Dry Mushroom Soup

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The fungal disease was inherited by me. My mother was an inveterate spawn, I would say manic. She not only loved to pick mushrooms, but also knew a lot about their processing. Each mushroom had its own purpose. Porcini mushrooms and russules – nuggets marinated separately for special occasions, greens were sent for pickling. And a lot of dried mushrooms were harvested – separately for mushroom caviar, separately for soups and pies. Only now I understand what a hell of work it was worth preparing all these delicacies.

Dry Mushroom Soup

I also love to go for mushrooms. My preparations are limited to drying and freezing of mushrooms, and even a little canning in jars. I have enough mushrooms to cook soup from dry mushrooms on a frosty day. I cook soup from dry mushrooms as my mother taught. • Nothing but potatoes, onions, carrots and cereals. From spices – black pepper and dill seeds. Forest mushrooms have their own unique taste and do not spoil it with unnecessary spices and additives. • Lots of ghee. The oil not only gives the mushroom soup a soft, creamy taste, but also fills it with missing fats. • Krupa is boiled with mushrooms. So the cereal will give the broth viscosity and satiety. I love to add wheat cereal, but children like barley and rice. Fits any of them. In other dishes with dry mushrooms I use different spices and seasonings, but in the soup of dry mushrooms I like the pure mushroom taste. This is how dry mushrooms and simple products can be used to prepare a truly magical mushroom soup, the smell of which cannot be confused with anything.

Time: 1 hour soaking, cooking

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