Pea shank soup

In Russia, from pork shank, as a rule, they cook delicious jelly or rich broth. However, the shank (as some people call shanks), following the example of European countries, can be prepared as an independent dish. Today you will learn some interesting recipes.

Secrets of the selection and preparation of pork shank

  • You can bake, cook and cook aspic from it. Depending on what dish you want to create from the pork leg, depends on her choice. For example, you should buy the front leg for jelly – there is not much meat on it, but there are plenty of necessary substances for a tasty filling. For the preparation of side dishes from the shank, as well as for baking, you should buy the back meaty leg. Well, in the pea soup, and it is better to put smoked shank.
  • When buying a knuckle, carefully examine it: the skin should be light, without stains, and the meat should be dense and light, with a small amount of white fat layers. Slightly press down on the pork leg, if it springs, then it will be possible to cook a tasty dish out of it.

Upon returning from the store, you can begin to create a culinary masterpiece of the purchased knuckle. However, it must first be prepared.

  • Burn a little over the fire. Scrape it with a knife, and then rinse thoroughly with running water, dry as necessary.
  • To make the knuckle especially soft and tender, some cooks advise to hold it in milk in a cool place for 2-3 hours before cooking. After soaking the pork leg will need to be thoroughly washed and dried with paper towels.

Pea shank soup

As you can see, the preparatory stage is simple. Let’s start cooking?

Pork knuckle baked in the oven

  • pork knuckle – 1 piece weighing about

Pea shank soup

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