Fish with a long nose

Bela fish is one of the many inhabitants of rivers, seas and oceans. The same statement applies to freshwater bodies of Russia. Even in ancient times, white fish belonged to the most valuable species of fish, so fishing was developed more than ever. As a rule, most villages and towns were located in close proximity to rivers, lakes and seas. Therefore, the primary source of their wealth was the catch and sale of white fish.

Fish with a long nose

Nowadays, fishing is also not the last place, and white fish is the basis for the preparation of various dishes. It is not only tasty, but also useful. In addition, white fish is not considered an expensive product, in contrast, for example, from red fish. Catching white fish is exciting and entertaining. That is why there are a huge number of fishermen, whose main goal is to catch white fish.

Types of white fish

Sea white fish has a specific light color. It differs from each other both in appearance and in belonging to a particular family. Therefore, distinguish the following types of white fish.

Flat fish

It is advisable to include flounder, halibut, white fish, and tilapia for this variety. This fish is characterized by the original appearance. The shape of the body of this fish is oblate. In this fish, the main bones, diverging from the back, resemble rays, directed to both sides of the ridge. At the same time, such species can grow in length up to two meters. Here are some members of this family.

Scientists know more than 30 species of flounder. The body in this fish is strongly flattened on both sides. In the upper part, where the eyes are located, there is a lighter and brighter color. It prefers to be at the very bottom, and it is found in the Azov, Black, Bering, Okhotsk and Mediterranean Sea, and also in the Atlantic Ocean. Flounder spawns in early spring, at a depth of 150 m. It can gain weight up to 3 kg. Due to the excellent taste qualities, flounder is caught at a fast pace, which leads to a decrease in its population in many seas.

Halibut (sole)

It is possible to meet this fish in the northern regions of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, and in the territorial waters of Russia it is the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Barents Sea. At the same time, halibut is subdivided into black, ordinary, Asian arrow-tooth and American arrow-tooth.

Halibut is a predatory fish species. Its diet includes cod, flounder, pollock and all kinds of mollusks. May live for about 30 years. Halibut belongs to the valuable commercial fish, as a result it is caught in large quantities.

This is a freshwater fish that leads to a bottom life. Inhabits ponds located in the tropics. The food is completely indiscriminate and feeds on the majority of various organisms in the pond.

Fish with a long nose

It is grown artificially in Asian, African and North American states. It tastes great, for which it received the second name "Royal Perch". Its meat is not fat, while it contains a large amount of protein.

Round fish

This type includes such fish as monkfish, grouper, striped bass, red snapper, haddock, burbot, hake and cod.

These fish have a rounded shape, slightly thickish. The eyes are located on both sides of the head. Rib bones have a curved shape and move down from the ridge.

Fish with a long nose

The cod family has a certain number of subspecies. Some species are able to grow in length to

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