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Russian-English phrasebook with pronunciation

Going on a trip to cities and countries where they speak English, take this English phrase book with you. By studying it, you will know how to speak english Pay special attention to the Pronunciation column.






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Expression of thanks

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English is easy enough to learn a language. Most sentences can be built by simply taking the right words from the dictionary.

Next summer we plan to visit London. Next summer we plan to visit London.

Words do not change by gender, which greatly facilitates the study, and the plural form is very easy, you need to add the letter s to the end of the variable word (but there are exceptions to the rules). The following is an example of the formation of the plural:

Where can I buy the ticket? Where can I buy a ticket?

Where can I buy tickets? Where can I buy tickets?

Please note that if some words are not correctly pronounced, confusion between the interlocutors is possible. In English, there is a difference in the pronunciation of a long and short vowel. For example, short full (full) means full, and long fool (full) means a fool. # 128578; Long vowel in our Russian-English phrasebook with pronunciation is marked with a symbol (:) in the pronunciation column. By studying this English phrasebook, you will learn how to speak english, as well as enrich your vocabulary with new words and expressions.

Dear guests of the travel club Bamboot, you looked through the English phrase book. It is generally accepted that English is internationally spoken, but other foreign languages ​​may be needed for more comfortable communication abroad. You can view them at the following links:

We are waiting for your interesting feedback and suggestions on how to improve our Russian-English Phrasebook.


A good phrasebook, large enough to communicate abroad. It is useful in the trip. Print, learn some phrases. # 128521;

Thank you for such a great phrase book. I propose to add a few more English phrases to it. Are you doing anything tohight? What are you doing tonight? – A: y: duin enisin tenite? Would you like tea or coffee? Would you like some tea or coffee? – Wood yu: like ty: o kofi?

Thank you, Acne, these phrases of the English language are relevant for tourists.

I recently started learning English, although I am learning German in my fifth grade. I also learn French, Italian and Latin. Add phrasebooks of Italian and Latin please. Thank.

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