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Many people think that fasting is a simple rejection of food and its main goal is to lose weight. In fact, the Orthodox, this word has a deeper meaning. The task of fasting is not only the refusal of food, but also to refrain from bad thoughts and actions. The Lent of 2019 should cleanse the body and soul of a person before the main religious holiday – Easter. Let’s learn how to behave and what you can eat in this period.

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How to cleanse spiritually

In order to adequately meet the Bright Resurrection, you need to get as close as possible to God, become more honest, cleaner in all respects:

  1. you need to forget about bad words;
  2. give up anger;
  3. do not gossip;
  4. be discreet;
  5. stop lying;
  6. it is necessary to get rid of all sinful things.

If you could refuse to eat, but did not change your thoughts and actions, then assume that you have passed Lent is hardly possible. Repentance is impossible without spiritual purification. One of the main components of fasting is also daily prayer and visiting the temple.

The essence of Lent

The annual fasting is necessary in order to once again remember how our Savior lived and what sacrifices he made for us. He is also directly dedicated to the forty-day fast of Jesus Christ, which he spent in the wilderness. To better understand what happened many centuries ago, you need to constantly refer to the Holy Scripture. In particular, it says that our God has been subjected to many temptations for the sake of the salvation of human souls. He deliberately limited himself to food in the name of saving us all. The last week is dedicated to the torment and death of Jesus Christ.

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What number begins

Lent begins seven weeks before Holy Resurrection. Thus, we look at the Easter calendar in the church calendar and count back seven weeks, this is what the Orthodox calendar calls weeks. So, we get:

The Quartiest in 2019 will begin, as usual, on Monday –

  • In the first week I remember all those who defended Christianity and devoted themselves to the Orthodox faith.
  • In the second week in the Russian Orthodox Church honors the great theologian Gregory Palam.
  • Third week called the Cross. During this period, worship the Holy Cross, which is worn out of the altar.
  • Fourth week is dedicated to prp. To John of the Ladder.
  • In the fifth week celebrate Mary of Egypt
  • Sixth week dedicated to the appearance of Jesus before the people of Israel, when he was recognized by the Mission.
  • Seventh week post is the most responsible. She is called the Passion and is dedicated to the last days of Jesus.

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