milk)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon instant yeast
  • 700 grams of flour

Cooking process

To make bread in a Moulinex bread maker, we pour the ingredients in the sequence shown above and set the “Plain Bread” program to 1 kg. After baking, we take out the bread, put it on the wire rack and let it cool. Bread turns out just amazing and does not require special costs.

29 comments on Recipe of white bread for breadmaker Mulinex

She baked bread according to this recipe in CP Mulinex. Took everything strictly according to the recipe. The bread turned out delicious – something between a plain white bread and a loaf. In my opinion, for bread per 1kg the number of products taken in greater volume than necessary. The bread rose well and touched the viewing window, so there was no crust in this place. I was afraid that in the middle I would not get baked because of this, but not inside everything was ok. If I bake again, I will count the weight of all the ingredients down.

Dear Marina. Before offended by the recipe, you should check the volume of your bread maker. I checked a large number of recipes for different breads, and this is the only real bread. It turned out high with a crust of soft porous fragrant. I recommend to everyone. With grace Vladimir

I searched and tried various white bread recipes for my Moulinex bread machine for a long time. Finally found this recipe. Very grateful to the author. Preparing strictly according to the recipe. Bread turns out magnificent, very tasty and long does not get stale! Recomend for everybody!))))

Need to take less

Bread is chic. I recommend everyone to Vladimir Ratner I have a bread maker "PRINZESSA"

I have a Mulinex oven; there is no “regular bread” program that can be replaced with it.

You can replace the program number 9 which is French, it is 3 hours and 10 minutes

Do you have to whip the egg beforehand or so throw it out?

My recipe is: 2

Indeed, the bread is very tasty, the family is happy and they ask for more. From the store no longer want. I baked from a book that went to the bread maker did not like the recipe. Thanks for the recipe recommend.

Thank you! The bread is very tasty, but if you strictly follow the recipe, it is good for beer … The second time I put in a 1 teaspoon of salt and the bread came out just awesome …

I bought a bread machine 4 years ago. 2 times cooked bread and forgot about it on the shelf. And then the son and her husband began to ask – bake and bake homemade bread. Found this recipe. Instead of water, I made milk from dry powder. Salt put dessert spoon (she decided to take into account all comments). Bakery Moulinex from me. Good bread, turned out good. tall, lush, baked the whole and no trace of flour on the walls remained. So the first pancake was not a lump. Thanks for the recipe!

The only nuance. The author indicates the sequence of ingredients is slightly incorrect. As is known to all housewives, yeast and salt should not be poured together, because salt prevents the yeast from being saturated with moisture. Salt and sugar, by the way, are better added to the water before the flour, and yeast – directly into the flour.

Bake bread for this recipe. Well went and baked. Tasty, but I think the egg is not worth adding. Because of him, the bread turns out a bit "rubber." I consulted at the mother-in-law (all my life in the village I used to make bread). She said that the egg in the bread is nothing

Bread Cake Recipe

I tried all the recipes of my stove, I want something new, thanks for the recipes, I will try

and what program to put in a row

good time

I had the same problem. It is necessary to respect the proportions. Use weights and only measuring cup and spoon from the kit. When the crust falls off, this is usually due to an irregular ratio of the well-liquid-yeast. Salt slows down the yeast, so you need to first yeast + sugar, salt – aside, in a corner. I now generally pour milk-or-something into the measuring cup, put the yeast from the freezer + sugar there when they parted, I put it in the HP, everything else (except the flour) is already quietly waiting for its turn in HB. I start the program, I fall asleep with the last flour and leave everything at will to my assistant, HP. The only thing – sometimes I look at how a bun has formed.

Bread Cake Recipe

Hello, very grateful to you for the recipe, for the first time I got a full one for 1kg. bread, already rested in the glass viewing, joy no boundaries! THANK YOU so much!

The only thing you think if I reduce the salt from 1st. 1/2 spoon

I reduced the amount of salt .. read all the komenty and tried … everything turned out … airy .. baked and tasty bread ..

Really good recipe. Thank! Salt on the fan, put 2 times less. And so bread is light and tasty. Instead of milk / water added sour milk (the same proportions), ryazhenka. Bread turns out to be even tastier and more fragrant. Well passed like toast bread.

class .. everything turned out .. thanks for the recipe, otherwise I thought I had a defective stove … though the edges came out through the top … maybe a little less flour … what would you recommend …

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