Elephant fish how to cook

A grenadier is a fish that can compete with hake. She looks like him in that the bones she has are the minimum number, actually one spine. In addition, the grenadier does not smell of mud – quality, valuable for those who do not like the characteristic fish smell. The meat of this inhabitant of the seas is tender, juicy and slightly sweet. Cutting it is also very easy. But there is a blue hake, or makru-rus (as the grenadier is also called), and its shortcomings. He keeps his shape badly, falls apart in a frying pan, if you fry it without batter, behaves unpredictably in the oven. In general, these are the disadvantages that are common in fish that contain in their meat a large amount of water and little fat. These drawbacks can be circumvented by skilful cooking. From the article you will learn what kind of fish grenadier, recipes from it and some cooking secrets.

Elephant fish how to cook

Preliminary manipulations

Many cooks need these preparatory actions stops. Scatters flying, danger of injury from fins or gills … But with the grenadier, you can forget about all these difficulties. They sell carcasses without entrails and heads, often frozen. Those who know how to cook fish do not need to be reminded that the carcass should be brought to room temperature gradually. For the day, just transfer the grenadier from the freezer to the refrigerator. Milling this fish is extremely easy. Just cut the carcass along the spine and remove the ridge. Then pry off the film that covers the belly from the inside with a sharp knife and pull out the ribs with it. Also need to remove the fins and tail. All fish is ready for further processing.

Fry in batter

In order for the carcass not to fall apart in a pan in an unappetizing mash, you need to dip the pieces in the dough. It will create a peculiar shell that will retain its shape, create a ruddy crust and protect the tender flesh from drying out. Many housewives think that before cooking the fish, it needs to be defrosted. With the grenadier, this rule is only half true. Carcass should not be completely thawed. Inside it should remain solid and only outside soft. So the dish will keep its shape better. Klyar can be very different. Below is the most simple recipe. Beat the egg with 30 ml of regular soda, add a couple of tablespoons of flour. The dough should get the consistency of sour cream. Here is a grenadier fish prepared for frying. The photo shows that the pieces are not very large, but not quite small. They need salt and pepper before dipping in batter. And then put in a sufficient amount of hot sunflower oil.

Elephant fish how to cook

Fry in breading

If you do not want to mess around with dough, you can make grenadiers without it. So that the fish in the pan does not burn, we dip it in breading. Cooking three deep plates: with beaten eggs, with flour, to which must be added pepper and salt, and with breadcrumbs. Vegetable oil in the pan should be well heated, otherwise the fish will stick to the bottom. In order for the breading not to soften and envelop the grenadier well, the pieces need to be slightly dried with a towel. The procedure for rolling is as follows: flour, beaten eggs, crackers. It is important that the pieces are completely immersed in the breading. Fry on a sufficient amount of vegetable oil for 10 minutes for each side. Serve this fish should be immediately, because the breading, cooling down, loses crispiness.

Grenadier is a fish that is great for this cooking method. The large amount of liquid contained in the meat makes it even more gentle, just airy. Kilogram grenadier clean, cut into pieces 4-5 cm thick. Three large pounds of carrots, put it on the bottom of a Teflon pan or a thick bottom pan. On top of it we place the pieces of grenadier. We cover it with rings of three onions. In half a glass of sour cream, add a little water, salt and pepper. Pour this mixture into this mixture. Add to it a couple of bay leaves. Put the dishes on a small fire. Stew fish for half an hour. Five minutes before turning off the fire under a saucepan, sprinkle a dish of one hundred grams of grated hard cheese (preferably parmesan).

Bake in the oven

If you are going to cook it in the oven, you need to bear in mind that this is a very delicate fish. A grenadier whose baking recipes are very diverse needs a cover of vegetables or at least foil. But in the oven you can cook in one fell swoop both the fish and the garnish for it. Cover the bottom of the baking dish with a layer of raw potatoes, cut into cubes "in a rustic way". On this pillow we place salted and peppered pieces of grenadier. Carefully cover them with half rings of onions. Top three hundred grams of Parmesan or any other hard cheese. Fill in the form of a glass of sour cream. She should almost cover the dish. If this does not happen, you can pour a little water, cream or milk. We put the form in the oven preheated to 180-190 degrees. Cooking for half an hour. Sprinkle ready-made casserole with chopped fresh herbs.

Original pancakes

Grenadier – fish is very fragile. Cooks are puzzled, as if to keep the shape of the dish. What for? Let’s use this property of the grenadier and make burgers or pancakes. The second dish is made like this. We clean and cut fish. Separate the ridge. The pulp is ground in a blender. Add one or two eggs, 100-150 grams of flour, salt and spices to taste. The fish crushed in a blender will give the necessary amount of liquid to make the dough. We make pancakes out of it and fry them in vegetable oil until golden brown.

As already mentioned, the grenadier is a perfect fish for minced meat. We skip through a meat grinder a kilogram of fillet, a large onion and one potato of average size (it can be replaced with the crust of a white bread soaked in milk). Add egg to mince, season with salt, herbs and spices. Knead, cover and put the bowl in the fridge. Half an hour later we put the pan on the fire, pour oil into it. In one bowl, shake an egg, in the other we pour flour, in the third – breadcrumbs. We form of minced meat patties. Dip them in breading in the same sequence as portions of fish: flour, egg, crackers. When all the chops fire, add them back to the pan, cover with a lid and simmer for a quarter of an hour.

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