Omelet recipe in a slow cooker

Omelet is a famous food in every family. This recipe is often prepared for breakfast, because it is a quick, easy and tasty dish that always turns out to be successful.

Omelet recipe in a slow cooker

But still many housewives want to cook a lush omelet in a slow cooker, which will turn out to be especially tasty, big and airy.

But not everyone and not always get the desired result – the fact is that many attempts to prepare a tasty and beautiful delicacy end in a completely different way than expected.

Many housewives tried to make a lush omelet, but only a thin egg pancake came out, which is equally tasty, but not so beautiful.

In fact, any recipe for an omelet can be cooked lush and airy, as the eggs always swell, only sometimes this is completely unnoticeable.

Cooking such a dish is not only easy, but also very fast – you only need to prepare the egg mixture and pour it into the multicooker bowl – it will do the rest itself, namely, it will give the omelet pomp, airiness, shape and excellent taste.

It is worth noting that many of the current housewives cook an omelet in a slow cooker, as this kitchen appliances do everything quickly and very tasty.

You do not have to sit and watch the preparation, wash the pan and spend time preparing breakfast, as modern equipment will do for you.

Undoubtedly, a lush omelet cooked in a slow cooker will appeal to anyone who tries this recipe hot. And this is not surprising, because looking at the photo of the finished dish, you can immediately appreciate all the beauty and appetizing of an omelet.

Easy, magnificent, air, gentle, with a thin golden crust, fragrant – the recipe of a magnificent omelet so turns out.

But, in order to achieve such a result, you should carefully consider cooking, because the dish will not always work “to order”, especially if it is cooked in a hurry.

But correctly following the recipe of cooking, you can get an excellent breakfast, which will certainly appreciate all family members.

It is worth noting that the omelette in cooking, although it turns out to be lush and light, however, this dish can be called nutritious and even nourishing, as the eggs themselves are considered to be a full-fledged dish that has been served to the table during breakfast for a decade.

Important: in order to make such a recipe more complete, you can serve a lush omelette with any products and additives, ranging from fresh salads, to gravy, meat and sausage.

In any case, the recipe will turn out great in appearance and taste. If you stick to a diet or follow a healthy and healthy diet, scrambled eggs are served in an independent form without additives, and, even more so, store sauces.

Omelet recipe in a slow cooker

This cooking option contains only salt, eggs, flour and milk, so this recipe can undoubtedly be considered a dietary one.

In addition, regular consumption of omelet improves the condition of the body, as the eggs contain a lot of nutrients that positively affect the children’s and adult bodies.

Serving an omelet in the morning, you can be sure that such a recipe will give you and your family strength, vitality and energy for the whole day, as well as give you a good mood.

Cooking method

It is quite simple to cook an omelet using a multicooker, so any hostess can easily cope with this recipe.

It is also worth noting that the products for this recipe are minimal and inexpensive, and this is a big plus when cooking dishes.

Judging by the photo, the recipe will turn out quite appetizing and tasty, so every hostess is worth preparing it.

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