Spouse is an alcoholic when leaving

What to do with an alcoholic husband? To educate? Punish?

If the husband is an alcoholic, then at the very beginning, when his wife is just beginning to strain, I want to help him. And when she no longer has the strength, seeing how he is ruining his life and hers, she decides: to leave, or to stay.

What to do? With frequent drunkenness of her husband, the wife should behave properly, so as not to aggravate anymore, and find the strength to take action to save her beloved.

Alcoholism is a plague that can strike the life of not only the person who drinks, but also those who live with him.

The reasons why men start drinking

Of course, the main problem of alcoholism – there is no willpower. The reason is the most common, but there are others. With their careful study, you can decide how to proceed. Those are many, consider some of them:

    the detrimental effect of alcoholic beverages on human health. Alcohol, like other poisonous

The reasons why men begin to drink?

Spouse is an alcoholic when leaving

Addictive agents negatively affect the brain regions responsible for the synthesis of the pleasure hormone. Having taken a dose of alcohol, a person immediately relaxes, feels light and in a good mood;

  • various kinds of troubles in life. Alcohol contributes to getting rid of them for a while. Frequent binges occur during periods of stress, problems in family life. A person does not know how else you can forget about all these troubles;
  • traits. If the husband often takes the bottle, you need to understand the manifestations of his personality. Usually, dependence is formed in those who have a weak spirit and often changing emotionality. With this type of character, an alcoholic is unable to give up alcohol, he cannot help but raise the persistence of drinking companions.
  • In addition to these reasons, it is possible that the dependence is hidden in his heredity. If someone sprang from the parents of the spouse, then there is a high danger that the husband drinks for the same reason.
  • How to be if the husband is an alcoholic?

    How to be if the husband is an alcoholic

    A spouse should not dream that she will be able to influence her husband’s drunkenness, unless he chooses to fight his addiction. And if he also beats his wife, then it is time for her to ask herself whether she needs such family ties? Can she devote all her life to an alcoholic?

    Most women believe that the good traits of their husband’s character overlap his alcohol problem. Yes, during a lull from a bottle, a spouse can be gentle and loving, attentive and hard-working. But having met a drunken husband at home, many wives once again make a desperate decision: “Once again, drunk will come home – and I will divorce!”.

    Alcoholism is a rapidly developing disease, and sober moments happen less and less, and drinking is more and more frequent. Alcoholism destroys the normal psyche, completely changes all the positive properties of the character of the patient.

    If a couple has common children, the woman thinks that they need a father. This opinion is wrong. Children growing up in a father’s drinking family develop a large number of complexes, phobias that will remind of themselves in independent life, they will be very difficult to correct. In short, an alcoholic father cannot give his child a decent upbringing.

    Many wives are too sorry for their spouse, they believe that he will simply die without his second half. Still, an alcoholic is a mature independent person who has the right to choose his future life. Remaining "nanny" for him, you can further aggravate the situation.

    Material wealth in the family also plays a big role; it often keeps a woman close to her often-drunk husband. She is afraid that she cannot provide children alone, and this leads to the fact that the wife is humbled and lives with him further. But you can always find a way out of any situation, and wealth of means does not replace mental and physical balance.

    Spouse is an alcoholic when leaving

    What will a wife get in return when living with an alcoholic husband

    Here we have to talk about health. Family members living with their father and spouse drinking form a number of psychosomatic ailments:

    • changes in the vessels and heart,
    • digestive diseases,
    • nervous disorders, depression, breakdowns.
    • their self-esteem decreases, communication with people decreases, they become withdrawn.

    Alcoholic wives already need serious psychological help or family breakdown.

    How to get away from an alcoholic husband

    The most frequent reason why a woman lives with her husband an alcoholic and tolerates him, even despite the fact that she has not had warm feelings for him for a long time, is a pity. And men know this and try to strengthen it whenever she threatens to leave.

    When all sorts of attempts to help the husband get out of the pit of alcoholism came to naught, and the man began to raise his hand not only for her, but also for the children, then it was already necessary to break such relations. But you need to leave correctly. How to do it:

    1. Collect things and leave better not to mention their actions. Otherwise, another trial may result in another portion of pity for the poor thing.
    2. Do not talk with mutual friends and relatives, about the endless hard drinking of the former spouse. Let everything that was before will be in the past.
    3. Leave the whole procedure of divorce to a lawyer in order to meet as little as possible with your spouse.
    4. Ensure your safety by living with relatives or friends, you can not be alone. In order not to think about the past life, do something.
    5. Pay attention to the children, they really lacked it before. You can talk to them about this topic, but don’t blame their father.

    Spouse is an alcoholic when leaving

    Henceforth, women need to carefully choose their future husband and worthy father for their children. If the ex-husband finally found the strength and recovered from his addiction, he is now trying to improve relations with his family, we must not forget that there are no former alcoholics. It is better to think a hundred times than to make another mistake!

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