Dukan recipes

Biscuit Honey Cake with Dukan

Dukan recipes

Ducane roll cake “Biscuit and souffle” (without bran)

Espresso cake (without bran) according to Dyukan

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Oksana Kubrina / Dyukan Diet Certified Consultant

Probably everyone, with the word “diet,” imagines a single leaf of lettuce and steamed chicken breast without salt. . . But this is not about our food system! After all, on the Ducane diet you can afford a large variety of products. And, of course, it is hard to believe that you can eat desserts and lose weight! But it is so ! Many are already familiar with Tatoshka recipes, which are step-by-step and even, for the convenience of cooks, with a photo, set out on the site so that you can easily make a wonderful cake at home and eat it at a family dinner with a cup of tea, without breaking the diet, but in the same time without denying yourself the pleasure. And if there is no free time at all, it is possible to order your favorite desserts and be confident in their composition and compliance with the requirements of the Ducane diet. And it is no secret that Pierre Dukan himself more than once personally praised Tatoshka’s culinary abilities and never denies herself the cake with which she treats him. My personal favorite is a hazelnut cake. But, I’m sure, and I would love the new items.

Tatoshka, hello! Thank you so much for the site! For recipes, information! It’s so much time. I’m a strong sweet tooth, your recipes, well, just a magic wand!

Good day! I want to express my deep gratitude for your work! Such wonderful recipes! Thanks to you, DD brings joy and pleasure! Moreover, the result and the process itself are pleased, it is very interesting to experiment and at the end to get a tasty dish! Honey cake in your recipe as favorites! After the first time I baked it almost every day!)))) Now I sat down on a cheesecake!)))) I am very glad that my husband also loves all these healthy snacks!)) THANKS.

Tatoshka! Huge THANK YOU for your wonder recipes! All of them are a win-win! It turns out perfect! I didn’t even believe at first what would be like in the picture! But everything turned out! Thank you for the perfect selection of ingredients, quantities, and most importantly quality! You are just super! And a great clever! I became your fan!

Dukan recipes

Tatosha, thank you so much for your kindness, caring and usefulness to us! How many people have you saved from searching and panic in cooking. Since almost all readers adhere to DD (both beginners and experienced), your information is very important and useful! With great respect to you, Hope

Today took chocolate chocolate cake. Unusually delicious, did not even suspect that there are diets, where you can eat such a yummy :)) Tatoshka, thank you for your work :)

Tatoshechka, you are a smart girl! Thank you very much! I’m still a novice, but all your recipes come from the first

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