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The site tells about the physiological basics of swimming, the benefits of swimming for health, diet and proper nutrition of the swimmer. The section The technique of swimming introduces the technique of swimming in different styles, the technique of starting and turning, the technique of diving. The Equipment section will tell you in detail about the things you need to visit the pool, and the Swimmer’s Equipment section will tell you about the accessories for improving sports swimming equipment. Articles about the training process are available in the Training section. For those who are just about to start swimming, the Pool section is useful, where articles are collected on how to choose a pool, on swimming rules for swimming, on standard pool marking and on water purification methods. The site has a Video section and several humorous pages, reviews of major swimming competitions, as well as educational articles about swimming, physical culture, sports, healthy lifestyles, healthy eating.

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A few words about swimming and its benefits.

Everyone must be able to swim!

Healthy Nutrition Articles

In ancient Rome, they talked about an ignorant man like this: He can neither swim nor speak. In the Middle Kingdom, another proverb is known from ancient times: A girl who does not know how to swim and dance is not suitable for love

Swimming – one of the most wonderful sports! This is the most harmonious, balanced and environmentally friendly physical activity. Swimming, without overloading the body, trains the maximum number of organs and systems. Also important is the fact that swimming brings people closer to nature, helping them to feel a connection with them, even while swimming in the pool. After all, water remains water everywhere:

WATER – the progenitress of all living things! WATER – the environment in which the first 9 months of life of each of us were held! WATER is what our body consists of almost 80% of!

Healthy Nutrition Articles

It has long been proven that not only swimming, but also simple swimming, being in the water has a positive effect on the human psyche. Water relieves stress, cleans the soul from negative thoughts. Unfortunately, as a person grows up, a person often loses the inherent connection with nature. Let’s remember childhood! Surely, most of us have the words summer vacation in the village or in the country before the eyes, there is an image of a lake or a cool river that we know from childhood, carrying its sparkling cool streams not far from grandma’s house. Remember how hard it was for an adult to lure us, children frolicking in water and swimming in a race, back to shore?

Surely, many of us visited the pool as a child, remember boards made of material similar to dense foam, which we held so tightly, swimming up to the deep edge of the pool :) And the coach with a whistle and a pole is menacing (or not so, lucky) watching from the top for our success. And of course, everyone remembers the joy that bathing in clear blue water brought!

Now find a full-sized swimming pool in a more or less large city is not difficult. The demand for a healthy lifestyle leads to an increasing spread of sports clubs, where you can not only work out on modern exercise machines, attend group classes or practice swimming in the pool, but also bask in the sauna, go for a massage, drink a glass of invigorating freshly squeezed juice! And this is great, because mental and physical health, beauty and good mood – this is something that is always in fashion!


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