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Pizza is probably one of the most popular Italian dishes. This is not surprising – ease of preparation, high nutritional value and excellent taste make it an excellent dish for a quick snack.

Now pizza is represented in the menu of almost any cafe or restaurant. And Moscow institutions – is no exception. So where in Moscow you can taste the most delicious pizza?

1. The network of pizzerias "Papa Jones"

Despite the fact that this network of pizzerias came to us from the USA, “Papa Johns” occupies an honorable place in our rating of institutions with the most delicious Italian pizza. Thin or traditional dough, a lot of delicious toppings and a guaranteed bonus – pickled peppers and garlic sauce in each pizza box!

Papa Johns pizza can be ordered in as many as 4 (!) Sizes: from small to XXL with a diameter of 40 centimeters. This network of pizzerias also has a very convenient delivery and 50 pickup points in Moscow and the Moscow region.

By the way: when ordering pizza on the website and pickup itself, the pizzeria gives an additional discount!

A list of pickup points can be found on the official website of the network.

2. Delivery service "Mosgorpitstsa"

Mosgorpitstsy has no restaurant network or pickup points, while the delivery zone covers not only Moscow, but also the nearest Moscow suburbs: Kotelniki, Lyubertsy, Khimki, Krasnogorsk, Reutov. Delivery is strictly within an hour.

Here you can choose 3 sizes of pizza with thin dough: 25, 33 or 45 cm. For true romantics, “Mosgorpitstsa” offers an exclusive heart-shaped pizza. And instead of everyone’s favorite pizza "4 cheeses," Mosgorpitstsa offers a novelty – pizza "5 cheeses"! You can also try Arabian pizza with minced beef, mozzarella cheese, jalapeño hot peppers, Arabic spices and vegetables.

Of the additional bonuses, the pizzeria offers a 15% discount in honor of the birthday, drinks or sushi and discounts up to 15% for large orders.

3. Cafe-pizzeria "Academy"

A cozy atmosphere with a Mediterranean accent will help you to plunge into a warm, homely atmosphere.

Regular guests of the cafe estimate the local pizza as “correct”, that is, as close as possible to Italian in its taste. The cafe is perfect for friendly meetings, business lunches or spending time with children.

On weekends, families with children gather here: a children’s entertainment program starts at the pizzeria, and funny animators will help to take the kids to play games or teach them to cook restaurant specialties.

Specialty in the "Academy" uses a specialty of the dish – pizza with grilled vegetables and spring sauce.

Addresses cafe-pizzeria can be viewed here.

4. Restaurant "Arugula"

The main slogan of the restaurant: "Italian cuisine for honest money!". And indeed, the price of pizza here starts from 280 rubles. For example, authentic Italian Neapolitano pizza with bacon and mozzarella cheese costs only 460 rubles.

Here, all the dishes that were previously considered a symbol of glamorous life, can try even a person with a low income level. Parma ham with baked pear and honey sauce, risotto with seafood – all this you can try without fear for your wallet. And while all very tasty!

At the moment, 4 Rukkola restaurants are open in Moscow. The interior is dominated by green color, the windows have checkered curtains, and the interior is decorated with bright accents, which makes a soulful presentation of even the most ordinary pizza.

Restaurant addresses:

  • 5. Restaurant "Zotman Pizza Pie"

If you are tired of the monotonous pizza and want to try something new – then you are here! Have you ever seen pizza with nutella, MM’s dragees and cream cheese with berries? And Brooklyn pizza pie on a thick dough? In the restaurant “Zotman Pizza Pie” it is very easy to try new things!

Potatoes, fennel seeds, and pistachios are all traditional pizza toppings at Zotman Pizza Pie. By the way, delicious sauces for pizza edges are also an invention of this restaurant.

Old Russian Recipes

In summer you can relax on the open veranda, and in winter – under a cozy roof.

Restaurant addresses:

  • 6. Restaurant "Il Forno"

This trendy restaurant is positioning itself as a restaurant with authentic Italian pizza, which is prepared in a wood-burning oven (by the way, “il forno” – in Italian is “the oven”) according to traditional Italian recipes.

The bright interior will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of comfort in the very center of Moscow. Here you can taste delicious traditional pizza, cooked according to the author’s concept. It has a lot of toppings, and pizza is cooked on crispy thin dough.

Specialties include pizza with pear and gorgonzola and pizza with rye with arugula, shrimps and cherry tomatoes. The average price of 1 pizza is 700 rubles.

For its customers, the restaurant offers several bonuses:

  • 20% discount on the menu on weekdays from

Old Russian Recipes

Restaurant addresses:

  • st. Neglinnaya, 8/10;
  • st. Ostozhenka, 3/14;
  • Kutuzov Avenue, 2/1,

    7. Restaurant "Extra Virgin"

The main restaurant is a Mediterranean menu: charcoal grill, pizza and wood-burning oven, homemade bread, designer wines and cocktails.

The restaurant menu has a large number of flour dishes: focaccia, bruschetta, Italian bread with olive oil and, of course, real Italian pizza. Pizza is served in a single size – 40 cm – and cooked on an exquisite thin dough. The average price of pizza is quite affordable and is about 650 rubles.

In addition to the most popular types of pizza, the restaurant “Extra Virgin” offers to try pizza with roast beef, kalamata olives and mustard sauce, pizza with caprese, basil and tomatoes, as well as a unique black pizza with seafood! The effect of black dough is achieved by a natural dye derived from seafood.

Address: st. Pokrovka, 17.

8. Restaurant "La Prima"

This restaurant is famous not only for its excellent pizza, but also for its various musical delights. In the evenings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday there is live music performed by the band SLANG. The repertoire includes only foreign hits – in the styles of "disco", "house", "latino", "pop", "soul". Sometimes famous Italian singers perform in the restaurant.

The menu includes hearty breakfasts and dishes for a relaxing dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. Pizza, Italian salads and delicacies, meat and fish dishes, pasta – any guest can taste all this.

The restaurant is famous for its exquisite interior, which refers us to the classic style of the imperial times. The effect of liveliness is created by small trees in tubs, placed around the hall of the restaurant.

The pizza range in this restaurant is quite wide, it is served on a thin dough with a solid amount of filling. Branded pizza "La Prima" has a filling of smoked duck breast, chicken fillet, quail eggs and tomato sauce with greens. The average price of pizza is 700 rubles.

By the way: the restaurant is open around the clock, which is very convenient for guests with a busy pace of life.

Address: st. Big Dmitrovka house 32

8. Pizzeria "Bocconcino"

The origins of this pizzeria – in the Italian Fort dei Marmi, a popular resort town. It is here that everyone’s favorite pizzeria with a Mediterranean atmosphere and genuine homemade food attracts both tourists and the sophisticated local audience.

Mikhail Gokhner, the owner of the Bocconcino pizzeria in Moscow, decided to become a worthy successor to the traditions of the Italian establishment. Original design interior and homemade Italian cuisine with delicious pizza!

An important advantage of the pizzeria "Bocconcino" are real Italian ingredients: Parma ham, mozzarella cheese, gorgonzola, scoroneza, strackino, pecorrino and

Pizzeria pricing policy is quite democratic. The average price of pizza is 600 rubles, while the cheapest pizza (mushroom pizza) costs 380 rubles, and the most expensive (truffle pizza) costs 1,100 rubles.

Pizzeria also provides delivery services.

Addresses :

  • Leninsky Prospect, 109, shopping center "RIO", 3rd floor;
  • Passion Boulevard, 7;
  • Novoslobodskaya street, 24;
  • Kutuzov Avenue, 48, TC "Seasons", 2nd floor.

9. "Pesto Cafe"

"Pesto Cafe" position themselves as democratic family restaurants serving homemade Italian cuisine. The prices in this place are available to the absolute majority of guests.

The cafe recreates the pleasant atmosphere of an Italian cafe, the interior is dominated by a soothing green color, and porcelain plates and paintings hang on the walls with authentic checkered wallpaper. From the very beginning, the cafe set a high bar for itself as a service and menu – and strictly adheres to this bar.

The cafe menu was developed by Italian chef Andrei Dipino. Italian products are used in the kitchen, and Dipino inherited recipes from his grandmother and father. All the ingredients for pizza (dough, sauces) and other dishes are prepared in the restaurant itself and stored only 24 hours. No semi-finished products and frozen products – this is the motto of "Pesto Cafe".

Guests are advised to try Pesto’s special pizza stuffed with smoked salmon, mozzarella, artichokes, arugula, cream sauce and pesto. The weight of such a pizza is 320 grams, and the price is 520 rubles.

All pizza in the institution is cooked on a thin dough and has exquisite fillings. It also serves the rare Italian pizza Tonno Chipolla with mozzarella cheese, red onions and tuna at a very affordable price of 370 rubles.

The average price of pizza at Pesto Cafe is only 400 rubles. If you wish, you can order pizza delivery to your home.


  • Zatsepsky shaft, 2;
  • Prospect Mira, 74;
  • st. Shodnenskaya, 56, shopping and entertainment center Kaleidoscope;

As you can see, Moscow is rich in places with delicious Italian food: both famous and chamber, both expensive and democratic. And we are sure that in the future you will be able to successfully replenish our selection with new institutions!

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