Thursday salt how to cook

Many traditions are connected with Easter week. One of them is the so-called Thursday salt. How to make such a drug and what to use? What is it all about? It is very curious and informative. Let’s see what the heritage of many generations of our ancestors is, and at the same time we will learn how to make Thursday salt correctly.

What are we talking about?

Not all people are familiar with Orthodox traditions and the rites that have grown out of them. Before we talk about how to make Thursday’s salt, let’s say a few words about herself.

The oldest recipes

There is a wise ancient folio with the interesting name "The Book of the Lurking Tree of Life." It also tells how to make Thursday’s salt. As it turns out, not quite it was a Slavic notion. In the folio it was proposed to take the purest salt so that it would “flare with silver”. It must be crushed in a mortar and kept in the house near the hearth. Remember this! Now you will see for yourself that the Thursday salt was made in a similar way by different nations! How to make it get magical properties, the ancient writers also explained. It is necessary on the Clean Day to take down the mineral pot to the Priest. That rite will hold the right. Then take your magic salt home again. By the way, the recipes for using the tools in the book are practically the same as modern ones. However, how to make Thursday salt is not particularly clear from the text. We will use more modern instructions. They, by the way, a lot. In each village, their ingredients were added to the salt.

What you need to know and remember

Before you begin the ceremony, you need to prepare well. When you figure out how to make Thursday’s salt, pay attention to the subtleties and nuances. Although there are common rules for all recipes. The invariable rule is that there is only one day in the year when ritual can be performed. It is the Thursday of Holy Week, that is, this is the time before Easter. For the ceremony will need a pack of salt. It should be very ordinary, large. You will still need to think about how you will warm it up. This is the most important condition under which any Thursday salt is prepared. How to make it in a modern apartment, where there is no furnace, and you can not make a fire? We will look at it a little lower. Savvy people invented ways for all occasions. There are no obstacles that would not allow the stubborn person to get this magic tool.

Flour Recipe

Describing further how to make Thursday salt, we will not talk about the mineral itself. We will agree that in any case a kilogram pack of large table salt participates in the rite. For this method still need rye flour. Prepare a dozen tablespoons of it. These two ingredients must be poured into a cast iron skillet. Put it on fire. Say this: “Pure Lord’s Thursday! Free and save at all times from every reptile and ailment! ”It is necessary to heat the mixture until the flour turns completely black. Stir it only with a wooden spoon! This should be remembered firmly! Not everyone who tells how to make Thursday salt by itself pays attention to this nuance. And the magic tool should touch the tree. As the flour turns black, turn off the fire. Pour cooled agent into a canvas bag.

Recipe for Kvass

This way is old, so to speak, real. Kvass thick is now replaced by rye flour. But in fact, in the villages they prepared the remedy with her. If you visit relatives in the outback, ask yourself how to make black Thursday salt. In the recipe, as a rule, leaven leaves will appear.

Cooking in the oven

You understand that before the food was heated in the oven. Therefore, the current plates only remotely resemble the method that was used in the old days. In some sources they write that it is necessary to prepare a magic tool in the oven, so it will be “for real”. Maybe so. But this recipe is somewhat different from those already mentioned. Generally, when you figure out how to make black Thursday salt, try to read about it as much as possible. Information is never superfluous. Moreover, it is based on the wisdom and wit of many generations of our ancestors. Everyone tried to make something of their own. It is clear that they then tracked their “innovations”, leaving only the most successful ones for posterity. For this method requires packaging with thick walls. Salt and soaked rye bread are put into it in a ratio of one to five. The container is placed in a preheated oven (at least 250 degrees). There it should warm up to blackening. It will take several hours. Remember, the ritual must be completed before the end of Thursday!

Thursday salt how to cook

How to make Thursday salt without flour

It is proposed to reproduce the old recipe. For example, Kostroma. In the villages of this province and now they are telling how to make the Thursday salt at home, naturally, considering it to be the most correct one. This requires not only the thick leaven. In the mixture is added herbs fragrant. Namely mint with oregano. They must be prepared in advance or purchased at a pharmacy. Per kilogram of salt, take boldly on a hundred grams of herbs. Place the broiler over the cabbage leaves and place the mixture on top. Keep in the oven until blackening. You get a solid piece. It will need to be crushed and sifted. Salt get fragrant, extraordinary! Such a smell already treats. Even the doctors who investigated it did not find any disadvantages in the remedy, solid advantages. They say that this salt is enriched with minerals that are useful for the body without any magic. It found potassium and phosphorus, calcium and iodine, magnesium and chromium. Use on health!

Old recipe

And in the monasteries prepare this tool by their own method. It is passed "by inheritance." For current conditions, the method is not very suitable. If you are interested in how to make Thursday’s salt in an apartment, you will have to skip it. Read for interest. In the monastery seven birch logs were prepared in advance. From them laid out a fire. A parcel was placed in it. Its contents: a mixture of salt, herbs, leaven thick, wrapped with cabbage leaves. Lapot turned over for a long time warming up. At the same time, the monks read the prayers laid on that day. But if you manage to get such a Thursday salt, then you must keep it. It helps a lot with various misfortunes.

Why do you need such a tool?

Information about how to make Thursday’s salt on a clean Thursday, we have already voiced. Now it is good to know, and for what it is, in fact, needed. After all, do not keep it in the bag! Why so tormented, so that later do not have a clue where to apply such a product. Firstly, it is flavored food. Secondly, it is needed for treatment. Any patient is recommended on an empty stomach to drink some water with this salt. Proportions are selected according to the state of the person. Do not force it. If he can, then let the whole glass drink, but no, then a sip is enough. For the skin of the face wash with Thursday salt is useful. For this, the spoon is dissolved in a glass of water. She and wash the skin. Wipe your face after that is not recommended. Let the magic water soak up.

Is it necessary to consecrate the Thursday salt?

Another fundamental question, an unequivocal answer to which cannot be obtained from outside. Who does not ask how to make Thursday’s salt at home, the recipe, as a rule, ends with the Great Feast of the Lord’s Easter. It is said that baking the mixture and crushing is not enough. It is also necessary to carry and consecrate to the Temple. Remember how it is described in the ancient book: The priest will conduct the rite over it. Most likely, this advice should be viewed through the prism of your own soul. The fact is that Thursday salt helps everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. Atheists, by the way, is no exception. That is, believers will certainly want to complete this part of the recipe. Atheists will say that this will do. Maybe they will be right in their own way too. After all, doctors say that it is a very useful tool without a church service. Therefore, such a subtle question must be coordinated with the soul and your own worldview.

Thursday salt how to cook

Modern "modification" recipes

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to adhere to the ancient descriptions of the preparation of the Thursday salt. The current hostesses have slightly reworked the content of the recommendations, bringing them to the level of modern technology. However, everyone warns that the microwave oven should not be used. It turns out not a magic tool, but something indigestible. And it is advised to do so. Chop the cabbage leaves, herbs like what you like. Mix everything with salt and flour. Warm over high heat until blackening. Agree, the recipe greatly simplified. But it contains all the necessary ingredients. Therefore, it is quite possible to use it. More hostess transmit information about herbs to her friends. The fact is that they were not only mint with oregano added to the mixture. Many say that it is also good to put dill. Some use very much exotic herbs. But others say they cooked with everyone found at home or bought on a clean Thursday. For example, chamomile and thyme. Such salt is good for cold. And in cosmetic operations, as they say, the remedy helps in the preparation of which aromatic oils were used. Try it yourself. After all, all recipes were created on the basis of folk art. So why not take part in it?

Thursday salt how to cook

The magic use of the fourth salt

Now let us touch the issue of using this tool for purposes other than medical ones. So, it is recommended, when there is no peace and peace at home, to scatter it in all rooms and rooms. Straight out of the bag, take it in handfuls and throw it on the floor (like a seeder). Let lie for three days. Then collect carefully with a broom (not vacuuming) on ​​the scoop. But do not throw out. This is extremely important! Salt after being used in magical rites is buried in the ground (snow). A magic tool will fall into the trash can or sewage system – a negative will bring back to the house! Remember. They also say that you need to sprinkle the bed of all your household around the perimeter for three days too. People after such a procedure become more calm, kind. Fears of them go, anger dissolves. Exit the bag with the door and sprinkle the threshold. This is protection from the evil visitor. All the guests, as they step over a strip of salt, will leave bad thoughts and envy behind the threshold. You will feel the evil eye in the house, sprinkle it in the corners of the salt. Say it like this: “Thursday salt, take the evil out of my door!” As you begin to do the cleaning, collect it and bury it in the ground. Small children are recommended to bathe in "salted" water. They are less naughty after that and get sick. In general, Thursday salt is an excellent and tasty remedy. Prepare yourself!

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