Caramel recipe at home

Braga as an independent drink has long been familiar to mankind. It is not known who first came up with this way to process products. Most likely, the very idea of ​​the possibility of fermentation was suggested by nature, while people only looked out and used to make a drink. So, probably, the first brew recipe appeared. Then they began to use it in order to produce stronger alcohol. How to make homemade brew in different variations, read in this article.

From the word "wander"

The name of the product itself determines the name of the cooking process. Household at home involves a short fermentation process and the same exposure. This drink is obtained small fortress: from three to eight degrees (sometimes – up to fifteen). From the "relatives" of the drink, you can specify the keel – Finnish Braga. This drink is made from yeast, sugar and water with the addition of orange juice (to improve the flavor). English Pruno, a drink popular in prisons, is also famous. In Russia (among the peasants) were previously popular: bravanda – bread drink with various additives and mead – a intoxicant drink based on honey.

Manufacturing mechanism

How is the brew at home? Alcohol (along with carbon dioxide) is produced as a result of the vital activity of ordinary bread yeast. They need sugar and water for this. Yeast "state of health" is an important moment in the preparation of mash. The optimum temperature should be maintained – from 25 to 40 degrees, since at a lower temperature they “fall asleep”, and at a higher temperature they can die! If the yeast has fallen asleep, the solution should be put in a warm place – this should help to resume the process. And when the temperature rises above 40 – put in a cooler place and add another portion of yeast. By periodically stirring the mass, fermentation can be accelerated. It is said that in the old-style washing machine, the brew for moonshine is prepared in a few hours! Also, some add catalysts: tomato paste, potatoes, hops, peas (one thing).

Much depends on the concentration of sugar in the solution. The more of it, the faster the fermentation process. But if you overdo it too much, then when you reach a fortress of more than 14 degrees, the yeast begins to die from the alcohol they produce. Sugar must be completely recycled. At the end of the process, try the brasserie to taste. It should be bitter, without sweet taste. A word of advice: if you think about how to put a brew in order to drink it as a standalone drink, put less yeast, but more sugar. So you can get rid of the yeast flavor.

An important role in how to make a brew, plays the dishes in which you will cook it. A large plastic barrel is good for these purposes for storing food liquids (per 20 liters or even 30). You can use a glass bottle of the same volume. Disadvantages: it beats quite easily, and it has a very narrow neck. If you do not plan to produce drinks on an industrial scale, then a three-liter glass jar and a five-liter plastic bottle from under purified water may be suitable for you.

In the process of preparing a drink, ethyl alcohol can react with oxygen and form acetic acid. So, it is necessary to protect the mash from penetration of oxygen into the capacity at all stages. To do this, and use a water seal. Excess carbon dioxide from the bottle moves along it, flowing from the tube into a jar of water. By the way, by the intensity of the formation of bubbles, you can control the fermentation process (this method is used in the manufacture of wine).

What else can you do to make a good home brew? To put on the banks of the throat medical gloves made of rubber. In the area of ​​the fingers we pierce the glove with a pin. Excess carbon dioxide will flow through the hole. During the whole fermentation process the glove will stand. As soon as the fermentation is over, it will fall off. This means that the beer, made at home, is ready for use or for further processing. After all, it is also the basis of moonshine. And the better the raw materials – the more moonshine is obtained.

Home brew: recipe basic

The optimal ratio of products: three liters of warm boiled water – one kilogram of sugar and one hundred grams of yeast. If the capacity is large, proportionally increase the amount of raw materials.

In principle, the mash can be made from any organic material containing starch or sugar. The main criteria are the price of raw materials and their availability. How to make a mash using starch? To convert it into sugar, malt is needed, which is in the grain (seeds). The grain begins to germinate, the enzyme is activated and converts the starch into sugar, which the germ feeds on. To get the enzyme, you need to germinate wheat, for example. Soak it for several days in water. When sprouts appear, dry them, separate them from the grains, and grind the latter into a powder.

It is necessary to take: 1 kilogram of grain, 3 liters of water, 50 grams of yeast, half a kilo of sugar, 200 grams of malt. All mix and incubate for about two weeks in a warm place, mixing and watching the temperature (until the fermentation process stops – we look at the response of the shutter).

Caramel recipe at home

From potatoes

How to put the mash of tubers? It is necessary to take: 8 kilos of potatoes, 10 liters of water, 200 grams of malt, a pound of sugar, 150 grams of yeast. Potatoes need to be peeled and ground on a grater. Next, you need to mix it with other ingredients, add yeast starter. Insist on for two weeks. Such raw materials are mainly used for further addition to the moonshine.

Jam Cake

Ingredients: 6 kilos of any sweet jam, 30 liters of water, 200 grams of yeast. Jam from large fruits need to be freed from seeds and grind in a meat grinder or in a blender until smooth. In the water, dissolve the jam and add the prepared yeast. We put on fermentation for about a week. This jam from jam is well drunk as an independent drink. If you are going to distill, then you can add another 3 kilos of sugar to the substrate before fermentation. In this case, the output of moonshine will be increased.

Ingredients: 5 kilos caramel, 200 grams of yeast, 20 liters of water. First, chop the candy and dissolve them in hot water. Cool slightly. Yeast dissolve in warm water and mix. Leave to wander for five days in a warm place, controlling the temperature. This drink can be drunk, but you can leave it on the brew.

Ingredients: 3 kilos of honey, 1 kilogram of sugar, 300 grams of yeast, 25 liters of water. Honey and sugar are dissolved in hot water (the temperature is not higher than 60 degrees, otherwise some useful properties of honey will be lost). Yeast is dissolved in a small amount of warm water (the temperature is not higher than 40 degrees, otherwise the culture may die). We mix. We set to wander in a warm place for a week. Tasty mead ready! It is her pleasure to be consumed chilled as a light alcoholic drink. For this application, mead can only be made with honey. And for distillation add another kilogram of sugar.

10 liters of any sweet juice (preferably without preservatives), 300 grams of yeast. Yeast is dissolved in a warm juice. Insist a couple of weeks (until the end of the fermentation process).

With dill and currants

Take 6 pounds of sugar, 30 liters of water, 200 grams of yeast, a glass of black currant, a bunch of dry dill. Mix everything, add diluted yeast. Insist until a week, then – overtake.

With milk and peas

Ingredients: 1 liter of milk, 5 kilos of sugar, 15 liters of water, kilos of peas, half a kilo of yeast. Mix everything with water, add the prepared yeast, insist in a warm place a couple of days. Then – overtake.

With bread, milk and potatoes

Ingredients: 25 liters of water, 5 kilos of sugar, one liter of milk, 4 loaves of black bread, 5 kilos of potatoes. Bread chopped. Chop grated potatoes. All mix and insist a few days. Then – overtake.

From apricot

You need to take 10 pounds of apricot pits, 10 pounds of sugar, 100 grams of yeast, 3 liters of water. Sugar is diluted in warm water. Apricots skip through a meat grinder and mix with syrup in a large container. Add the yeast. We set to wander in a warm place until the end of the process.

From grapes

We take 10 pounds of grape cake, 5 kg of sugar, 30 liters of water, 100 grams of yeast. Wandering week.

Caramel recipe at home

As you can see, homemade brew can be prepared from virtually any products containing sugar and starch. Feel free to experiment, invent new recipes. The main thing – to comply with the basic proportions and cooking technology.

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