Oatmeal on water

Oatmeal can be treated as you please, but no one can deny its benefits. With the launch of steam processing of cereals, the taste of porridge became not so specific, and the consistency became more tender. Oatmeal porridge has more fans, and thanks to its valuable nutritional properties, the name “Herculean” has stuck to it. It is believed that the porridge of hercules on the water, the recipe of which will be given in our article, is suitable as an ideal breakfast, and as a main dish on fasting and fasting days.

Why didn’t the Scots add milk to oatmeal?

The first porridge began to cook in Scotland in the 16th century. The cooks immediately began experimenting with the recipe and managed to add even spices to the dish. To achieve perfect taste, even superstitions and certain rituals were used. So, it was believed that when cooking it was necessary to stir the porridge only with the right hand in a clockwise direction. This action allegedly frightened off evil forces accumulated around. According to the cooks of those years, the milk spoiled the taste of the dish, so oatmeal was made to be cooked only in water. However, the milk to the porridge was served separately, in a glass, so that the dish could be washed down.

Oatmeal on water

Recipe for oatmeal porridge on the water: the best breakfast

Oatmeal contains all the necessary for the body trace elements and vitamins. Porridge cooked from oat flakes, is able to charge a person with energy for the whole day, so it is recommended as a breakfast. To prepare the dishes we need:

  • Oatmeal – 2 glasses.
  • Water – 4 cups.
  • Butter – 2 tsp.
  • Salt –

Oatmeal on water

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