Pre-diabetic diet food list

1. sources of vegetables. Characteristics of the main types of cabbage vegetables used in the EPP. Requirement for quality. Cooking in Use

Pre-diabetic diet food list

To cabbage vegetables include red cabbage, white cabbage, color, Savoy, Brussels and kohlrabi. This is one of the most common and useful products of the motherland. The cabbage’s food is Europe, and most of its species come from the Mediterranean. Even in ancient Greece, cabbage was widely represented in the diet, used for medicinal purposes. The nutritional value of cabbage is determined by the vegetables, the content of sugars, mineral potassium (substances, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins, etc.), iron, proteins, etc. [4, c. 94]

White cabbage. The most common type of cabbage vegetables. It is used in the form of fresh, in cooking, for pickling, for Belokochannaya.

pickling cabbage contains: proteins – 1-2, 5%, sugars – 2, 5-5, 3%, mineral substances – 0, 8%, vitamin C – up to 70 mg%.

By the time of ripening cabbage varieties are divided into: early, medium and late. Early cabbage varieties are characterized by loose heads, medium small and dense in size. They are used fresh. These include: Number One, Kolkhoz Woman, Ripening, Golden hectare, Dawn, Kazachok. Medium varieties are more dense coaches and are stored better, earlier than. Use them fresh, for cooking, pickling canned. These include: Glory of Belarus, Gribovskaya, Brunswick, Podarok, Stolichnaya. Late cabbage varieties have large heads, contain more sugars than other varieties. They are used for fermentation and long-term storage in fresh form. Treat them: Amager, Moscow late, Wintering, winter Kharkov.

Red cabbage. Grown in minor differs. amounts of white violet-red color, the content due to anthocyanins. Heads of thick, good mass. heads are kept at least 0, 6 kg (until February 1). By the content of sugars and vitamins, this cabbage is superior to white cabbage. fresh in Use form for salads and for the Most.

pickling common varieties: Stone head, Savoy.

Gako cabbage. Differs from white friable crimped with heads of cabbage or wrinkled leaves of light-green color. This cabbage is richer than albumen in terms of its nitrogen content and mineral substances. The most common Jubilee: varieties, Vertu, Spring early. Use in the form of fresh. It is unsuitable for processing, as well as the smelly Brussels.

substances cabbage. It is a stalk of which up to 1, 5 m, on a length in the axils of the leaves develop up to 40-50 small chancans (weighing up to 15 g). Cabbage has a high protein content, minerals, vitamin C. Kochanchiki are well preserved on the stalk, they are cut as needed. Varieties Common: Hercules, Erfurt, Vitamin.

Use preparations for soups, side dishes, pickling, fermentation.

cauliflower. For food, an underdeveloped inflorescence of a (white) color head is used, which contains little fiber, but many high-grade proteins (

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