Korean squash for the winter cooking recipe

Refueling for borsch is just a magic wand for the hostess. It is worth a little work during the ripening season of vegetables and prepare several jars of such a simple and useful preparation. And then in the winter you will have no problems to quickly arrange a delicious lunch or dinner for your family in a hurry.

A huge plus of such a blank is that you can use substandard products. I post my proven step-by-step recipe, which I use every year. Detailed photos of the cooking process will make it even easier to understand and easy to prepare.

How to make a dressing for borsch for the winter

So, we need beets, carrots, onions, sweet peppers and tomatoes.

The first thing we do onions and carrots, make a fry. Onions (250 grams) clean and cut into cubes.

Korean squash for the winter cooking recipe

Put it in a frying pan with the addition of 50 milliliters of vegetable oil and fry to light translucency over high heat.

Next, add to the onion 600 grams of carrots, cleaned and grated through a large grater.

Korean squash for the winter cooking recipe

Fry the onions and carrots together until the carrots are completely saturated with oil and change their color to yellow-orange.

You can, of course, not bother with roasting onions and carrots and just put them out immediately with all the vegetables. But, I never bypass this stage of preparation.

Korean squash for the winter cooking recipe

While cooking zazharka will deal with other vegetables.

Beets –

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