Quiche dough recipe


Vegetable oil – 30 ml


Cheese / sheep cheese / sulugini – 250-350 g

Butter – 20 g (for greasing the cake)

  • 259 kcal
  • 1 hour

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Cooking process

Delicious Ossetian pies – a landmark dish of Ossetian cuisine. These delicious golden cakes are present in everyday and festive menus. Ossetian pies are cooked with various fillings, and today I will talk about one of the options – a pie with cheese filling or the Ossetian pie Walibach (Olibah).

Preparing an Ossetian cheese pie is not difficult, but in order for the pie to turn out to be as delicious and soft as the Ossetian hostesses, you need to follow some subtleties and rules, which I suggest to try to sort out today. Let’s start?

Prepare the ingredients on the list. Yeast dough and Ossetian cheese are traditionally used to make Ossetian cheese pie. If necessary, Ossetian cheese can replace cheese, feta or suluguni. I had cheese.

If the cheese is very salty, cut it into large pieces and soak for a while in water or milk, this will help remove excess salt.

In warm milk, dissolve salt and sugar. Add yeast and leave the mixture for 10–15 minutes to activate the yeast.

In a bowl, combine the milky-yeast mixture, some flour and vegetable oil. Gradually add flour, knead soft, supple dough.

Cover the dough with cling film or a towel and place in a warm corner of the kitchen for 15–25 minutes to raise the dough. If you really want to speed up this process, you can install a container with a dough in a water bath – the dough rises faster.

In the meantime, you can prepare the filling – chop up or grate the cheese. If the cheese is watery, it is better to squeeze out excess liquid. Based on this recipe, adding to the cheese a variety of greens, beet leaves, cabbage, beans, pumpkin, you can cook many other options for the pie.

Divide the rising dough into 2 parts, because of the specified number of ingredients we get 2 cakes.

Put a portion of the dough on a floured work surface and, gradually kneading the dough with your palms, sticking the tips of your fingers into it, give it the shape of a circle with a diameter of about 30 centimeters.

I cheated and used a round wooden board, it served as a working surface, and a guide for the shape and size of the cake. Rejecting the rolling pin, you keep the air structure of the dough, and therefore, in the finished cake the dough will remain soft and soft.

Quiche dough recipe

Place the filling in the center of the dough cake. There should be a lot of stuffing.

Remember what size the ball of dough was before you “rolled it out” and take about the same amount of filling. If you are cooking strictly according to the recipe – take exactly half the filling.

Quiche dough recipe

Moving gradually in a circle, pinch and connect the edges of the dough, as if wrapping the filling in a thin ball of dough. Skillful Ossetian hostesses can form a cake in such a way that the dough in it turns out to be thin and uniform from all sides.

I, unfortunately, at first did not manage to achieve the same result, and in the finished cake in the junction of the dough slipped more fluffy areas. True, it did not reflect on the amazing taste of the cake. In search of a solution to this problem, I met the advice – just cut off the extra dough. I tried, but the result still did not suit me – maybe better. I still assume that the perfect uniformity of the dough will come with practice.

Turn the cake over and, gently flexing your palms, even the surface of the table, giving the cake the shape of a round thin cake.

Carefully holding the cake with both hands, put the cake on a baking tray. In the center, make a small hole for steam. Place the cake in an oven preheated to 250 degrees and bake for 10–12 minutes.

Quiche dough recipe

Time can be slightly adjusted, based on the characteristics of your oven. My miniature electric oven, despite all the tricks, stubbornly browns my pies too hard.

Grease the surface of the finished cake with butter.

Ossetian cheese pie is ready!

This cake is equally good as a snack, and instead of bread, and even with a cup of sweet tea, it goes well together. Try it!

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