Meals by the hour

300 hours of practice and theory (230 hours of full-time study + 70 correspondence courses, according to the provided textbooks and video materials, with verification of the assignments)

The course will be held in a new retreat center, with a large hall and comfortable rooms, in a picturesque location on the shore of Lake Ladoga (Leningrad Region), 3 hours drive from St. Petersburg. The center is surrounded by a pine forest, near the sandy beach.

Arrival July 29, departure August 29 (after 4:00 pm)

Our students tell:

Training of professional teachers of Hatha Yoga in the YOGA108 system, based on the methods of traditional Indian schools. Leading experts of the Moscow Yoga Center 108 conduct: Mikhail Baranov, Ilya Zhuravlev, Alexey Kiselev, Maria Vorobyova, as well as an anatomy and physiology teacher, doctor and yoga therapist Artem Frolov.

See a detailed course program (list of subjects and topics studied)

About the method YOGA108

The main feature of this system is a unique curriculum, which is based on several traditional schools of hatha yoga for people with different levels of physical training.

Our practice includes school methods: Sri T. Krishnamacharya (

We have been teaching for more than fifteen years and have learned the art of yoga from famous Indian and Western masters. For us, yoga is not a type of fitness, but a way of self-improvement and a way of life. Our experience in conducting certification courses for yoga instructors has been since 2004, and with each course we are improving and perfecting the curriculum.

Meals by the hour

The course is studied in detail specially developed by us a series of classes on teaching skills, allowing competently and safely teach beginners the basics of the practice of hatha yoga.

You will learn:

Practical methods of mastering and teaching all basic Hatha Yoga asanas, master the practice of doing yoga classes (teaching skills), study the philosophy and history of yoga, get the required level of knowledge of anatomy and physiology, asana yoga biomechanics, first aid, psychology for a yoga instructor teaching. Master the traditional techniques of pranayama, Shatkarm, the basics of meditation and the practice of deep relaxation (cyclical meditation and yoga nidra).

There will be introductory classes on key modern styles of hatha yoga.


As part of the course, we will provide you with high-quality and comprehensive information on the theory and practice of hatha yoga, including unique study guides, many of which have no analogues in Russia and the CIS.

– A detailed illustrated printed manual on all key asanas, analyzed in lectures and practical classes (volume 140 p.)

– An extensive electronic library of texts on the practice and philosophy of yoga, as well as Ayurveda, anatomy and physiology + training videos. Attention! You need to have a flash drive or screw with a capacity of at least 5 GB. Also you need a voice recorder to record lectures.

– Test system to check the mastering of the material covered

Training mode

Every day, 3 classes are held, including the development of asanas, conducting training sessions and theory. Meals on the course, according to the prescriptions of traditional yoga, are vegetarian.

When registering for the course, those who have paid will be given tasks for independent work – a list of references for reading, tasks for the development of asanas, educational video materials. All this can (and should) be studied before the course begins.

Required level of training

For successful completion of the course, you must have experience of at least 3-4 years of regular classes.

Students whose level of asan practice does not meet our standards can participate in the course as volunteers (subject to payment for the entire course) – without passing the practice and teaching exams.


video – asanas for the examination sequence

List of recommended literature for students reading Course download pdf

Applicants can begin to familiarize themselves with the recommended literature in advance.


Yoga108 certificates are issued only to students who have fully passed all the practical and theoretical exams.

The course is designed specifically for training hatha yoga instructors, but willing volunteers can pass it “for themselves”, without passing exams and certification. In this case, when passing the entire course, a certificate is issued “I listened to the course program without passing exams and certification”. The auditors who completed the entire course can take theoretical exams (the result will be saved), and the practical exams pass in a year or two, as the practical experience of performing the necessary asanas is gained.

One-time visits are not provided.

Meals by the hour

It should be noted that the success and credibility of the teacher depends on the amount of his knowledge and ability to conduct classes professionally and safely.

Some people think in vain that the “piece of paper” with the names of Western yoga organizations, federations and alliances (all these are private commercial projects that mainly collect contributions and in exchange provide their logo without actually controlling the quality of education – and more and more people are knows) will make you a reputable teacher. Several classes were held – and everything is clear to both the employer and the students. If the instructor leads poorly, no titles, logos, labels and stamps will help him. Therefore, your main “certificate” is your knowledge and skills gained during the course.

Successful exams get Certificate of teacher trained in the YOGA108 system stamped and signed

This certificate has enjoyed a high reputation in the territory of the CIS for 8 years already and confirms that its holder has received a high-quality yoga instructor education. You can get it only by passing the exams successfully.

It is also possible to obtain “Certificates of professional development” of the state sample with specialization “Traditional systems of recovery”.

Attention! On the “state diploma of a yoga teacher” or “a state instructor yoga diploma”. Some sites mislead the reader with this wording. State Diploma (certificate of higher education by profession “teacher of hatha yoga”) in Russia can not legally be, since such a profession is not in the register of professions of the Russian Federation.

Receiving is possible “Certificates of professional development of the state sample” (with indication of such passed disciplines as: physical culture, therapeutic physical culture (exercise therapy), sports rehabilitation, traditional systems of health improvement and

On our course may receive such State certificates according to the program – “Traditional systems of rehabilitation” of the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, with an indication of completed disciplines: 1. Physical therapy using the methods of hatha yoga. 2. Basics of anatomy and physiology. 3. Basics of a healthy lifestyle. 4. Basics of Ayurveda. 5. Pedagogical psychology. To obtain such a certificate you will need to write coursework on one of the topics covered on our course, and pay the fee NGPU.

Course Instructors:

Mikhail Baranov

The teacher of subjects: pranayama, Shatkarmas, asanas, teaching skills, yoga therapy, yoga nutrition.

Certified teacher. He became interested in yoga in 1995, from 1996 to 2000 attended the seminars of Andrei Sidersky (Kiev), as well as trainings, seminars and regular classes of other teachers. Since May 2002 he has been teaching at Ashtanga Yoga Center on a regular basis. In 2004 he graduated from the certification course Andrei Lappa (training for teachers, grade 1–2). In 2002–07, he studied in India under the direction of Bal Mukund Singh (Delhi) – asana and sukshma-vyayama in the traditions of the Dhirendra Brahmachari school, and Dr. Madavan (Tamil Nadu) – in Shatkarma, asanas and pranayama in the traditions of Swami Sivananda school, as well as in trainings Intensives by Shandor Remete (Australia), held in 2004 and 2005 in Russia, trainings on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Mark and Joan Darby (Canada) in Russia and India. In 2008–09 he completed a refresher course on the program “Yoga and Ayurveda”. He graduated from the course “Yoga and Ayurveda” by David Frawley (American Institute of Vedic Studies). In 2010, he passed the 40-hour course of David Swenson (certification course of teachers on ashtanga-vinyasa yoga).

Since 2003, he has held seminars in Russia and abroad, since 2005 – regular courses on pranayama in Moscow and on the course of training teachers of yoga at the Moscow Ashtanga Yoga Center.

Certificates: “Universal Yoga – first second levels” (

Since 2001, he has been practicing Buddhist meditation Vipassana (since 2007 – in the tradition of the Thai Forest Sangha), since 2006 he has been practicing Pranayama and meditation in the tradition of the Lahiri Mahasai yoga line (Sri Shaylendra Sharma, Govardhan).

Ilya Zhuravlev

The teacher of subjects: the history and philosophy of yoga, the basics of meditation and relaxation techniques in yoga (yoga-nidra and cyclic meditation), asanas, style classes (Sivananda yoga, Yoga Dhirendra Brahmachari, Vinyasa-Krama yoga Sri T. Krishnamacharya), teaching psychology, teaching mastery.

Certified teacher. After graduating from the RSUH with a master’s degree in philosophy, he began to teach yoga, to visit India and live there for a long time.

The first yoga teacher was Jayakumar Swamishri from Mysore, he taught in the tradition of Swami Kuvaliananda and the Bangalore Yoga Institute, and led yoga classes at the Indian Embassy in Moscow for several years. He began his practice in 1995-96. In 2001, he studied at the Morarji Desai National Yoga Institute in Delhi (Dhirendra Brahmachari School) under the personal supervision of Bal Mukund Singh, and in the same year continued the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Mysore

Studied Shatkarmas, Pranayamas and Meditation in the tradition of Shivananda Yoga under the guidance of a doctor

A certified teacher of Vinyasa-Krama Yogi Sri T. Krishnamacharya (a style practiced and taught by Krishnamacharya himself), studied at a teaching course with the direct student of Krishnamacharya – Sri Srivatsa Ramaswami.

Familiar with the Tibetan styles of asana practice (Yantra Yoga in the tradition of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, teacher Fabio Andriko; Trul Khor in the tradition of Yandrung Bon, teacher Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche). He graduated from the course “Yoga and Ayurveda” by David Frawley (American Institute of Vedic Studies), the course of traditional Thai massage at the TMC school (Chiang Mai, Thailand). Certified Hypnotherapist (course “Erickson therapy and hypnosis” under the hands of. Professor

Artem Frolov

Subject teacher:

He graduated from St. Petersburg Medical University. Pavlova (1997), clinical residency in cardiology at the St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (1997-99), refresher courses at the Academy of Medical Sciences. Mechnikov, Clinical Phytotherapy (2010), Reflexotherapy, St. Petersburg MAPO (2011), Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine (2012).

He worked as a cardiologist at the intensive care unit. Specialist in functional and ultrasound methods of heart research. For about 10 years he led large multidisciplinary polyclinic medical institutions, was engaged in the examination of the quality of inpatient and outpatient medical care, and headed the medical expert service of the municipal district.

Experience hatha yoga practice since 1997. I learned from the experience of various schools, studied with domestic and foreign yoga teachers. Experience in teaching yoga – since 2003. From 2008 to 2012 – a leading teacher of the course "Yogaterapiya" of the Institute of Traditional Rehabilitation Systems (Moscow). In 2012-13, he was the head of the course "Yogaterapia" of the Institute of Yogaterapia (Moscow). From 2013 to the present time – the head and the leading teacher of the course "Yogaterapiya" (St. Petersburg). Lecturer of the Yoga therapy course, teacher training course “YOGA 108 ″

Organizer of the annual conference Practical Yoga Therapy in St. Petersburg

Chairman of the St. Petersburg Yoga Therapy Society. The author of the book "Herbs for Yoga" and "Yoga therapy", a number of scientific and popular science publications on the physiology of yoga, yoga therapy, herbal medicine.

Maria Vorobyova

The teacher of subjects: asanas, teaching skills, especially the teaching of yoga for pregnant women.

Certified teacher of the International Federation of Yoga. I became interested in yoga in 1997. From 1997 to 1999, she attended current classes at the Moscow Iyengar Yoga Center, and studied with Sergei Mikhailov and Inna Mashyanova. From 1997 to 2000 she participated in the seminars of Ander Lappa (Kiev), Andrei Sidersky (Kiev), A. Zenchenko. She has been teaching yoga since 2001, since 2002 she has been regularly studying in India. Indian Hatha Yoga Teachers: Doctor of Yoga Therapy Munusami Madavan (Director of the Vivekananda Yoga Institute, Karur, Tamil Nadu), Bal Mukund Singh (Dhirendra Brahmachari School), V. Sheshadri (student

  • “Crimean Institute of Physical Culture on the basis of practical Yoga”, A. Zenchenko,
  • “Institute of Yoga Therapy. Vivekananda "doctor

Alexey Kiselev

Meals by the hour

Subject teacher: asanas, style classes (Universal Yoga), teaching skills.

Teaching experience – since 2009. Certificates, courses, seminars:

  • 2009-2011, Andrei Lappa held a course for teachers on Universal Yoga. In total, I listened and gave exams more than 500 hours of theory and practice.
  • 2009 – a series of 12 lessons on pranayama with Olga Lubomirskaya
  • August 2010 passed on Shiva’s Dance level 3.
  • August 2010, training is intensive with Anatoly Zenchenko on Ishvara Yoga
  • September 2010 – May 2011 graduated from the course for teachers in Ashtanga Yoga Center 1 with the right to teach in beginners and major groups.
  • October 2011-October 2012 was trained and received a state diploma in the "INSTITUTE OF TRADITIONAL SYSTEMS OF HEALTH" under the leadership of Sergei Agapkin by profession "Instructor – Methodist in Physical Fitness" (specialty "Physical Education for Persons with Disabilities in Health Status (AFC)") specialization "YOGATERAPY".
  • In the winter of 2012, Dr. Madhavan "Shatkarmas and Pranayama Basics" took place in India
  • 2012 – passed the first level of the international Kundalini Yoga teacher training program KRI (Kundalini Research Institute, USA).

Teachers: Universal yoga – Andrei Lappa, Ivan Sviridov; Yoga therapy – Sergey Agapkin, Artem Frolov; Hatha – Mikhail Konstantinov, Natalya Yanchuk, Anton Samsonov; Swastha Yoga – Sergey Agapkin, Sergey Babkin, Ilya Ananiev; Advaita Vedanta – Pankaj Vedanta; Kundalini Yoga – a group of teachers of the Kundalini Yoga teacher training program KRI, Pavel Korneev, Yulia Titova.

In 2013-2014 he graduated from the training course for teachers “Yoga108 ″ by the hand.

Alexey Kiselev: “For me, yoga is a way of thinking and a way of life. I believe that yoga can give a lot to everyone. Classes can be quite different: it depends on the degree of health and fitness of the body and mind, lifestyle and type of work activity. Yoga considers a person as a system of shells (physical, mental, etc.), so in class I try to give exercises for each of them: a workout for the body, prana-vyayama, asanas (postures), dynamic transitions between asanas (vinyasas), breathing exercises (pranayama). For advanced groups, turns in space, complex pranayamas, the foundations of meditation. ”

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