Dream cake

4200 o / person Weight: 1425 g

Dream cake

5800 o / person Weight: 1512

7800 o / person Weight: 1596

5000 o / person Weight: 1444 g

6400 o / person Weight: 1447 g.

9000 o / person Weight: 1584

Spring Cake is a masterpiece of our pastry chef, Denis Shcherbak, winner of The Wedding Award. Delicate cream based on Philadelphia cream cheese with spicy white sponge cake and soft confit of exotic fruits. The design of the cake used stained watercolor painting on mastic.

Dream cake

Cake Instant – two options for toppings, which can act both as mono-toppings for the entire cake, and perfectly combined with each other for the performance of different tiers. Stuffing Pear-Brie (upper tier cake) – chocolate sponge cake with brie cream cheese slices with a mousse center of brie cheese and pear with spices and dried fruit, stewed in Spanish white sherry. Stuffing Mango-Cucumber (an additional option for tasting) – chocolate sponge cake based on coffee with a bright filling – mango mousse and fresh cucumber and mint souffle. Fully handmade.

Red Velvet Cake is a classic American red sponge cake cooked in olive oil with a layer of cream cheese whipped with icing sugar.

Orange cake – a refreshing citrus sponge cake, prepared with natural juice and orange zest, with the addition of Cointreaux liqueur, with a layer of cream cheese cream.

Cake Raspberry Chiffon – the most delicate chiffon sponge cake with a moist texture, with a layer of fresh raspberry and vanilla custard mousse with natural raspberry puree.

Tropical cake with ginger – white sponge cake with the addition of almond flour, a layer of mango and passion fruit mousse, with light spicy notes of ginger.

The Chantilly Cake is a white butter sponge cake with a layer of light French Chantilly vanilla cream with cognac notes of Gran Marnier liqueur.

Chocolate-banana cake – dark Belgian chocolate sponge cake with dark rum, with the addition of bananas caramelized in rum and chocolate mousse from natural cocoa.

Honey Cake – several layers of fragrant honey biscuits made from Altai honey, with layers of thick cream on rustic cream.

Yoghurt cake – chiffon sponge cake with a layer of light fat-free yogurt with strawberry liqueur and a refreshing jelly made from fresh strawberries, basil and mint.

Cupcakes: Blueberry cupcake with Philadelphia cheese cream impregnated with strawberry liqueur. Cherry cupcake with chocolate ganache cream soaked in dark rum. Cupcake with candied fruit in cognac and cream fudge. Apple cupcake with custard patisier and impregnation

The pastry chef of the World Trade Center Moscow creates real confectionery masterpieces for weddings. The cakes of his work are both beautiful and tasty. At the request of the newlyweds, he can prepare a multi-tiered complex cake with a lot of decorations, or a fashionable "naked" cake without mastic.

No celebration is complete without banquet drinks accompanying greetings and toasts. We offer your choice of drinks that are loved all over the world: from soft and light to sparkling and strong.

Dream cake

The final chord of the celebration – drinks and fresh bars that are perfect for the theme of your wedding, will delight and surprise guests.

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