How to cook fried dumplings

You rarely meet a person who is absolutely indifferent to dumplings. To their delicate tender dough, to a juicy meat stuffing, to a fragrant hot couple over a plate … But even so a favorite dish can become boring if you eat it too often. Although this is not a reason to abandon the dumplings at all – you can simply diversify their cooking. For example, stew or fry dumplings in a pan. In this form they are not ashamed to even offer guests. Yes, and my husband is unlikely to be offended if you decide for dinner to fry frozen dumplings, bought in the store, and not cooked personally. So, if you haven’t ever tried or cooked them, it’s time to learn a new technology and learn how to cook fried dumplings.

Is it possible to fry dumplings? How to choose dumplings for fryingPelmeni can not only cook, but also simmer, and even fry. Anyway, it’s time to give up culinary stereotypes and not be afraid to experiment. Moreover, dumplings and their "brothers" are international and very versatile food. In the Caucasus, a similar dish is called manti or khinkali, in Italy – ravioli, in Asia – dim itself. And the cooking methods are different too. For example, the Chinese cook in special baskets for a couple, and Belarusians bake in pots. So fried dumplings are not such nonsense as it may seem at first glance. And they taste in no way inferior to traditional boiled dumplings and even benefit from their originality.

What kind of dumplings can you fry? You can fry both frozen and fresh dumplings in a pan. Moreover, special requirements that are different from the usual choice of products are not presented to them. If at home you sculpt dumplings yourself, then you probably don’t need any advice. And if you buy ready-made dumplings, then pay attention to the category indicated on the package. The most delicious dumplings are marked with the letter “A”, they must have at least 80% filling and only 20% of the dough. The categories “B” and “C” are also permissible (60% and 50% of the filling, respectively). But the marking of “D” and “D” means that the product has more flour, soy and other fillers than meat, which means it is tasty to fry such dumplings are unlikely to succeed.

How to fry dumplings in a frying pan The simplest thing is to fry the dumplings that have already been cooked. And bachelors will certainly recognize in this recipe my standard breakfast, prepared from the dumplings left over from dinner and cooled overnight. And for all the others we reveal this simple secret. Dumplings need to get out of the package and put in a pot of boiling water over medium heat or broth. Wait until the dumplings float up, wait another 5 minutes, and then drain the water through a colander. Meanwhile, on the next burner you need to heat the pan greased with refined vegetable or butter. Dumplings, from which the glass is water (it is important to avoid hot splashes when water comes in contact with hot oil!), Fry into the pan and fry without lid on all sides for 5-10 minutes. The more oil you use, the more rosy and zazharistoy turn out the surface of fried pellets.

How to cook fried dumplings

How to fry frozen dumplings in a pan It happens that there is simply no time for preliminary preparation (cooking, defrosting) dumplings. Yes, it is not necessary – you can also fry frozen dumplings. And not even in one, but in two slightly different ways. The first can be considered more dietary, while the second requires more oil for frying, and then the dish, which is already high in calories, is even more satisfying: frying the dumplings in a pan

  1. Put on the pan a pan with a thick bottom and high sides. Instead, you can use a saucepan or similar metal utensils of sufficient volume, suitable for frying. Pour normal clean water into it to about half the depth. After boiling water, boldly pour frozen dumplings into it, cover with a lid and wait for the water to boil again. Then remove the cover and after 5 minutes drain the remaining water. Reduce heat and bring dumplings to readiness, turning and frying them at the bottom of the pan. It will take about 5 more minutes.
  2. Similar to the previous version, light a fire under a thick thick-walled frying pan. Generously pour vegetable oil into it for frying or put and melt 150 grams of good butter. When it warms up properly, throw frozen dumplings into the pan and cover very quickly. The delay is fraught with burns: the melting water from the dumplings in contact with hot oil will begin to "shoot" and splash. The lid can be lifted after all the water boils away and stops making noise. This means that it is time to turn over the dumplings and, stirring regularly, bring to readiness for 10-15 minutes. A sure sign of readiness will serve as a golden crust on their surface.

Recipes of fried and unusually cooked dumplings. Now, when it is easy for you to fry dumplings, we offer to complicate the task and diversify the menu. It is very easy to make, because we have already checked and selected the best recipes for cooking dumplings for you:

  1. Fried dumplings in sour cream sauce. For 1 kg of raw dumplings you will need 1 glass of milk and about 100 ml of sour cream. Additionally, prepare a pinch of flour, a little refined vegetable oil and any spices and spices to your taste. Grease a deep frying pan with butter and place the dumplings. They can be fried in any of the simple ways that we have discussed above. While the dumplings are roasting, mix the milk with sour cream, spices and flour. Bring a mixer or a hand whisk to a smooth consistency. When the dumplings are ready, cover them with sour cream sauce and, without covering the pan with a lid, simmer over low heat for 10-15 minutes (until the sauce thickens and reddens). Before serving, you can sprinkle the dish with chopped dill or other fresh herbs. fried dumplings with vegetables
  2. A pan of ravioli with vegetables. At

How to cook fried dumplings

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