Diet during gastritis

Excessive expectations from training

Many ladies are sure that it is worth a week to do the morning exercises, go to proper nutrition and here it is, wasp waist. With such expectations, disappointment cannot be avoided.

The excess weight, sometimes accumulated over the years, cannot easily and simply dissolve in a short time without harm to health. Therefore, you should avoid diets that promise to make a model out of you in a couple of weeks – the case can turn into a hospital bed.

And even if such a disastrous result does not follow, dumped with a low-calorie diet and exhausting workouts weight will return A hundredfold: with such a diet, plumb lines are explained by the loss of water and muscle mass, and not at all of fat. Sooner or later the diet ends, the woman returns to the usual diet. Weight inevitably begins to grow, despite the training, because an organism that has experienced prolonged stress tends to store energy in case of another hunger strike. It’s a vicious circle, diets do not work, remember.

Proper nutrition and moderate exercise will surely help to achieve slimness, but the process can take a long time.

The main task is to create conditions for fat burning and not to violate them. Gradually, the body will accept the new regime, the metabolism will accelerate, the hated fat will finally begin to burn.

The path to the perfect figurese most likely to take more than one month, during this time, proper nutrition will become a healthy habit, and training will begin to bring pleasure. Patience, only patience.

Plateau effect

The overwhelming majority of those who lose weight face this unpleasant phenomenon, and not so much newbies as “fighters with experience” who have already seen the first result. And everything seems to be as it should: the nutrition is correct, the training is adequate, the reserve of patience and motivation is sufficient. What is the matter?

Do not be upset, and even more so to quit. The plateau effect is normal and can last. from two weeks to several months. The main reason for stopping weight is body’s addiction to training, slowing metabolism. Our body simply adapts to stress, lazy to burn fat.

In this case, in order to lose weight, it is enough to change the training program: add new exercises, transfer the time of classes from evening to morning, or vice versa. Power correction may not be required.

Another push to fat loss will be going to the bath or sauna immediately after strength training. This method is often used by athletes who want to throw a couple of kilos before the competition. Intensive body heat increases the consumption of oxygen and nutrients. stimulating metabolic processes. The method is very effective, but is contraindicated for people suffering from heart disease.

Sometimes the weight stop caused too tight diet is a defensive reaction to hunger. Proper nutrition is first of all. balanced menu and regular meals every 4-5 hours. The lack of a meal for a long time is perceived as stress, metabolism slows down.

Diet during gastritis

The best way out is a gradual increase in daily caloric intake, 100 kcal per day maximum with the same level of training, then the body will have time to adjust.

Wrong calorie calculation

For proper weight loss, a woman should receive 1300-2000 kcal per day with food, a nutritionist can help to calculate a more accurate figure, based on the client’s age, lifestyle, number of extra pounds and health indicators. At the same time about 30% of the diet should borrow squirrels, 60% complex carbohydrates, 10% fats. Therefore, the decision to completely abandon the fat-containing products, so often taken by losing weight, is fundamentally wrong and very harmful. We need fats for the synthesis of hormones, the absorption of vitamins.

Often, wanting to consolidate the effect of training, ladies trim the already modest calorie content, limit yourself to food. This technique will help to lose weight rapidly, but definitely affect health. However, the dangerous calorie deficit, we have already described above.

The second most common error losing weight – persistent breakdowns with proper nutrition. Noticing the first fruits of training, ladies relax – begin to abuse candy and buns, hoping for the miraculous power of physical exertion. Such errors very quickly become a habit, there is an excess of calories, settling on the sides of the hated fat.

Do not forget about the need for systemic nutrition, and in the days of failures, be sure to increase the intensity of your workout, otherwise you will not be able to lose weight.

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Muscle gain

In the first month after the start of training, almost all the girls celebrate weight gain instead of the desired reduction. The mood is hopelessly flawed – is it all in vain, why could not lose weight? Nothing bad happens, everything is explained very simply.

With active training begins building heavy muscle, replacing lighter fiber fat. The body becomes stronger, more enduring, and the body spends much more energy to fully maintain the muscles than to maintain the fat layer. Do not forget about good nutrition during this period and will soon notice pleasant changes in the shapes in the mirror.

Plus, our body should be able to recover from exercise, relax. Muscle pain – the first and most obvious signal that the loads did not go unnoticed, did their job. The process of muscle recovery is always accompanied by water retention required by the fibers to perform all metabolic processes in cells. This explains the sharp gain on scales 1-2 kg. After 3-5 weeks, the excess liquid will come out by itself – you will immediately see this in terms of volume reduction.

Proper nutrition and adequate consumption of clean water during training helps equalize the work of hormones, accelerate metabolism, what will take more than one month. But as a result, the body will be completely rebuilt, tissue regeneration will accelerate, and now it is easy to lose weight.

Wrong training

Ideally, it is better to practice in the gym under the supervision of an experienced trainer who will select an individual training program. Those who work on their own should take into account that far Not all physical activity helps to lose weight. So slow walks a lot of energy will not burn, even if they take a decent time.

Proper training will take no not less than an hour, moreover, half of this time the body will spend the calories derived from food, and only then will start for body fat. Be sure to include in the workout exercises on different muscle groups, then calorie consumption will be much more. Gradually increasing the intensity of the exercises, you can achieve more noticeable results, but here it is important to listen carefully to your health.

Going to the extreme and overly exhausting yourself with workouts is strongly not recommended, because with such loads it will be difficult to lose weight. Paradox? Well no. Constant fatigue, lack of proper rest entails highlighting gstress hormone – cortisol, which slows down digestion, lowers immunity, negatively affects mood. But this is not the most unpleasant. Cortisol destroys muscle tissue and provokes fat deposition in the waist, that is the main danger. Try to calculate the workouts so that they occupy 5-6 hours a week, This time in the gym is enough to lose weight, if you follow the basic aspects of proper nutrition.

Health problems

It happens that months of training and proper nutrition do not bring any weight changes or even body weight is growing steadily in spite of all efforts. The reason may lie in a state of health, and of the possible problems a medical examination most often reveals the following in women:

  • Violations of the hormonal background. Diseases of the thyroid gland, hormonal contraceptive use, menopause – the reasons may be different, but the result is the same: it does not work out to lose weight. In addition, the fat itself is able to secrete hormones that complicate the process of its splitting. This fact, recently discovered by scientists, does not add enthusiasm. Ladies with diagnosed hormonal disruptions should definitely discuss with their doctor the principles of nutrition and the possibility of training. From the general recommendations, it is possible to single out one universal – not to lean on sweets, so as not to provoke the appearance of an uncontrollable feeling of hunger;
  • Polycystic ovary. About 10% of women suffer from communication disorders of the pancreas and ovaries, which is the beginning of a long chain of pathologies leading to destabilization of blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates are beginning to be deposited vigorously in the form of fat, weight is growing inexorably. Secondary signs of the disease are irregular menstruation, acne, rapid fatigue in training;
  • Hypothyroidism. Insufficient activity of the thyroid gland also entails weight gain due to the resulting deficiency of certain hormones. Symptoms: increased coldness, constipation, dry skin and brittle hair, which has never happened before.

At all any ailments, accompanied by an inexplicable weight gain – reason consult a doctor, Attempts to lose weight on their own in such cases are dangerous.

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Psychological factors

We have already mentioned several times about stress and its connection with unsuccessful attempts to lose weight. The role of the psychological state of a person in the fight against obesity is really difficult to overestimate – chronic lack of sleep, depression, mood to fail able to reduce the effectiveness of training to a minimum, despite proper nutrition.

If you notice that constantly are in suspense try to drink away a course of weak sedatives of natural origin – valerian, motherwort. The calming effect of herbs normalizes the nervous system and restores sleep productivity. In the absence of a result, contact a doctor or a good psychologist for help.

Try eliminate possible stress, avoid unpleasant situations. For example, if possible, do not communicate with people annoying you, do not participate in noisy events, being a typical homebody. And vice versa, fill the communication gap with new acquaintances – get a dog, for example. Walking with a pet is, in itself, a good workout, plus they open up a new social circle with dogmasters from nearby homes. And most importantly – sleep at least 6 hours a day, so that the body has time to fully recover.

We have listed the main reasons for stopping or lacking weight loss – perhaps now you will understand why weight does not go away with proper nutrition and exercise, make the right conclusions and correct the situation. Be patient and everything will work out.

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