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Drug transport rules

The history of the Russian woman, against whom a criminal case was initiated, found in the suitcase an anesthetic bought in Germany.

Experts warn: now due to increased security measures at airports, such cases may become more. How to avoid fatal mistakes, collecting medicines on the road and buying them abroad? Experts of the Federal Customs Service have developed a memo about the "correct" transportation of drugs across the border.

The accident with Olga Zhuk happened at the end of last year. Olga was returning from Berlin and, being sure that no forbidden things were unlucky, she calmly set off with luggage through customs along the green corridor. “And here I was detained by a customs officer,” says the writer. – Me. asked for a passport and. offered to come to the table for inspection. then came the dogs that sniffed me and my luggage. Soon appeared and understood. I was asked to open my bag and suitcase, and. I checked my carry-on baggage. ” According to Olga, all the medicine boxes were taken out of her beautician and carefully studied. Then, in a suitcase, they found a sealed package of tramadol, a strong anesthetic prescribed to Olga by the attending physician. The patient did not have a prescription, because the medicine was paid for by medical insurance, and in this case, the prescription remains at the pharmacy for reimbursement.

Later it turned out that tramadol in Russia belongs to potent (narcotic) drugs. For the illegal transportation of such a drug against Olga Zhuk, a criminal case was initiated under the article “smuggling” (punishment from 3 to 7 years imprisonment or a fine of up to 1 million rubles).

Sleeping Pills

With help on the red corridor

Now imagine that you have to go abroad, in which you probably take with you something for the flu, pain medication, possibly sleeping pills, and someone else and medicines for their chronic illness (heart, ophthalmic, etc.). It is also possible that you will need to buy medicines abroad – as you know, in Europe, for example, they are often cheaper and better in quality. How to pass the customs control in order not to make fatal mistakes and not earn a heart attack during the proceedings under the threat of criminal liability?

“As a general rule, passengers are free to export and import drugs for personal use across the border of the Customs Union (it includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan),” says Vera Abarenova, senior state customs inspector of the Public Relations Department of the Federal Customs Service of Russia.

However, there is an exception to this democratic rule, the ignorance of which can turn out to be for the passenger at least an administrative penalty (fine and confiscation of drugs), and as a maximum – a criminal case. Attention: if narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances are included in the medication (even in the smallest quantities!), Then the way along the green corridor is closed to you!

Sleeping Pills

“If a passenger has medicines with potent (narcotic, psychotropic) substances in his carry-on baggage or in his luggage, then he must go to the red corridor and issue a customs declaration,” emphasizes Vera Abarenova.

The current declaration is simple – only one sheet with a turnover, in addition, it can be pre-filled in electronic form, printed and taken with you (form with instructions for filling – on the website of the FCS).

Sleeping Pills

– You also need to have with you a document confirming that you have been prescribed a potent medication for medical reasons. These can be: a certificate, a doctor’s prescription, or an extract from the medical history, – specify in the Federal Customs Service.

Means for losing weight – under special control

The rules are generally understandable and uncomplicated. But how to find out whether there are potent components in the medicine that you are going to take with you on the road or buy abroad, including when prescribed by a foreign doctor? Alas, the identification sign – the sale of a "strong" prescription drug – does not always work. For example, Valocordin and Corvalol, which are freely sold to us right and left, contain the narcotic substance phenobarbital (that is, strictly according to the law, you are obliged to go with these preparations to the red corridor!). At the same time, in some foreign countries, almost all medicines are sold on prescription.

And yet there is orientation – customs officers themselves work on it.

– Last year, the Commission of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan approved a list of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, for the import and export of which, including as part of medicines, special rules apply (declaring and

Today, this list contains 314 names of substances and drugs. Especially closely, you should look at the composition of the following drugs, which most often contain narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances:

strong painkillers; hypnotics; drugs to treat depression and other neuropsychiatric diseases; medications to control weight and reduce appetite.

At the same time, the list contains, for example, codeine, which is part of a great many medicines, including cough tablets.

Advice: if you plan to buy medicines abroad and are not sure that you can understand the abstract in a foreign language, it is better to know in advance (including using the Internet) the composition of the drug and check the list of potent substances.

“By the way, we often detain citizens when trying to smuggle weight loss products from China,” they say in the Federal Customs Service. It turns out that in the Celestial Empire for losing weight drugs are sold freely with potent substances, the circulation of which (production, sale) in Russia is generally prohibited!

Is it possible to import drugs that are not registered in Russia?

“Yes, if these are medicines for personal use,” the Federal Customs Service reports.

Doubts that you are taking medicines for yourself or a relative (friend, acquaintance) may arise if there are many packages of the drug. “If you have 40 packs of one medicine in your baggage, then be ready to confirm that you need it for personal use,” warns Vera Abarenova, senior state customs inspector of the Public Relations Department of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. Such a confirmation, as a rule, is an extract from the history of the disease with the indication of the drug and the period of its reception, or the conclusion of a doctor.

Also, if you buy expensive medicines abroad, do not forget the general rule: without paying customs duties, goods worth up to 1,500 euros can be imported into Russia today.

What to do if you are detained at customs

Try to calm down, not scandalous, clearly answer the questions of customs officers.

Tell them that they are ready to give explanations and provide documents confirming that medications are prescribed for you on medications. By the way, if you did not have such documents with you, then you can prepare them later, during the proceedings.

Do not panic ahead of time: if you really in good faith purchased medicines for personal use, then most likely the criminal case will subsequently be dismissed. In such cases, passengers are brought to administrative responsibility: they impose a fine in the amount of double the cost of undeclared drugs and, as a rule, confiscate them.

If you are not sure about the composition of the medication – if there are any potent substances there, FCS experts advise you to go to the red corridor. This will take a little more time, but it will save you from litigation and sanctions (even if you do not immediately have a prescription with you and other documents).

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