Recipes for the holiday table

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Spices and seasonings

Spices and spices from the east

A variety of dishes, tastes, kitchens.

Spices and seasonings

Spices, spices and seasonings

Products for catering plants

Bright Easter – the main church holiday in Russia

Corn, Popcorn

The range of our company includes more than 600 items: spices in bulk, spices in bulk, seasonings in bulk, groceries and instant cooking products at wholesale prices. A special niche is Easter products: Easter kits for children’s family creativity, natural dyes for eggs, thermofilm, and so on.

We approach each client individually: a flexible system of discounts, marketing support, conducting promotional promotions. We pay special attention to the direction HORECA (Khorek) – the production of seasonings and spices for catering and meat institutes. You can buy wholesale spices from us, just like any other of our products!

You will quickly and quickly get all the information about how to buy spices in bulk, as well as New Year and Easter products at an attractive price!

We offer a seasonal assortment in bulk at attractive prices!

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Seasonings and spices wholesale from the manufacturer

Everyone loves to eat deliciously. Appetizing cooked food is a guarantee of good mood and strength. It has long been known that the secret to the refined taste of many dishes is the addition of various seasonings and spices. There are quite a few varieties of such additives, which makes it possible to make any dishes a masterpiece of cooking.

Recipes for the holiday table

Many countries have their own national supplements that make their dishes unique and in demand. Thanks to these little cooking secrets, culinary masterpieces of various cuisines are created.

On our site you can find seasonings and spices for every taste. The group of companies "Arikon" is engaged in the production of seasonings, spices, culinary additives, as well as products of quick and instant cooking. We offer a varied assortment of high quality food supplements. To buy seasonings and spices in bulk, you can call our managers or leave a request on the website.

Why is our company useful?

The group of companies "Arikon" is a group of specialists that deals with several areas at once:

  • Production
  • Technology
  • Trade
  • Supply
  • QC

Our goal is to maximize the needs of each person. We work only with the best suppliers who provide us with natural ingredients. We conduct a thorough check of each food ingredient so that our customers can use only high-quality products.

Arikon specialists are professionally engaged in the production of products that will make any dish tasty and appetizing.

A wide range of condiments and spices in bulk

The company "Arikon" is famous for its wide range of products. You have a unique opportunity to choose a diverse assortment from our product range:

  • PreMix is ​​natural and, most importantly, healthy seasonings and spices that have an excellent aroma and give an exquisite taste to dishes.
  • The magic of the East is spices and spices that are distinguished by their magical taste, creating the impression of a true oriental tale.
  • Pr. Preston – a wide range of grocery products and instant food.
  • The Oriental Bazaar is a line of condiments, spices and confectionery additives at an optimal price-quality ratio. Oriental magic that makes any dish alluring and tasty.
  • Ornament of taste – this type of product keeps skillful spices, spices and seasonings that will provide your table with a real sense of celebration.
  • Arikon Profi – this trademark was specially developed for the direction of HoReCa. We offer a wide range of spices, seasonings and fast food in large volumes!
  • Bright holiday – a wide range of products for the celebration of Easter. Here we offer various sets for the family, which are designed to decorate eggs and festive table. As well as natural food colors, bakeware and various mixtures for Easter cakes.
  • Magic Corn – a line of popcorn, delicious snacks that can be cooked in the microwave in just a few minutes.

Recipes for the holiday table

Buy seasonings and spices from the group of companies "Arikon" can be wholesale at very nice prices. We guarantee you a high quality of production of each brand.

Recipes for the holiday table

Realization of natural mixes, spices and seasonings from the manufacturer

All ingredients for the production of products meet the requirements of GOST and TU, which indicates a highly responsible and individual approach to the manufacture of each product. A rich balanced recipe makes the taste of the cooked dish refined and unique.

A modern fleet of high-performance equipment is located in huge warehouse complexes with a total area of ​​4,000 m 2. This allows you to have in stock a wide range of products in sufficient quantities and to quickly carry out loading and unloading

The group of companies "Arikon" has been working in the market for more than one year. Our experts have repeatedly proved their professionalism. We are the owner of various professional awards, as well as winners of many competitions for our specialization.

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