To improve digestion

2019 is the year of the Yellow Earthen Pig. Hence, the element patron during this period. Pigs with the earth are symbols of calm, order, stability. As the horoscope says, Taurus for 2019 is a sign of the zodiac, bringing good luck to those whom it patronizes. People born under the sign, have a soft character, always soberly assess the situation. The sign of Taurus obeys the elements of the Earth. Therefore, the year must take shape for a person who is born well under him. There will be little trouble, but the overall picture is favorable. Next year it will be possible to remember how successful. The moon also affects the situation. It is more supportive of Taurus, so events will flow smoothly, without abrupt changes in courses. Representatives of the mark will flourish.

The Taurus horoscope for 2019 predicts that Taurus will not face any serious health problems. However, one should not forget about chronic diseases, especially in the acute season. Taurus more prone to diseases of the throat and neck. There may be problems with the thyroid gland. In this case, it is worth visiting an endocrinologist. Stagnant neck muscles should be stretched with a massage; when the first signs of colds appear, contact the therapist. In time, not prevented minor diseases can result in serious complications in the form of inflammation of the lymph nodes. The problem with obesity will rise very sharply. You will need to revise your diet and diet, follow a diet. Lovers of sweets better to go on the use of less calorie foods. Those who abuse chips and alcohol should forget about them and switch to healthier foods.

To improve digestion

The love horoscope for 2019 predicts a hard walk, Taurus is hot-tempered this year, which is usually not true of him. This will play an important role in relations between people, not only love ones, but also friendly ones. Representatives of the sign will have to face betrayal, dishonest actions, misunderstanding of loved ones. The planets will line up in such a way that everything destined will surely come true, and nothing can be done about it. Keeping your head fresh and cool, soberly assess the situation. No need to go with anyone on the occasion, but also show your character is also not worth it. It’s a shame that we have to endure the betrayal of the second half. So show the stars. It is the closest people deliver the most severe pain. This will have to accept.

However, in the summer the situation will begin to improve. Taurus will make new acquaintances, and one of them can turn into a real love affair. This will help to forget about past disappointments. Try not to spoil anything with your own hands. Just let your life flow, and everything will work out by itself. The forecast for the year implies an increase in the birth rate of children in Taurus. This is the right time to have a baby. Even those who have not been able to do this for a long time can easily boast of their mom or dad status. But those who still do not want to bear serious responsibility on their shoulders, it is wise to approach the tasks of an intimate nature and not to miss a significant moment.

In a career of change is not expected. Exactly Taurus will follow the rut of service, a career in 2019 will be neither overly successful nor unsuccessful. Establish a stable position at work. At some point, this can lead to depression due to the inaction of the authorities and marking time. The authorities, of course, do not like it. Do not run up. Stay away from envious employees. They are able to use any "cant" on your part and substitute you. Keep your ear open and your eyes open. In the first half of the year at work will have a hard time. And then everything will go into a familiar rhythm. Do not think that your efforts are not valued at work. All that will be done in 2019 will be the basis for growth in the future. Therefore, you should have patience to work as usual, with a good return. Moreover, the payment for services is decent. The time will come and the authorities will appreciate your work.

In terms of financial affluence, the year can be considered a success. At work, there may not be an increase in the career ladder, but the money for the work performed will cover all your expenses. Taurus can count on an increase in wages, bonuses, additional income. Owners of their own business can count on the support of large investors or sponsors. All this money is better to spend on yourself and your family. Do not buy unnecessary things. Everything you need: update your wardrobe, purchase the necessary appliances, take a trip to a good resort, spend money on an expensive hotel with all the amenities. All this will bring you happiness in 2019.

Female Taurus

Women of this sign are cheerful, friendly. They always surround themselves with good-natured people, while striving to make their lives pleasant. Women love beautiful things, hence their sense of style. They love to improve in life, but everything they earn is ready to give to loved ones and loved ones. The last months of 2019 will give a surprise or a few. Everything happens so unexpectedly that it will lead to stress rather than joy. Therefore, it is necessary to keep oneself in hand, properly assess the situation. In most cases, “Yes!” Is the most appropriate response to an unexpected offer. You can offer a hand and heart, or you can suddenly find out that you are waiting for the birth of a child. Gifts of fate of this kind can not be abandoned. Remember that all this will change your life for many years to come, and how you will accept changes and how you will manage them will determine your future life. Health problems will not be. Possible exacerbation of chronic diseases, if any. Problems can occur with the digestive system. Obesity is projected for representatives who do not follow proper nutrition and diets, are fed fast food

Male – Taurus

The representatives of the male sign are patient and self-confident men. So much so that sometimes they become too lazy to continue to do something that was planned earlier. This is not their best quality. It is not particularly manifest in 2019. The problem will be relationships with loved ones. Friends and loved ones will annoy a man so much that he will feel impulses of strong emotions that are not always pleasant. The culprits will be the other parties. In order not to completely spoil the relationship, you will need to make compromises more often than we would like. However, without this there is a risk of losing friends or second half forever. Keep yourself in hand, do not give in to emotions, do not ruin your life! Emotions should not be guided, but this does not mean that you can not learn from your mistakes and throw everything in order to improve relationships. It is recommended to analyze the unpleasant moments of the past and possible ways out of situations, and to continue to be more agile. Health in men, however, as in women, will be normal. Serious problems are not predicted. But all Taurus should take a closer look at themselves: obesity can lead to unpleasant consequences. Anyway, the digestive system must be protected in this

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