How to make chocolate icing for cake

The most requested culinary products have always been those that are covered with various types of glaze. It is this that is the final touch of any branded cake or cake, wonderfully complements cookies, sweets and even sweet pastries.

It is chocolate glaze, of course, in favor among other types of culinary coatings, but not everyone knows that for its production and for the process of decoration it is not necessary to have a culinary education and 6 hands, like a Hindu deity.

In this article you will find detailed instructions on how to make chocolate icing for a cake, for cakes, donuts and sweets, what types of glaze can be made and how to use different types of chocolate to make it, add cocoa, condensed milk and even sour cream to it.

Choice of chocolate for icing

When choosing chocolate for the glaze, you must take into account some of the requirements for its quality: it should not contain additives in the form of raisins, nuts or other fillings. Porous chocolate is also not suitable. Sometimes chocolate bitter chocolate glaze may require the addition of powdered sugar to enhance the sweetness or mix it with condensed milk.

In addition, cheap choices of chocolate products can melt and clump when melted, thereby completely eliminating the opportunity to get beautiful uniform icing. In the mass for glazing, you can add, enriching the flavor, vanillin, alcoholic components (rum, brandy, liquor) or a variety of flavors, and sprinkle with icing coconut flakes or special sprinkles on top.

You can make a glaze of dark chocolate, from milk, white or pastry. White chocolate is won by the fact that by adding a food coloring to it when cooking, you can get any, the most incredible shade of glaze. Confectionery chocolate is chosen for easier melting and no need to add other ingredients to the mass. In contrast, ordinary chocolate, if just melted, will be too thick for the glaze, although the taste of ordinary chocolate is many times higher than the confectionery.

In addition to the chocolate icing recipes for chocolate cakes, it is desirable to take into account some features of the application. It is necessary to apply melted chocolate icing in two stages: the first layer is thin, and already on top of it, the final, thick. The temperature of the glaze should be 35-40 degrees – so that, putting a finger into it, it is tolerable: too hot glaze will ruin the product and be too liquid, and too cold – too thick and not plastic.

Recipe for Hot Chocolate Milk Chocolate Frosting

As a basic, simplest glaze, you can melt a bar of chocolate, such as milk. Thus, you will get chocolate icing from milk chocolate, which will be sweet enough to cover with it not particularly sweet products, ice cream, fruit (strawberries) and even dried fruits, receiving, for example, prunes in chocolate as candies.

The bottom of the tank, in which you’ll melt the chocolate, may be lightly oiled if you are afraid that there may be sticking to the bottom.

Broken chocolate fold into this container and heat in a water bath, slightly stirring with a spatula, until complete softening and fluid, uniform consistency of chocolate.

Allow it to cool slightly and apply as directed.

In this recipe milk chocolate glaze at the same time it is necessary to mention how to use a water bath and what it represents. It will take two containers of different sizes that fit one into the other, but so that the water from the larger does not flood into the smaller one. Water should be poured into a large one and heated to 50 degrees (boiling is not necessary), and the melted product to a lesser extent, and the temperature should be maintained until everything is melted to the required degree. Do not cover the lid, since condensation will form.

How to make chocolate icing for cake

Melted dark chocolate chocolate frosting (with video)

As already stated above, making icing from hot chocolate, it is necessary to add additional products so that the icing is not too thick. It is ideal for application to cakes, biscuits or cakes.

Break the chocolate bar as small as possible and melt it as described above. In the melted mass, mix the cream and immediately remove all the bath containers from the stove.

Presented on the video chocolate glaze from chocolate perfect consistency: it can be applied to the product with a special brush, spoon or spatula directly from the container in a water bath, so that the residual temperature of the water maintains an ideal consistency for such a glaze.

How to make chocolate icing for a cake of dark chocolate: a recipe with photos

How to make chocolate icing for a chocolate cake, there is also no difficulty, quite the contrary, it is made of chocolate more thick and docile than the usual cocoa icing, and therefore the result looks much more appetizing, not to mention the advantages of the simplicity of this option .

The photo of chocolate chocolate glaze recipe presents Lviv cheesecake covered with it and decorated with dried apricots and prunes.

  • 100 g dark chocolate;
  • 3 tbsp. l milk

In a prepared container for melting or a special silicone dipper, break the tile and fill it with milk. Heat in a bath until it is completely melted, stirring occasionally, so that the milk is evenly combined with chocolate.

Upon receipt of the plastic-flowing mass, remove the icing from the bath and gently pour it over the cake or previously laid out other products. Correct the flaws immediately, until the icing has cooled, using a brush or a spoon. When the glazing is complete, put everything in the fridge to speed up the setting.

How to make chocolate glaze from a white chocolate bar

For making white chocolate glaze from a chocolate bar, all the principles remain the same and for application in glaze you just need to dip the product and let the chocolate harden completely. The taste of the glaze is the same as that of the chocolate grandparent, only complemented by an appetizing crunch of breaking glaze.

There are no secrets in how to make a white chocolate glaze from a chocolate bar; they are applied: dipping is indicated above, and if you use the pouring method on a flat surface, it is important to level it a little and correct minor flaws. You can also use it for various inscriptions and drawing on the surface of cakes or pastries, such a white inscription on black chocolate is particularly effective.

  • 100 g white chocolate;
  • 5 tbsp. l milk or cream.

Melt chocolate in a water bath, add milk to it and, stirring occasionally, wait until the proper consistency of the mass is reached. It is important not to add water, use dry dishes and do not cover it with a lid to prevent condensation.

Dark chocolate icing for cakes

The most frequent of the spectacular cake decorating methods is decorating the cake with the streaks of chocolate icing. The most popular in this cake icing is the use of dark chocolate, but by using white and adding dyes to it, you can achieve absolutely any shade of the surface or decor of the finished product. Especially sharply fashionable is now considered a glaze a la "Rainbow", which uses 5-7 contrasting colors.

  • 80 g chocolate;
  • 40 g heavy cream;
  • 40 g butter.

In the heated in a water bath or saucepan, add chocolate and, if we are talking about changing the shade, then use gel food colors at the same stage. While stirring, wait for the chocolate to completely dissolve and acquire a uniform shade of mass, if necessary, slightly warming the mass, but not bringing to a boil.

Also mix the butter and, having completely dissolved it in the mixture, cool it to 30-40 degrees and stretching consistency so that when applied to the cake, those same drips will turn out.

The surface of the cake should be completely flat, and he himself cold enough so that when it hits the edge, the chocolate drains and hardens with relief drops. Glaze can be applied by pouring out of a thin spout from a container for melting, a light deep spoon, or, more conveniently, from a pastry bag or a cornet rolled up from waxed or oiled paper. Pour the remnants of the glaze in the middle of the cake and evenly flatten it with a spatula until it freezes. Refrigerate for 15 minutes to completely set the chocolate before serving.

Cooking shiny chocolate glaze

The most beautiful chocolate icing is a mirror one, which, although it requires practice, but its appearance fully justifies the efforts made. This chocolate icing has a shiny surface after curing and looks very professional, as in expensive pastry shops.

  • 150 grams of chocolate;
  • 150 grams of sugar;
  • 150 g of glucose syrup;
  • 100 g of condensed milk;
  • 75 g of water;
  • optional – food dyes.

For gelatinous mass:

Put the gelatin to swell, and in the meantime bring the mixture of sugar and syrup with water to a boil and immediately remove it from the stove. In the syrup, while hot, place the chopped chocolate and condensed milk and mix thoroughly before adding the last ingredient – the finished gelatinous mass. If you wish to change the color, at this stage, also use food dyes (and for getting white glaze – titanium dioxide).

For greater uniformity, it is recommended to mix the final mixture with a blender, only avoiding the ingress of air bubbles into the mass.

Strain the prepared mass and send it in the cold overnight, previously covered with foil. Before use, slightly heat up to the recommended temperature of 33-36 degrees.

In addition to the characteristics of the preparation of chocolate glaze of this type, it is important to properly cover the product with it. The chocolate chocolate glaze should be applied to the pre-leveled surface of carefully frozen products (fresh from the freezer) in order to form an ideally smooth surface, without any drips, when it instantly solidifies. After glazing is completed, it is necessary to remove excess, drips and droplets with a flat spatula or spatula. It is not allowed to touch the surface of the glaze with your hands, because to move the cake or small items covered with it, it is recommended to use vanes or prepared trays. Small defects of the coating, especially on the bottom of the products, can be disguised with powders or decor. The final touch is for defrosting frozen foods that are pre-frozen before glazing, put them in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Now about the additives in the icing. For example, you can add cocoa, and for a more unusual experiment, you can also prepare chocolate chocolate icing in a microwave. At first glance, it seems that even it will be easier to cook, but it is important with this kind of melting to monitor the process and not to overheat the chocolate and, especially, to prevent it from burning. The furnace power should be set at about half the maximum possible and heated gradually, turning off every 30-50 seconds to mix the future glaze and control consistency. The more grams of chocolate you’ll heat up, the longer it will take, orient yourself by the very mass

Chocolate icing recipe with cocoa and chocolate in a microwave

Chocolate coated cocoa with chocolate is used in approximately equal proportions and gives it greater softness.

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