What to cook for a birthday

Whole "four" – this is not a joke! We wish happiness to our little one: To the mouth of it – to laugh, to the eyes – to glow. In life – to success and adventure.

What to cook for a birthday

Let the good fairy tales surround, Papa undertakings, mother’s caresses, Strengths of a motor, interest car, Bright growth, excellent weight.

A strong memory, tenacious little mind, Games interesting with friends, skipping, Easy character, kind soul. Mom and dad listen with pleasure.

You are already a big child. You can count your fingers. You go to work in the kindergarten. What would you like to wish for?

I wish you friends, To be with someone to play, Fly on a plane, Take a walk in Disneyland.

To my mother learnedSoup to cook out of sweets, So that your eyes shine with happiness from big victories.

Happy birthday congratulations! We wish your baby to grow up healthy and happy! Let him get the best lessons in life, become perfect in everything. Will delight their parents with success and achievements. Grow smart and amazing little man!

The best crumbs in the world. Four runs. Happy birthday, congratulations, Well-behaved wish.

Egoza and shalunishka, Make friends rather with a book, Umnichka be – not neznaykoy, But do not become zaznaykoy.

What to cook for a birthday

Be you a gentle kitten, A good, sincere child. See the world soon, Grow up to our joy!

You turned four, you are an angel in this world —Our tender, scarlet flower, Your sprout for your parents!

You are like a flower-seven-color flower. From us to you a big greeting and congratulations from the heart. Be in a gentle sun hurry!

Be a miracle affectionate and kind, Child cute and cheerful, Radiant hare, clockwork, Always obedient and dear!

Four years old

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