How to make kefir from milk

Lenten "Openwork" pancakes without milk and eggs – magic wand in the post

Observe the post, but you want pancakes? It does not matter, because there is a recipe for lenten pancakes, which do not need to add not only milk, but even eggs. Despite the fact that pancake dough is prepared simply on the water, without eggs and milk, pancakes come out tender and tasty. Kneading dough on mineral water, we get pancakes with small holes and beautiful lace edges. Pancakes can be served stuffed with mushrooms or cabbage. I like to eat such pancakes for dessert with jam or syrup.

Homemade mayonnaise in 10 minutes is a real find for those who fast.

Hold a great post? The statute prescribes strict abstinence (up to the malnutrition for those who can afford it). But no one forbids cooking hearty and varied! Homemade mayonnaise with lean ingredients is a godsend. It is cooked simply, quickly, easily, but it turns out very tasty. With this mayonnaise you can cook your favorite dishes.

9 products that can be stored in the freezer to maximize their shelf life

When you go shopping, it is not always possible to accurately calculate the required number of products. That is left in the fridge surplus food. Eat them before the expiration date will not work, but it’s a pity to throw it away. What to do in this situation? It turns out that not only meat and fish can be stored in the freezer. Vegetables, greens, milk and other products also respond well to freezing.

How to make kefir from milk

How to cook homemade yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese without special tools?

The easiest way to cook something sour-milk is to allow home-made milk to sour naturally. But in this case, you must be absolutely sure in the purity and quality of milk. You can make homemade yogurt or kefir on store milk, and on purchased “from hands” – bacterial starters will help you. Read below how to make yogurt in a regular kitchen without special tools.

How to make kefir from milk

5 interesting ideas on how to use a microwave, except for heating food

Almost everyone in the modern world uses a microwave, because it is so convenient: you can warm up a dish in just a couple of minutes. However, not everyone knows about the little tricks that can be applied to microwave ovens. Using a microwave, you can not only reheat food, but also prepare dishes, easily clean some products from the husk, dry it and replace it with other kitchen appliances.

How to save on nutrition: 3 working strategies

Modern stores are replete with a huge amount of goods, and skilled marketers know how to make a person buy more and more. Sometimes you don’t understand how it happened that you went to the store for bread, but you’re carrying home a few bags full of groceries. It seems that it is profitable to buy products for the stock, in the end – the wallet is empty, but “there is nothing”. We offer you 3 strategies, following which, you will spend less on food, and make decisions about purchases consciously, and not under the influence of emotions.

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