Dietary Recipe Book

March 11, 2019 begins Lent, which will last until April 28, 2019. – Resurrection of Christ. Lenten recipes and post calendar can be viewed in a special section of the site.

Dietary Recipe Book

This is the simplest recipe. Just a piece of yeast dough and jam. But from this minimal set of products you get a wonderful dish – tasty, nourishing, aromatic. These tortillas are great for a delicious breakfast.

fried bean tortilla

Delicious cake. The dough is just delicious – soft, crunchy. The filling adds flavor and makes the cake juicy. In order for the cake to be the most delicious, you need to take not just beans in tomato sauce, but something more delicious, for example, beans with vegetables.

cake with bacon and sour cream

Very tasty and fragrant. The dough is partially absorbed in the melted fat and sour cream. Top sour cream dried and began to resemble spicy cheese.

beef liver in sour cream with garlic

If you eat beef liver, then this dish will definitely like it. The liver is deliciously soft, it even breaks off easily with a fork. Sour cream thickens from flour, which is used in breading, and turns into a very rich and thick sauce that you want to eat with spoons. A large amount of garlic gives the sauce a wonderful aroma, although you should not eat it before an important date. It is garlic that changes the taste and aroma of a fairly ordinary dish.

coffee and nut cookies

I have several recipes for coffee cookies with nuts. Each of them has its own peculiarity, its own zest. In this recipe, the highlight is the addition of brewed coffee along with coffee sediment. Grains of coffee are distributed according to the dough and when you eat feel pleasant fragrant splashes. Cookies are tall, but dry through. They have no flesh. But, nevertheless, they are very crumbly. Walnuts are perfectly combined with coffee aroma. Cookies made from nuts are even more delicious.

Walnut and apricot cake

The composition of the cake is not complicated, but for a long time you have to roll out the cake layers. The cake is not too big. If you need to make a more presentable cake, then the number of products should be increased by

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