Recipe jam from plums

Jam from plums for the winter, the recipe for making plum jam at home – a thick sweet billet is never easier. Do not believe someone who says that it is impossible at home to cook a tasty jam from plums for the winter, is as thick as it used to be sold in low-notice jars of Hungarian plum in the store. Even as you can.

How to cook jam from plums? Many housewives are frightened by the long cooking of home-made jam, the plum is cooked even longer than the rest because of peeling the plum skin.

Recipe jam from plums

Advice from the Wonderful Cook. However, as practice shows, cleaning the plum is not necessary at all, besides plum skin is a very useful product.

For quick plum jam, plum need to use ripe, with a soft skin, which can be left without wasting time on peeling berries and peeling.

Recipe jam from plums

I assure you that eventually the skin will become invisible, boiled soft and soft, will turn into a homogeneous mass together with plum pulp, like jam from plums in the store.

Preparation – 3 hours 30 minutes

Cooking time – 1 hour

Caloric content – 290 kcal per 100 grams

Recipe jam from plums

Ingredients for the recipe for plum jam seedless

  • water – half a glass;
  • granulated sugar –
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