Natural Digestive Means

All the external beauty of a person directly depends on the internal state of the body. If it contains failures, it affects the skin, nails and hair. Most of the problems associated with malnutrition.

If digestion begins to falter in its activities, then it is worth thinking about taking additional enzymes. Enzymes for digestion have different directions, so you need to know exactly what element is missing.

Lack of enzymes in the body

If the body lacks digestive enzymes, the food will not be able to digest completely. As a result, you can get a bad activity of the digestive tract, there are various diseases of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. The first symptoms that indicate that the body lacks enzymes – belching, heartburn, gas and flatulence.

Natural Digestive Means

If you do not listen to them, then you can get stronger problems with the body. Headaches will start to bother, the stool will be irregular, and the body will become susceptible to any infections. Also, their lack of disrupted the action of the endocrine system.

If the digestive enzymes are constantly lacking in the body, then this will lead to a sharp obesity. This is perhaps the most common consequence. Already scientifically proven that excess weight comes from eating processed foods. Any heat treatment destroys the elements required for digestion, which are so necessary for the breakdown of certain substances. As a result, all incoming fats begin to be delayed.

Causes of lack of enzymes

With proper nutrition in our body is a large number of enzymes. Their action is necessary to perform a variety of reactions. They play a major role in the body: they break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates and saturate it with the required energy.

Plant enzymes can not perform their action in the hollow force, if a person:

  • insufficiently processes food;
  • overeat regularly;
  • eats quickly;
  • has inflammatory processes in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • has diseases that disrupt the metabolism;
  • chews food badly;
  • uses foods that contain large amounts of proteins, fats or carbohydrates;
  • Takes drugs that adversely affect the intestinal microflora.

Also, a decrease in the number of enzymes occurs during pregnancy.

Plant enzymes can be destroyed by innate or acquired factors. The second factor is manifested during dysbacteriosis, under the influence of harmful microbes.

If a person begins to need enzymes, then certain symptoms appear that indicate that a certain disturbance has appeared in the body. These include irregular stools, belching after meals, bloating and slight pain in different parts of the intestines. Symptoms can appear not only inside the body, but also on its surface. As a result of their manifestation, the skin begins to peel off, various rashes appear.

If enzymes are sorely lacking, then very serious poisoning can occur, which is especially dangerous for children.

Natural Enzymes

Today, digestive enzymes of plant origin are very often used to replenish missing elements in the human body.

They are subdivided according to the principle of activity:

  • hydrolases are a catalyst for hydrolysis in chemical bonds;
  • ligases are responsible for the good transformation of these bonds;
  • transferases are required to move a substrate from one molecule to another;
  • isomerases are a catalyst for geometric and structural changes in molecules.

Improving digestion can be achieved with the help of special preparations that contain the required digestive enzymes. Such drugs have no contraindications.

They can be taken by any person, unless he is allergic to certain components. Medications can be taken once or for a long time, as a health course. The drugs are gently affected and the effect comes very quickly.

Preparations containing natural digestive enzymes can be divided into four types:

  • the means in which there is pancreatin;
  • drugs made from pancreatin, hemicellulase, natural bile;
  • mixed substances, which in addition to pancreatin contain vitamin complexes;
  • preparations based on herbal ingredients.

Action of digestive enzymes

The action of enzymes is always the same. Their reception can be appointed both for children, and for the adult. Such drugs are primarily aimed at relieving pain and discomfort in the intestine. They are available in tablets and capsules, with different doses, but the action takes place by the same mechanism.

If you are worried about the digestive system, it is better to opt for drugs in capsules. This form will be less irritating to the intestinal mucosa.

Digestive enzymes can be used in combination with various medications. Their effects will help to quickly improve digestion, resume microflora and cope with the removal of bile acids.

These enzymes are very active, because they need to break down a lot of organic matter.

They are divided into three groups:

  • lipase. It is formed in the pancreas and is a component of the gastric juice. These enzymes are aimed at the active absorption of fats in the body;
  • protease. It is aimed at good susceptibility of proteins. Excellent normalizes the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. This group includes preparations containing chymosins and pepsins of the stomach, chymotrypsins, trypsins, intepsin erepsins, carboxypeptidases of the pancreas;
  • amylase. It is designed for good absorption of carbohydrates. This substance splits them so actively that they immediately enter the blood. This group includes pancreatic juice lactase, amylase and maltase saliva.

There is a table for these groups that describes all the detailed actions of these substances.

Not only the body and special preparations can renew the required amount of enzymes. There are certain foods that are rich in them. These include pineapples, bananas, mangoes and sprouted grains. To replenish the required number of enzymes in children it is better to use this method. After all, they not only facilitate the reception of food, but also are able to get rid of inflammatory processes.

Improve digestion

To achieve good digestion, you need to understand the cause of the problems. If external digestion is disturbed, it is better to take drugs that are absorbed during the meal. For example, a person constantly overeat, in this case, he needs to take 1-2 tablets with food or immediately after it. For children, in this case, it is better to review the diet and do not give them to overeat.

The same drugs are recommended when taking a monotonous meal. For example, eating kebabs in nature. Digestive enzymes are also taken with food and have an effect of up to two days.

Violation of the production of enzymes occurs when bad chewing food. Therefore, their use of the body are required on a mandatory basis. Such drugs are also needed for people who have trouble swallowing food.

If there are any chronic diseases associated with digestion, then an examination is required. Any treatment will necessarily include digestive enzymes. Their use is a prerequisite for faster recovery.

If children need to have a varied menu, then aged people should stick to regular products. This rule will help any digestion to effectively cope with their task.

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