Cook pilaf in a cauldron on the fire

Pilaf is a dish that everyone loves without exception. Juicy, nourishing, aromatic. It looks great on a festive table, and it is prepared quite quickly and simply. But there are many subtleties, not knowing which to cook really delicious pilaf will fail. Many housewives are faced with the fact that instead of crumbly it turns sticky. Yes, rice porridge with meat is also not bad, but not at all what we would like. Therefore, the choice of ingredients must be approached very seriously. Today we will talk about what meat is better for pilaf.

Your choice

Plov is very picky about rice and spices. Do not try to cook a tasty dish, if you have only round grain rice for porridge. It tastes great, it makes a delicious milk porridge. But in this case you need to keep the whole rice. So try to choose long grain, yellow rice. And don’t forget the meat! What is better for pilaf?

Cook pilaf in a cauldron on the fire

In this respect, the dish is quite democratic. Virtually any meat that you have in the fridge is suitable for this purpose. Sometimes even used. a fish. But we should not forget that the taste of the finished dish will depend on the choice. Discard the meat of young animals. It quickly crumbles into fibers and loses its taste.

Traditionally, the meat of these animals is used to prepare tasty pilaf. However, not everyone likes a peculiar smell. If you belong to this category of people, it is better not to experiment, and immediately replace it with beef or pork. It will turn out not less tasty, however, the result will differ a little.

In general, the question of which meat is better for pilaf is ambiguous. It depends on what kind of end result you want to get. But if there is a desire to cook exactly that classic pilaf from Central Asia, then it is precisely mutton that should be given preference. It is sold in almost every city, although the choice may be worse than in the case of the same beef or pork.

Which piece do you like

You can, of course, ask the sellers in the market. But they have a slightly different task – to realize all the meat available. Therefore, you can not get what you need.

Cook pilaf in a cauldron on the fire

So, on the agenda – plov from lamb. What meat is better to take? Discard the back leg – there are a lot of hard muscles. It is best to take the ribs, shoulder blade or neck. Good taste is obtained by adding a few ribs and fat in the pilaf.

According to traditional recipes, the meat is cut into large chunks, approximately 150 g. At first, the pieces are fried until brown. After that, water is added to the cauldron and they are stewed until soft. And only then you can fry onions and carrots and lay the rice. Fry meat is recommended at an oil temperature of 180 degrees. If the temperature is made higher, it will be charred from above, and inside it will remain damp.

Cook pilaf in a cauldron on the fire


You decide what kind of meat is better to make pilaf. In the meantime, let’s consider the process of making this Uzbek plov. First you need to prepare the ingredients:

  • Rice – 1 part.
  • Carrots, onions – 1 part.
  • Meat – 1 part.
  • Butter –

    What does one part mean? Measure you can choose arbitrarily. But it is very convenient to take a 300g faceted glass as such. Immediately measure all the products so that you do not have to return to this issue during the cooking process.

    Rice should be soaked in cold water for 2 hours. After an hour, it is necessary to rinse it, then re-fill with cold water. So you wash away the extra starch. Pour the cereal in a colander to glass the water. Excess liquid can spoil the whole dish, so you need to follow this very carefully.

    Now you need to cook the cooking. To do this, deeply heat the pan, pour the oil and also heat it almost to smoke. After that, fry the sliced ​​meat, then chopped onion rings and chopped carrot into strips. Focus on the readiness of vegetables. It is not so difficult, usually the housewives are well aware when the carrots become soft.

    Top need to fall asleep rice. Nothing needs to be mixed. Add water, it needs as much as rice. Be sure to stick the spoon five holes to the bottom. They lay slices of garlic. And now the most important thing. Close the cauldron very tightly with a lid and turn down the fire to the very minimum. Content should gurgle a little. And do not even open for a second. Set the timer for 70 minutes and go about your business.

    After the time has passed, mix pilaf, close and leave for another hour.

    Closed lid

    Why is this so important? Is it really impossible to peep and check whether the dish is burning? If you do everything according to the recipe, then you should not worry. Nothing will burn. A tight lid is needed that’s why. When the temperature reaches 75 degrees, starch begins to form on the pilaf grains, which causes a paste-like consistency of porridge. But when the temperature rises higher, to 96 degrees, the starch decomposes and turns into glucose, which is absorbed into the grain. When the lid is closed, the steam rises up. It will cause the destruction of starch. As you can see, everything is very interconnected. Uzbeks prepare pilaf in cauldrons on a fire. The temperature there is completely different, so nothing sticks together.

    And we continue to consider from which meat is better to cook pilaf. With lamb everything is clear, this is a classic, but it is not always at hand. Try to cook pork pilaf. The aroma of the dish turns out to be completely different, but this, again, is a matter of taste. It should be noted that this meat is a bit sweet. This will have to be compensated with the help of barberry and other spices.

    And what exactly to choose from pork? What meat is better for pilaf fit? In this case, give preference to the back leg, shoulder, or neck. But the brisket is not good for stewing, as it loses its juice in the process of cooking and it will turn out dry. Very good ribs will be. Do not forget that the layer of fat should be cut off from the meat, because the excess fat will not benefit.

    If the pork was frozen, the defrosting process should proceed at room temperature. Acceleration of this process under a stream of warm water or in a microwave degrades the quality of meat, therefore it is better not to save time.

    This is the favorite meat in almost every family. Aromatic, tasty, not too fatty, perfect stewed. Beef is good for pilaf too. What meat is better to take? To quench, the knuckle, scapula, brisket and shank are preferred. As in the case of lamb, it is better not to take the back leg. The meat here is fibrous, harsh. It is better to twist the stuffing and add a little pork for tenderness.

    Many believe that only veal is used for cooking. In fact, properly harvested and seasoned beef significantly surpasses veal in taste. It takes at least 3 hours to simmer, only after that it will be possible to cook pilaf on the basis of the resulting sauce. Otherwise, the meat in the finished dish will be tough, and the aroma of the stew will not have time to open.

    The recipe for the perfect pilaf

    Of course, every housewife has his own. Someone is cooking in a saucepan, others believe, and rightly so, that the best pilaf is in a cauldron. What meat for this to take, we have already discussed. There is no unequivocal answer to this question, and there can not be. But judging by the numerous reviews, according to this recipe, it always turns out successful and pleases guests. Therefore, we write down another cooking option and try it as soon as possible. You will need:

  • Beef meat – 900 g.
  • Long grain rice –
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