Kefir and semolina pie

From semolina, you can make a lot of delicious desserts and cakes for tea. Sweet manni with fruit and nuts, casseroles, halvah and light soufflé. There are a lot of recipes for semolina desserts. You will definitely find something to your liking.

Cooked semolina is an excellent consistency for the cream. If the porridge turned out a little thicker than necessary or frozen, it is even better. This type of jelly semolina is suitable for casseroles, souffles and various sweet layers.

Sweet dishes from semolina

Cake pigeon’s milk"

To make the right cake, you need:

  • Egg 3 pcs
  • Butter or confectionery margarine 130g
  • Soda Slaked in Vinegar

Kefir and semolina pie

  • Butter 300g
  • Salt

Kefir and semolina pie

Before you begin the description of the preparation, we specify that the semolina (grits) can be passed through an electric coffee grinder. Then the cream will become even more tender and airy.

While the cakes are baked, put the milk in the right proportions on the stove, throw the butter, sugar, salt there and wait for the complete dissolution of all the ingredients. Stir and continue heating. After that we create with the help of a spoon a liquid funnel in a scoop and gradually pour into the mixture a glass of ground semolina. A glass is an ideal measuring cup for

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