Shrimp fish

Fish dishes are very tasty and nutritious. There are a lot of recipes for their preparation, probably as many as the types of fish themselves. Such delicacies are very valuable because they contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Fish is used in the menu of various cuisines of the world, including Japanese. It is here that such a product as lakedra is valued – a fish from which Japanese cooks prepare samashi, sushi and various canned goods. There it is grown in special water parks, which are fenced areas of the sea. But what is this valuable commercial object, and what dishes from it you can still cook? We will talk about this.

Description of a veil

Thus, the Laceradra is a fish that belongs to mackerel, pelagic fish having a large size. Her body is elongated, compressed from the sides of a gray-blue color. From head to tail runs a narrow brown stripe. The head of the fish is pointed, and the mouth is large. Lakedra in length most often does not exceed one meter, and its weight is more than ten kilograms. She lives in East Asia, Japan, Korea, and can also be found in the waters of Sakhalin and Primorye. Lakedra is considered one of the delicacies of Japan, here the fish is called “hamachi”, and sushi and other delicacies are made from it. However, let’s talk about this in more detail …

Hamachi nigiri

Ingredients: one hundred grams of ready-made rice for sushi, fifty grams of fishtail fillet, wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger.

Fish fillets are cut into thin strips, hands, previously lowered into the water, acidified with vinegar, form the basis for sushi, while it is firmly squeezed, so that the rice is well glued. Wasabi are put on top, and a fishtail is laid out on it, the preparation of which we are considering today. Gently sushi squeezed in his hand to give them the correct shape. Served hamachi nigiri with pickled ginger and soy sauce.

Lakedra in a crust of cheese and sesame

Ingredients: five hundred grams of fish fillet, three tablespoons of flour, one hundred grams of hard cheese, two eggs, one onion, one glass of sesame, vegetable oil, one lemon, salt to taste.

Lakedra (fish, photo of which is attached) is cut into small pieces, salted and poured with lemon juice. You can also grease with grated onions if desired. Fillet is left to marinate for fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, beat the eggs, add salt, grated cheese and mix. Pieces of fish are dipped in flour, and then egg mass and more in sesame. In a skillet, the vegetable oil is heated and the fish is fried on both sides, breaded until it becomes golden brown. Then it is laid out on a paper towel in order to leave excess fat, and served with vegetables.

Stuffed Lacestone

Ingredients: seven hundred grams of fish, one carrot, one onion, half a lemon, three spoons of vegetable oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Very tasty is the stuffed fish of the Laceron. Cooking begins with the fact that it is cleaned, cut off the tail and fins, washed and rubbed with salt and pepper inside. While the fish is drawn, onions are cut into half rings, carrots are rubbed on a grater. These vegetables are lightly fried in butter. On a baking sheet lined with foil, which put the fish with pre-filled with vegetables and a wired belly. You can still put inside a few slices of lemon. Lakedra wrapped in foil and set in the oven to bake for forty minutes. Some time before the end of cooking, the foil is unrolled so that the laceron (fish) can brown.

Rolls with Lacene and Passion Fruit Sauce

Ingredients: one hundred and ten grams of rice for sushi, a half-sheet of noria, one passion fruit, twenty grams of cream cheese, ten grams of orange pulp, thirty grams of fillet of yellowfish, fifteen grams of lettuce, Grenadine syrup and orange juice to taste.

Shrimp fish

This dish, which includes the Laceron (fish), is prepared very simply, but it turns out quite original and interesting. So, the passion fruit pulp is mixed with orange juice and grenadine, whipped in a blender. Then it is filtered and cooled. Then roll the roll, inside which impose cheese, fish and orange pulp. This roll is cut into eight equal parts. A sauce is poured on a large dish, lettuce leaves are seasoned with a passion fruit mixture, and rolls are laid around them. The dish is ready!

Fish carpaccio

Ingredients: one hundred grams of salmon, one hundred grams of varnish, ten grams of basil, fifteen grams of olive oil, fifty grams of cucumbers, thirty grams of lettuce leaves.

For the marinade: two hundred grams of orange juice, five grams of star anise, thirty grams of sugar, two grams of salt and pepper, five grams of ginger root.

For the sauce: one hundred grams of passion fruit pulp, one ripe passion fruit, twenty grams of sugar.

Shrimp fish

In a frying pan, the passion fruit pulp and sugar are brought to a boil, stirring until sugar is completely dissolved. Lakedra fish, the recipes for cooking of which we are considering today, should already be prepared by this time – cut into strips. Pieces are poured ready marinade, add chopped ginger. After that, the fish is left for six hours in a warm place. Then it is smeared with olive oil and sprinkled with chopped basil. Rolls are rolled out of strips, put them in a cold place for two hours. Then cut into pieces, spread on a dish, pre-watered sauce. In the center is placed sliced ​​cucumbers and lettuce leaves. The dish is ready!

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